Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 36

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 11

Lu Zhi Yuan strode over and pulled Bai Xun away from Lu Zhi Yao.

“Ah?” Bai Xun’s face inexplicably faltered, and the box lunch in her hand dropped.

On the other side, Lu Zhi Yao quickly got up and took Bai Xun’s other hand to support her.

Bai Xun was a little angry, she looked up at Lu Zhi Yuan and said with dissatisfaction, “What are you talking about? We are just having lunch…”

“Doesn’t the company have a cafeteria? Why does two people have to hide here and eat secretly?” Lu Zhi Yuan thought of the intimacy he had just seen and felt anger from his chest.

“Lu Zhi Yuan! What secret! We were clearly out in the open!” Bai Xun’s eyes were rounded and she called his name anxiously.

What is this person saying?

“Well, you’re good. You’re articulate and eloquent!” Lu Zhi Yuan gritted his teeth for some reason. He could only turn to Lu Zhi Yao but didn’t smile. “Older brother, the meeting has finished, isn’t it time to go back?”

“President doesn’t have to worry.” Lu Zhi Yao glanced at Bai Xun and said, “Besides, she hasn’t left the branch, she is still my employee. I have the responsibility to ensure that my employee isn’t disturbed by others.”

Although his tone was cold, he didn’t let go of Bai Xun’s wrist at all.

Lu Zhi Yuan narrowed his eyes and even the strong smile disappeared. “Lu Zhi Yao, do you want to face me openly?”

Bai Xun looked at Lu Zhi Yuan who looked so angry that he was about to explode, she was afraid that the two would fight again. She quickly said, “General manager, go back first, I’m okay.”

Her eager appearance made Lu Zhi Yao move after a while, before slowly releasing her hand.

However, his obsidian eyes looked at her seriously, “What I said is always valid. Call me if you have any problems. I’ll go first.”

After he finished, he saw Bai Xun nod and left without saying bye to Lu Zhi Yuan.

Lu Zhi Yuan frowned—this made him very uncomfortable.

When Bai Xun saw that Lu Zhi Yuan still clutched her, she couldn’t help but stare at him. “Okay, can president Lu let go now?”

Lu Zhi Yuan was stunned and coughed twice and loosen his grip.

However, he saw that Bai Xun didn’t pay attention to him when he was about to leave. Lu Zhi Yuan frowned again, stretched out his hand to hold people again, and his tone was dissatisfied, “You want to leave just like this?”

Bai Xun was pulled back again before she could take two steps. Her foot was unsteady, and she bumped into Lu Zhi Yuan’s arms.

The body in his arms was soft and slender, as if it was the same as three years ago, nothing has changed… it would be great if they returned to three years ago.

Lu Zhi Yuan was a little dazed and couldn’t help but tighten his grip.

Bai Xun wanted to break away but was held tightly by the other side.

She blushed and looked up angrily, “What do you want to do, president?”

“I …” Lu Zhi Yuan returned from his thoughts, his eyes fluttered as he tried to look cold and released his hand. He lightly asked, “Before he left, what did he mean by what he said?”

Just now Lu Zhi Yao said that she could find him whenever she wanted to leave.

But how could Bai Xun tell him?

She pushed the man away, and her anger wasn’t gone. “Who are you? Why do you care so much?”

Lu Zhi Yuan opened his mouth, the guiltier he felt, the stronger he said: “You’re a Lu designer now. Of course, I have the right to know whether my employees have done anything detrimental to the company.”

Bai Xun looked at him, she was so angry that she was speechless, “Lu Zhi Yuan, you are so inexplicable!”

Lu Zhi Yuan sneered, “I’m inexplicable? What do you know about Lu Zhi Yao? If he didn’t have a demon in his heart, why would he bring you food?”

“How could you say that about the general manager?” It seemed that Bai Xun was angry because he mentioned Lu Zhi Yao, “He is very kind and let me stay in his home for the time being. The general manager just thought that it wasn’t good for me to cook all the time, so he brought me a meal…”

Lu Zhi Yuan interrupted her, his face was even uglier, “You live together?”

Bai Xun glared at him, “Who could I blame for living in his house?”

It was all his doing.

Lu Zhi Yuan was stunned, unable to vent his suffocating anger. He said dryly, “You don’t have to live there, you can live in the Lu home. The Lu family happens to lack a maid.”

“Maid? Lu Zhi Yuan, aren’t you childish?” Bai Xun’s eyes narrowed and she pushed him away angrily. “I have no time to argue with you. I’m going back to work.”

… Xiao Yuan could even say the word “maid”. Bai Xun almost broke out into a laugh, she could only quickly return!

Back in the office, after noon, no one came to harass her, but no one paid any attention to her, as if she was air.

Bai Xun didn’t care, she simply drew honestly.

Lu Zhi Yao was right, only absolute strength was the best counterattack.  

Up until work ended, everyone in the office was gone. In front of Bai Xun’s station, the small desk lamp was still on.

There were so many drafts, not to mention one day, it wouldn’t be finished in three days.

But her purpose wasn’t really to diligently do all this busywork.  

When Bai Xun was drafting, she changed the defects on the original.  

She didn’t play for nothing in the past few weeks. She knew that Lu Zhi Yuan worked late every day until almost around eleven.

She saw that the time was approaching, and Bai Xun stopped and laid on the table to rest.

Since Lu Zhi Yuan came over right when Lu Zhi Yao was with her, it meant that someone must have reported her affairs to him.

He paid so much attention to her that he couldn’t have been unaware that she was working overtime. Maybe he will come and see her before work.

And even if he doesn’t come, she will stay in the office all night. When everyone comes to work tomorrow, her diligence would brush her colleagues’ affection.

Bai Xun pretended to sleep, when it was almost midnight, the sound of footsteps striking the floor sounded faintly.

The sound wasn’t loud, but it was clear in the quiet and empty office.

Of course, Lu Zhi Yuan knew that Bai Xun was still working overtime. He knew about the daytime occurrences from his secretary. He wanted to warn Andric at noon, but later Lu Zhi Yao happened. He was so angry that he wanted to teach her a lesson.

Anyway, he wanted to torture her.

Just, he was about to get off work later than usual, but she was still in the office…was there really a lot of work for her?

Lu Zhi Yuan frowned and went slowly to the design department.

There was only a solitary lamp on in the office, Bai Xun had fallen asleep on the office table, and her long black hair fell down like a waterfall, covering half of her delicate face.

Lu Zhi Yuan glanced at the thick stack of drafts on one side, and at the unfinished drawings on the computer, his eyes darkened.

It was indeed really harassing her.

It’s just…he looked at the perfected design draft on the computer.

She doesn’t seem to need his help and she would do well.

Lu Zhi Yuan looked softer.

He squatted down, leaned over, and looked at the sleeping delicate face up close, which was white as snow under the cover of black hair.

“In the end … are you deceiving me …” There was a low whisper, Lu Zhi Yuan reached out his hand and touched her face, “Bai Xiao Xun, should I…trust you again…”

Yes, yes, yes!

The blackened value dropped all the way down, Bai Xun cheered in her heart, brother Xiao Yuan, you believed her! She will never cheat you after this time! …Well, maybe so… Xiao Yuan was so miserable for a man…

“Oh…” It seemed that the touch on her cheek made her itch. Bai Xun closed her eyes and wrinkled her nose, turned over and almost fell to the ground.

Lu Zhi Yuan reacted quickly and held her in his arms.

Comfortable pillow – Bai Xun moved and adjusted to a comfortable posture and continue to sleep.

Lu Zhi Yuan held people and breathe a sigh of relief.

For a long while, he hugged people lightly and left the office.


Bai Xun was brought home by Lu Zhi Yuan and carefully placed in a soft quilt.

He stood beside the edge of the bed and looked complicatedly at her for a while. He couldn’t do anything, he turned and walked out the door.

Bai Xun really fell asleep, but when she was placed on the bed, she was confused and woke up. Later, Lu Zhi Yuan stood by her side for a long time, she was so scared that she almost thought the other side would suddenly strangle her!  

Fortunately… Bai Xun rolled in bed and slept peacefully.

As for Lu Zhi Yao, if he couldn’t find her, he would definitely call Lu Zhi Yuan.

Sure enough, Bai Xun didn’t return at this point and he couldn’t get through to her phone the entire time. Lu Zhi Yao drove to the company and found it was dark for a long time.

He can only call Lu Zhi Yuan.

“Where is she?” His tone was cold with unrestrained anger.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart was finally at ease after an entire day’s worth of suffocation when he heard the other side was very angry but pretended to be cold.

He chuckled and said, “I don’t understand what older brother is talking about.”

“Xiao Xun hasn’t return yet. Didn’t you do something?” Lu Zhi Yao’s calm face was frozen.

“It turned out to be her.” Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes were cold. “Older brother doesn’t have to worry about her. She is staying in the Lu home for now.”

Lu Zhi Yao paused, his voice became even colder, “I’ll go pick her up. You let Xiao Xun answer the phone.”

Lu Zhi Yuan narrowed his eyes and said casually: “She’s tired and asleep at this time. Maybe she can’t answer your call. Does older brother want to come and wake her up?”

His remarks were so suggestive of ambiguity that Lu Zhi Yao almost crushed his cellphone, there was no sound for a long time.

Lu Zhi Yuan sneered secretly and hung up the phone directly.

On the other side, Lu Zhi Yao leaned against the side of the car. His eyes flashed and his face was complicated, then he became cold again.


It was a bright day, and the sun, like a mischievous spirit penetrated the slit in the curtains that never been closed and jumped on the white cheeks on the bed.

The long eyelashes trembled slightly, and Bai Xun slowly opened her eyes. During this time, she really had a good night’s sleep.

She slowly sat up. Lu Zhi Yuan wasn’t in the room. She pretended to be surprised and puzzled, she looked around the strange room and then on her body. She was changed into pajamas and her expression changed. She got out of bed in a panic and opened the door and went out.

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