Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 38

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 13

When Bai Xun raised her head, Qin Feng’s pupils shrank. At that moment, there were still crystal tears on Bai Xun’s white and tender cheeks. Her eyes were slightly red, and the round black eyes were washed clean and looked as clear as the blue sky.

What struck him most was her appearance, she looked very similar to that person.

But Qin Feng quickly returned to his senses and even his eyes that were shocked for only less than a second returned to his previous expression.

If it wasn’t for Bai Xun’s previous knowledge, who purposely made her five facial features similar to the eldest daughter of the Leng family, she also wouldn’t have been aware of it.1Aware that she looks like that person from the Leng family, but she is aware  

Qin Feng saw that Bai Xun didn’t move, he gently sighed and wiped her cheeks before he took out a handkerchief before her confusion. “Thank you, sir. You don’t look like someone from our company, are you?…”

“I came to talk about business. I made an appointment with President Lu at ten, but it seems that I’m lost.” He smiled, his deep eyes were boundless, but it appeared he was gentle and tolerant while he gazed at her.

But his gentleness was different from Su Shi. Su Shi was like the spring breeze, soothing but not hurtful; his gentleness had a hidden edge, with an irresistible aura.

“This way, you can directly enter from this side. Take the elevator to the ninth floor and you will see the president’s secretary when you leave the elevator. He will take you to the office.” Bai Xun pointed and said.

But Qin Feng didn’t leave, he bowed slowly and smiled helplessly, “Now I can’t leave. A little girl is crying very sadly. Is there anything this stranger can help you with?”

He was so kind and charming. The words with his gentle smile alone was full of reassurance, like a priest in a church who could help you solve your problems and ease your heart, people that were subconsciously trustworthy.

But Bai Xun knew his words appeared to coaxed affection and tolerance towards a child. You can do whatever you want, but once you cross his bottom line, he will throw you away mercilessly.

She was unmoved and lightly smiled, “Thank you for your kindness sir, but if you don’t go back, you will be late for your meeting.”  

Qin Feng also laughed. The gentle appearance made people feel good. “It seems that you’re in a better mood, then we will have to talk next time.”  

He leaned slightly, gentlemanly and elegantly.

Bai Xun seemed to have thought of something and said, “Sir, your handkerchief…I’m sorry, I seem to have soiled it…or I…”

She felt a little guilty and wanted to say that she would return it to him when she cleaned it, but she didn’t know if it was possible to see him again.  

“It doesn’t matter. Give it to me next time we meet, designer Bai.” Qing Feng glanced at her work badge, smiled and waved.

It seems that Qin Feng’s 30% favorability meant that she aroused his interest, so her resignation shouldn’t be so smooth.

Bai Xun thought about Huang Yanran’s matter. She returned to the office to open a document and typed her resignation letter.


In the office, Qin Feng looked at the designer in front of him and smiled calmly. “President Lu, the designer of this project, I want designate to me.”

Lu Zhi Yuan raised an eyebrow. “Of course, with President Qin’s high vision, we will certainly use the best designers to serve President Qin.”

“No, sometimes the best isn’t necessarily the most suitable.” Qin Feng smiled gently, but his words was faintly strong, “I want your company’s Bai Xiao Xun designer to be responsible for this project.”

“What?” On one hand, Andric, who was full of confidence, was incredulous. He jokingly said, “President Qin, are you joking? She’s a young girl who hasn’t even worked on a decent project, so let her oversee such a big project?”

Qin Feng slightly lifted his thin lips, ignored him and looked at Lu Zhi Yuan and slowly said: “Young isn’t a bad thing. Isn’t President Lu also a young man? What’s more, I’ve seen her work, which are very good. Although its not on par with the gorgeous skills of top designers, but it wins with clean spirit. This is really the current trend in the clothing industry.”

Lu Zhi Yuan’s silence gave Andric a bad premonition. He suddenly stood up. “President, if you arrange for Bai Xiao Xun to oversee this project, I think it wouldn’t be just me, but the senior designers in the entire design department who has more seniority than her, that would feel this is unfair.”

Lu Zhi Yuan frowned. “Andric, why are you anxious? This project can’t be completed with just one person, it’s important with a team.”

Qin Feng unexpectedly smiled and slowly said, “Since it’s difficult to make a decision, it’s better to let the director and designer Bai to each make a simple plan for this theme. At this time tomorrow, we’ll see who exactly is more suitable.”

Lu Zhi Yuan nodded, “This is a fair method.”

Andric sneered. “Okay, asking president to please not be partial.”

Lu Zhi Yuan raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t President Qin still here? Of course, it depends on your respective abilities.”

Qin Feng didn’t speak. He leaned behind the office chair and rubbed the ring on his finger. His smile was gentle and elegant.  


Bai Xun came to look for Lu Zhi Yuan with her resignation letter.

She knocked on the door—

“Come in.”

Lu Zhi Yuan just sent Qin Feng away. Now he saw Bai Xun and nodded, “You’re here at the right time, I have something to tell you…”

He repeated Qin Feng’s request, “In this way, you can go ahead and prepare. This opportunity is rare. Even if you can’t win against Andric, your momentum will be different from before. After all, it’s with top designers…”

Bai Xun didn’t care and interrupted him, “President, I may not be able to participate.”  

“Why?” Lu Zhi Yuan frowned.

Bai Xun handed him the resignation letter she wrote, “I want to resign.”

As soon as her voice fell, Lu Zhi Yuan’s face sank. He stood up and coldly said, “What are you talking about?”

“I said, I want to resign.” Bai Xun looked up at him fearlessly, “Lu doesn’t need me to do anything now, and I resign because I can’t bear the pressure in Lu. It shouldn’t impact Lu.”

“How do you know there won’t be an impact?” Lu Zhi Yuan reached out to pull her. “Wasn’t it okay yesterday? Why do you suddenly want to leave?”

Bai Xun stepped back, dodged his hands and lowered her head. “I can’t get used to it. I’m not suitable…”

“Then what are you suitable for? So little pressure made you flinch?” Lu Zhi Yuan roared.

An inexplicable grievance made Bai Xun’s nose sour and her tears fell.

She gritted her teeth. “Whatever you say, I’m going.”

Looking at the person who left, Lu Zhi Yuan kicked the sofa anxiously.


On the other side, when Lu Zhi Yao found Bai Xun, she squatted by the pond alone.

Lu Zhi Yao breathed a sigh of relief. He put his hands in his coat pocket and slowly walked.

“I heard you’re going to compete against Andric tomorrow?”

Bai Xun heard the faint familiar male voice and she sucked in her nose and didn’t move.

“No, I resigned.”

He paused for a moment, “Why?”

Bai Xun calmly said, “It’s too stressful and I can’t adapt to the pressure.”  

“Lie.” Lu Zhi Yao stood beside her and coldly said: “You’re not such a person.”  

His simple words easily broke Bai Xun’s mask. Her constant calm finally broke down. Her tears fell and she shouted: “Then what kind of person am I? Robbing someone else’s fiancé or a shameless person?”

Lu Zhi Yao watched her cry with tears on her face. He slowly squatted beside her and softly asked, “Are you?”

Bai Xun bit her teeth and shook her head with grievance.

“Then there shouldn’t be a problem.” Lu Zhi Yao lightly said, “You’ve never done it, so why are you afraid of rumors?”  

Bai Xun murmured, “But she will be sad. She said she thought of me as her best friend.”

“Huang Yanran?” Lu Zhi Yao smiled more. “You’d better not believe a word she said.”

Bai Xun looked at him puzzledly, “What?”

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t say anything. He reached out his hand and took the person from the ground to the car. “Okay, I’ll take care of tomorrow’s competition for you. So, you can rest assure, there’s 12 hours to plan.”  

Bai Xun glared at him, “How can you decide for me…”

Lu Zhi Yao faintly said: “At the very least, before you leave, you must prove you entered Lu with your strength, not by the back door.”

Bai Xun froze for a while, “Okay, I’ll go.”

Older brother was a great master in spiritual counseling, right? How does he enlighten me every time! How can he talk and hit the mark with a comment!


In the study, Bai Xun quietly drew designs. She had seen Andric’s designs which were gorgeous and dazzling, just like oil paintings. Each frame was full of beautiful colors.

Then she will go the opposite way and incorporate characteristics of Chinese ink painting. The whole theme will only use black and white, which adds the element of ancient Chinese style and charm. The whole series will be clear and beautiful.

People were used to seeing flourishing colors, and the ink will wash and purify the mind, and be more shocking.

It wasn’t until midnight that Bai Xun finished her work.

Lu Zhi Yao stood at the door. It wasn’t known how long he watched.

“All right? Hurry up and rest. You need to have enough energy to compete tomorrow.”

Bai Xun looked at the time, it was really late. She smiled and responded, “OK.”

After washing, she laid in bed, full of expectation. Not only tomorrow’s competition, but also the two Lu brothers and Qin Feng…

On the other side, Andric received an inexplicable email.


The next day, Bai Xun arrived in the conference room early.

Today, in addition to her and Andric, there were colleagues from the design department who served as public judges. Some designers look at her with curiosity and unpredictable expectations.

Perhaps Lu Zhi Yao was right, she had absolute strength and doesn’t need to fear rumors.  

When Lu Zhi Yuan and Qin Feng arrived, Bai Xun looked at Qin Feng with surprise. “Is it you? You are…Qin Feng, President Qin?”

She thought of the handkerchief that she said she would give back to him but was embarrassed to take it out in front of so many people. She could only smile apologetically.  

Qin Feng knew, and his lips were slightly bent. “Designer Bai, I said, we would meet again.”  

Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes changed and lightly said, “Do you know each other?”

“I just met him once.” Bai Xun glanced at him with helplessness.

On one side, Andric laughed with a smile. “I hope the two judges are fair.”

“That’s natural.” Qin Feng glanced at him with a smile and his eyes warned him which made him feel cold.

Lu Zhi Yuan took a seat. “Well, everyone is here. Who will go first?”

Andric stood up. “Let me.”

He copied the PPT2PPT in USA means powerpoint…pretty sure same meaning to the computer, and turned to look at Bai Xun as if she were absent.

“My theme this time is based on Chinese ink painting…”

Since the first PPT, Bai Xun’s complexion changed. She was so upset she even overturned her water cup. This theme was exactly the same as hers.  

Lu Zhi Yao was the only one who knew her designs.

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