Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 37

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 12

It could be said that the house was really big. After Bai Xun walked out of the room, there was a long corridor with a revolving staircase at the end.  

She panicked and walked down the stairs into the hall until she saw Lu Zhi Yuan, who sat at the dining table, and was surprised. “How are you here? I, where am I?”

“This is my house, why shouldn’t I be here?” Lu Zhi Yuan took a long look at her. “As for you, yesterday you fell asleep at the office and grabbed me, so I brought you back.”  

“I…really?” Bai Xun’s eyes weren’t certain. After all, it was because of her initial panic that she now felt reassured from seeing an acquaintance. “Thank you.”  

Lu Zhi Yuan moved for a moment, he looked at the person opposite of him who had just woken up, she had messy hair and was a bit confused and thanked him. His eyes were deep – you’re so simple, were you really the person who took the money and abandoned me when I was injured…. are you really that person?  

He didn’t speak, Bai Xun clutched her clothes, only to discover that she was wearing pajamas…

Her face changed again, she gritted her teeth and looked up at Lu Zhi Yuan, “Then, my clothes…you…that…”

She frowned her delicate eyes and tried to question him with a ferocious appearance.  

Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t reply yet. A middle-aged aunt came out of the kitchen and heard Bai Xun’s words. She said with a smile, “Miss Bai, I helped you change your clothes when the young master brought you back yesterday. Your clothes have been washed, now I’ll get it for you.”

“Ah? Oh…thank you.” Bai Xun was stunned and blushed with embarrassment.

“Why, you didn’t just think…” Lu Zhi Yuan, with his hands around his chest smiled as if he thought of a funny joke. “What’s so good about your dull figure?”

Dull? …Three years ago, she could say the same, but she had deliberately adjusted all the categories for the model to be well-trimmed? Absolutely big chest, thin waist and outstanding buttocks, wasn’t this well cut?

Bai Xun took the clothes from the aunt and thanked her in a low voice. Then she hurried upstairs to change her clothes.

When she finished washing, Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t eat, it seemed as if he was waiting for her.

She didn’t know what to say. She stood there and hesitated for a while before she said, “Thank you president for what happened last night. I’ll go to the company first.”

“Stop.” Lu Zhi Yuan was a little upset and his face sank. “Come over and have the meal before you leave.”

Bai Xun hesitated and didn’t move.

Did she hate him so much?

Lu Zhi Yuan lightly said: “It’s very difficult to get a car here. Eat first, then we’ll go together after.”

Bai Xun eventually came over but sat far away from him.

After breakfast, the driver took them to the company.

The news that Bai Xun got off Lu Zhi Yuan’s car quickly spread throughout the company.

When she arrived at the office, there was a circle of people around her workstation who looked through some of the designs she printed yesterday. They saw her coming over and the crowd immediately dispersed, but there was clearly no contempt in their eyes.

After all, this was also a place that admired strength.

“Sister Annie, I’m sorry, I didn’t finish drawing yesterday, later…” Bai Xun smiled apologetically at Annie.

Annie glanced at her, she looked unnatural and pointed to the drawing on the desktop. “You’ve done a good job. You have ability, you don’t have to draw the rest.”

Bai Xun nodded, “What shall I do next?”

“Wait for Andric to arrange it.” Annie looked a little complicated, then turned to leave.

It was just that this morning, Andric didn’t talk to her.

Even at the regular meeting, he didn’t look at her at all, nor assigned her tasks.

Was this another way to deal with her? Ignore her and make her an idler?

Bai Xun didn’t show her thoughts, but quietly took notes according to their conversation.

From their conversation, she caught a person’s name — President Qin? It couldn’t be the president Qin that she was thinking of, was it?

She calculated the time, it might really be him.

When Bai Xun returned to her workstation, her cellphone was fully charged. After turning on her phone, she jumped from the countless missed calls and messages.

She made a phone call to him, she was a little anxious and apologetic. “General manager, I’m sorry, my cellphone ran out of power last night and I didn’t return your message in time.”

He picked up quickly but was silent for a while before he sounded an “En.”

Bai Xun was sensitive to Lu Zhi Yao’s bad mood and tentatively said, “Are you okay chief Lu?”

Lu Zhi Yao paused, he wanted to open his mouth but didn’t know what to say.  

He knew that most of what Lu Zhi Yuan said yesterday was very likely used to make him angry.

He knew it clearly but couldn’t control it.

“…Nothing. Take care of yourself over there.”

Bai Xun was relieved and smiled. “Okay, I’ll be back on time today.”

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyebrows and eyes softened, and he answered softly, “En.”

He hung up the phone and the tall figure leaned on the bedside, his dark eyes looked into the distance, don’t know what he was thinking.


Bai Xun tilted her lips. Lu Zhi Yao’s affection was close to 90%. Although the affection rose more slowly later in time, everything went smoothly.

No one spoke to her all morning and Bai Xun found some pictures to look at.

Until a figure fell on her desk, blocking the light.

Bai Xun slowly looked up, she faced Huang Yanran’s expressionless face.

“Come with me, let’s talk.” Huang Yanran took the lead and left, Bai Xun stood up and followed her.

She took Bai Xun to an open meadow, where the dense woods covered the lounge chairs.

Huang Yanran was dressed in a formal business dress and there was no longer a gentle smile on her face, she looked imposing.

Bai Xun just looked at her lightly, “You asked me to come, is there anything wrong?”

“You slept at A’Yuan’s house last night?” Huang Yanran’s tone wasn’t as gentle as before, it sounded cold and sharp.

Bai Xun frowned. “It was just an accident, and we really didn’t do anything. I slept in the guest room, and there was mother Zhang at home.”

Her explanation eased Huang Yanran’s expression for the time being.

Huang Yanran suddenly chuckled at herself, with a sad look, “Xiao Xun, do you still like A’Yuan?”

Bai Xun looked up at her with surprise, “You …”

Huang Yanran seemed to be enlightened. She slumped down on the chair and raised her hand to cover her eyes.

“Don’t you hate me? After all, I told Uncle Lu, you can’t be together…”

Faced with this kind of Huang Yanran, Bai Xun seemed a little overwhelmed. She instinctively put away her thorns and sat beside Huang Yanran. “No, Yanran, I don’t hate you at all, you just did what you should have done…”

Hey mom, sister Huang is amazing! She thoroughly saw through “Bai Xiao Xun”. The stronger she was, the more ruthless her character was. But if she played the emotional card, the kind and simple Bai Xiao Xun would have no ability to parry!

Huang Yanran looked at her with red eyes. “Then why do you walk so closely with A’Yuan? You know that those things spread in the company today. As soon as I arrived, those people looked at me, do you know how uncomfortable I was?”

Bai Xun looked at her who was about to cry and panicked. She reached out to wipe her tears, “Yanran, don’t cry, I…I can explain, it was really an accident…” She paused. “I, I promise to keep a distance from him. I’ll quit right away and leave.”  

Huang Yanran grabbed her hand, “Do you mean it?”

Bai Xun nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll hand in a resignation letter later.”

Huang Yanran’s expression gradually improved, she wiped her tears with embarrassment, and turned into the elegant and noble Miss Huang.

She shook Bai Xun’s hand, “Xiao Xun, you can’t lie to me. I have always regarded you as my best friend.”

She didn’t know how this sentence touched Bai Xun, but she froze, and her eyes turned red.

Suddenly, she rushed forward and hugged Huang Yanran’s neck tightly while her tears fell.  

Motherfucker, who can’t cry! Fuck you!

She realized it was warm tears that flowed on her neck and Huang Yanran’s body stiffened, “Xiao…Xiao Xun, what’s wrong with you?”

Bai Xun let go and smiled with tears. “No, I’m just so happy. It turns out that Yanran was just like me. You’re also my best friend who had always been in my heart.”

Huang Yanran always felt that Bai Xun suddenly became strange but couldn’t pinpoint it. But she got the answer she wanted, stood up and smiled softly: “Xiao Xun, then I’ll go first, I’ll wait for your news.”

Bai Xun smiled and nodded.

She waited for others to get far, Bai Xun thought she had found a way to attack Huang Yanran.

She was confident that she didn’t like Lu Zhi Yuan. Whether she was forced by the family engagement or something else, how could she really like a person, but have the heart to use other men? How could she be so sensible towards Lu Zhi Yuan’s open affection?

Bai Xun sat alone on the bench and the breeze blew a few strands of her hair. She gently pulled it behind her ears, swayed her calf and stepped on the fallen leaves, easily creating a lonely, helpless and sad atmosphere.

Why hasn’t Bai Xun left?

That’s because, from the beginning, she discovered that there was another person here.

She lowered her head and silently wept, muttering, “I really want to leave…”

Suddenly, a graceful hand slowly passed a brown striped handkerchief to her eyes.

“Don’t cry, wipe it.” The mellow and gentle voice sounded softly, just like strong old wine full of energy, crisp and intoxicating.

Bai Xun stared and looked up at the sharp hand. Her eyes crossed the other’s powerful arms, wide shoulders, then finally fell on the handsome face.

This was a mature and elegant man. He looked as if he was in his early thirties. Compared with Lu Zhi Yuan, who gently stood in a high position, he was more of an introvert, with a smile in his eyes, beautiful thin lips and an invisible strength in his elegant demeanor.

Bai Xun thought that she was right. This should be general manager Qin of the design department, Qin Xiao’s father, Qin Feng.

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