Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 34

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 09

Bai Xun followed Lu Zhi Yuan and thought about the game’s design director since the past few weeks.

This person was the loyal admirer of Sister Huang and lacked integrity. Later because of love, he couldn’t help but drug Sister Huang!

Maybe he will be the breakthrough for Huang Yanran.

In this way, Lu Zhi Yuan took her to the office, and took people straight in.

“Andric, I’m bringing you a new person.” Lu Zhi Yuan casually said. He had his hands in the pocket of his suit pants and pointed to Bai Xun behind him.

“Who bothers the president to personally bring them in?” A clear voice with a smile and surprised eyes looked down at Bai Xun.

It was very important that the person who Lu Zhi Yuan personally brought was excellent.  

Andric’s five features were clear and handsome, his long black hair was quite artistic.

In the game, except for the seven male leads who varied, his face was the best.

She thought of the tragic situations she had experienced previously from this person and Bai Xun couldn’t help but wanted to roast, is sister Huang the real female lead of this game?

Huang Yanran was from a wealthy family, has a handsome fiancé and was a top designer who secretly loves her…how come she always ended up getting stabbed?

While Bai Xun was in a trance, Andric looked at her. “Is this the Bai designer who was in the limelight two days ago at the show?”

“Do you know her?” Lu Zhi Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Andric looked at Lu Zhi Yuan’s face and had some insights in his heart. He pointed to the news on his computer desktop, smiled, “It’s hard to not know.”

Lu Zhi Yuan nodded. “Since you know, I don’t have to introduce. From today on, she will work in your design department, everything will be handed over to you.”

Andric heard his words and looked at Lu Zhi Yuan and thought his words were interesting. “President, what do you mean by this, or do you want me to take care of this designer?”

What he said was a clear indication that Bai Xun walked through the back door. People who could speak like this in front of Lu Zhi Yuan were naturally talented and confident and Lu Zhi Yuan obviously believed in his abilities.

Bai Xun noticed that he couldn’t be more blunt, frowned and gently bit her lips.

Lu Zhi Yuan glanced at Bai Xun for a moment, then turned to Andric. “She’s just a newcomer and naturally she doesn’t have any special treatment. I believe you, the design director, know better than me on how to guide her, right?”

Bai Xun even heard a warning from Lu Zhi Yuan’s words, obviously protecting her.

It’s all up to Andric. He believed that the design director knows what to do…isn’t it just using the responsibilities of his position?

Bai Xun took a moment to look at Lu Zhi Yuan’s indifferent side …

Andric naturally heard it and laughed softly. He looked respectful. “Of course, I will take care of her according to the responsibility of the design director.”  

“Well, I’ll go first.” Lu Zhi Yuan passed by, paused and looked at Bai Xun, his eyes became cold again. He sarcastically said, “If you don’t want to be driven out, please work hard here.”

Bai Xun’s eyes were rounded and stared, “What driven out! You asked me to come here…”

She murmured to Lu Zhi Yuan’s back and turned to look at Andric. There was no smile in her deep eyes when he was in front of Lu Zhi Yuan.

For a moment, Bai Xun was a little unnatural and didn’t know what to say to break the short and oppressive silence.  

She opened her mouth, “That…”

“Call me director.”

His tone faded, and Bai Xun didn’t seem to have recovered from the man who was just joking with Lu Zhi Yuan a moment ago and was stupefied.

“I don’t care what you have to do with the president, or how much you are favored by general manager Lu. You’re just a new designer here, okay?”

His cold words were indifferent, unlike Lu Zhi Yao’s natural character. He seemed to be very impatient with her.

Bai Xun didn’t agree with his sarcastic words as if he attributed her as someone who depended on her superior’s favoritism. She frowned, “Director, I think you misunderstood, I…”

“Well, I don’t want to know if I misunderstood you. I only want to focus on your ability. Go down and find Annie. She will explain what you should do.” Andric said after he took the documents and no longer looked at her.

…Motherfucker! Did her Mary Sue halo fail? Sure enough, it’s Sister Huang’s powder! The seven male leads didn’t dare talk to her like this, okay?

“Yes, director.”

Bai Xun didn’t want to waste time with him either. Anyway, he wasn’t a strategic goal or wasn’t as important as Sister Huang. There was a chance to kill him.

Bai Xun really thought that. As soon as she left the office, she met Huang Yanran.

The other wore a small white suit, dignified and elegant, and stepped on the high sky hatefully, she was more than half a head taller than her.

Bai Xun regretted it for a while, she knew that she should have worn high shoes as well. She already lost first because she wasn’t tall enough.

She waited for a reaction when she came over, what momentum does she have to compare with the other? She wasn’t even a love rival, but a concubine!

She saw Bai Xun who stared at her bun, Huang Yanran pulled her hair down and walked to her side, step by step.

She smiled slightly which looked complicated and regretful. “Xiao Xun, I didn’t expect to see you again. What’s more, you’re now a Lu designer.”

Her words made Bai Xun grit her teeth, and her low voice was colder. “I didn’t mean to appear in front of him, because there was something wrong with the company, now I need to stay here. Don’t worry, I’ll leave as soon as Lu doesn’t need me.”

After speaking, she didn’t want to stay a moment longer, and hurriedly left.

Huang Yanran could naturally feel the estrangement with the other party. She looked at Bai Xun’s back, her eyes changed and murmured: “It’s…true she has grown up, but still stupid…”

She smiled and pushed open Andric’s office door.

Bai Xun guessed that Huang Yanran appeared to keep her on her toes. One was to test her thoughts on Lu Zhi Yuan and the other must be related to Andric.

Since he likes her, Bai Xun doesn’t believe that sister Huang wouldn’t see it! Such a good spare tire must not be wasted.1spare tire means, it’s your backup lover boy who will do things for you. or you can be in a relationship with someone but keep another friend zoned as a spare tire if the one your with isn’t working out

In the office, Andric looked at Huang Yanran with surprise, “Yanran, why are you here?”

Huang Yanran’s eyes were a little lost, but she smiled softly, “I came to see A’Yuan, but he went to a meeting before he said two words. Just don’t want to waste this soup, I brought it to have this old friend taste it. In the whole Lu family, only you can make me relax.”  

This was really high! If Bai Xun was here, she will certainly give a thumbs up and praise Sister Huang 360 degrees!

Sure enough, Andric’s eyes flashed with bitterness, helplessness and sadness, but he smiled to comfort Huang Yanran. “Of course, the president will be busy. Don’t think about it. If you need any help, just let me know.”

“Thank you, Andric, how kind of you.” Huang Yanran bent her eyebrows and eyes. After a pause, she seemed to have thought of something, and her face dimmed. “By the way, when I arrived, I met someone at your door. Is she a new designer?”

“You mean Bai Xiao Xun? She was brought by the president.” Andric seemed to realize what he said after he finished, and immediately looked worriedly at Huang Yanran, “Why, do you know her?”

Sure enough, she smiled bitterly. “I think so … she was the one who made A’Yuan want to break the engagement three years ago.”

Andric frowned. “It’s her.”


Huang Yanran was tripping Bai Xun while Bai Xun faced the job that Annie left her.

Annie patted her on the shoulder and smiled, “Greenhorn,2The original Chinese words “Xiao Bai” which was a pun or a rude joke to her name. It’s slang meaning novice; greenhorn; fool; idiot. right, the new designer should be familiar with our drawing software within the first week. You can use the software to transfer these manuscripts today. Is that okay?”

Bai Xun also returned a sweet smile, “Okay, sister Annie.”

“That’s good.” Annie left with an indescribable smile.

Bai Xun saw the stack of drawings besides her – this was too much! … What does she mean by finishing today? Wasn’t this to embarrass her?

These NPCs have better methods of bullying people than those at the branch company. Those guys just talk bad behind her back, but these people used this trick to gain power for personal gain!

Of course, the drawing software wasn’t hard for her since she was promoted to a main designer.  

Bai Xun began to draw like she usually does, but while she drew, her brows gradually wrinkled as if she found something wrong.

She only finished a little over half by lunchtime. Just when Annie was about to leave for her meal, Bai Xun called out to her.

She asked puzzledly, “Sister Annie, do you have to use this computer software for the drafts?”

“What? Do you have any comments?” Annie was in a hurry to eat and was too lazy to talk to her, her tone wasn’t very good.

“No… it’s just that some of the drafts seemed to be defective products from modification. Even if they were drawn accordingly, it won’t work…” Bai Xun smiled and waved, explaining gently.

But before she finished, Annie impatiently interrupted her. “The new designers come here like this. Why, do you want something special? This is Lu headquarters, not your branch bird’s nest.”

“Is that right? I only found out that our branch was nothing more than a bird’s nest.”

The deep voice carried the chill of snow and ice, it was beautiful but made people’s backs cold.

Annie saw the slender figure standing there at the door, Annie felt cold and pressured, but her face changed. She trembled and said, “President Lu, President Lu…”

Author’s Notes:

Motherfucker, I really like the ancient times dog blood plot hahaha, that is, the female lead gets abused to the point where my heart and liver hurts, fortunately, my treasure Xun is heartless.

  1. The original Chinese words “Xiao Bai” which was a pun or a rude joke to her name. It’s slang meaning novice; greenhorn; fool; idiot.

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    Motherfucker, I really like the ancient times dog blood plot hahaha, that is, the female lead gets abused to the point where my heart and liver hurts, fortunately, treasure Xun is heartless.

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