Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 39

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 14

Was it Lu Zhi Yao?

She didn’t dare think deeply about it.

Her heart was stuffy and uncomfortable.

What was more important right now—this man plagiarized.

“This…how could…”

Bai Xun’s face was pale and ugly. Her only strand of reason allowed her to suppress her anger so she wouldn’t immediately step forward and interrupt the other party.

The others glanced at her puzzledly, then was attracted by Andric’s explanation. Only Qin Feng and Lu Zhi Yuan frowned.

When Andric finished, thunderous applause broke out in the conference room.

There were people who couldn’t control their discussions—

“The director’s design is very special this time. It’s not the same as before.”

“Yes, the director is so amazing, and his style is flexible!”

Qin Feng flipped through the materials in his hand and said with a smile. “Andric, your design style seems to have changed a lot this time.”

Andric chuckled. “I also realized from President Qin’s words yesterday and was enlightened. I don’t have to use gorgeous colors since minimalism can also strike people’s hearts…”

“You’re lying!”

Bai Xun couldn’t hold back her anger anymore, her shoulders were shaking.

“Your design is exactly the same as mine.”

As soon as her voice fell, there was an uproar.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s brow frowned, but Qin Feng’s smile covered his emotions deeply.

Andric sneered, “What do you mean? You mean I copied you?”

“It’s plagiarism, this is my design.”

“It’s interesting. You’re worried that your results will be too ugly later, so you pour sewage directly and say my design is yours?” Andric said coldly, “If you insist on saying that, I won’t argue.”  

“You…okay, I’ll let everyone see it’s exactly the same as mine.” Bai Xun took out her handbag and searched for the USB stick.

But she couldn’t find it.

Then Bai Xun’s complexion changed, and she clenched her teeth and almost overturned the little handbag.

“My…USB stick…is gone…” She finally confirmed the fact.

Was it that girl?— She bumped into a girl head-on when she came out of the bathroom.

Bai Xun was drained of all her strength.

When Andric saw that she didn’t move for a long time, he sneered, “It’s so funny. You don’t have to direct your own act,1like she’s the director of her own play aka acting as if he stole her work just admit that you didn’t design it.”  

As soon as his voice fell, the eyes of the surrounding designers changed into disdain and suspicion, and the whispering voices were like sharp swords.

“I thought she was a bit capable, but I didn’t expect…”

“It really pretends.”

“Even dare to slander Andric for plagiarism, who doesn’t know that he won several international awards…”

Bai Xun’s face was pale, she was a little flustered and eagerly defended herself: “No, this is really my drawing. This design is mine…”

Lu Zhi Yuan glanced at her a little worried. He knocked on the table and suppressed the whispering voices. He coldly said: “Well, although Bai Xiao Xun forgot to bring her design, the competition is a competition. In this case, Andric will oversee this project. What does President Qin think?”

Qin Feng glanced at Bai Xun. She stared at him fixedly and everyone else also looked at him.

He smiled warmly and slowly said, “I don’t mind.”

For a moment, Bai Xun seemed to have been struck. She sat down on the chair weakly.  

Andric smiled, “Thank you President Qin, I look forward to this cooperation.”

“That’s it, let’s break up.” Lu Zhi Yuan made a direct decision.

Before Qin Feng left, he stood beside Bai Xun and had an apologetic look. His low voice was soft. “I’m sorry I didn’t see your design. This is my contact information. I’m looking forward to your drawing.”

Bai Xun took his business card and didn’t speak. Qin Feng gave her a deep look before leaving.  

Everyone was gone, but she remained motionless. Until there was only two people left in the conference room, she and Lu Zhi Yuan.  

He walked to Bai Xun, and after a long time, he began to comfort her, “It’s okay, everyone is gone…”

Bai Xun slowly looked up at him, her eyes were red. She reached out and grabbed Lu Zhi Yuan’s sleeve, with her eyes full of grievances. “Lu Zhi Yuan, really, he used my design. Why did you judged him to win?”  

He sighed, “You don’t have to worry about the competition results. No one in the company will talk about it…”

Bai Xun was stunned and looked at him in disbelief. Fat tears rolled down. “Do you think I’m lying? You don’t believe me, do you?”

Lu Zhi Yuan looked silent, he squatted in front of Bai Xun and looked at her seriously. “Xiao Xun, you don’t understand. Even if I believe what you said, Andric can’t plagiarize. No matter whether he did or not, he can’t plagiarize.”

“Why?” Bai Xun’s tender porcelain cheeks were still streaked with tears, but the person looked bewildered while the other person was distressed.

Lu Zhi Yuan reached out and gently wiped her tears, then explained: “His identity is the Lu design director. If he plagiarized today, most of his projects will be stopped. It would be a huge loss for Lu. It’s not just about the economy, but the reputation. And, at the time, you weren’t able to prove it or provide evidence.”

Bai Xun choked a little, “So, I’m a nobody and could be sacrificed at will?”

“Of course not.” Lu Zhi Yuan was distressed. He reached out his hand to support her. “I will definitely investigate this. The important thing right now is who saw these design drawings. Besides you, who else has seen them?”

Bai Xun was stunned by his questions. The things she didn’t want to think about, emerged again.

There was Lu Zhi Yao…

It might be that girl!

Bai Xun thought of it. She held Lu Zhi Yuan’s arm with her backhand. “There was a girl who happened to run into me when I came out of the bathroom this morning. Could it have been her that stole my USB stick? But I never seen this person in the company…”  

“I’ll have surveillance look into it right away.” Lu Zhi Yuan looked at her, “Xiao Xun, don’t worry. Give me some time, I will definitely take care of it.”

Bai Xun lowered her head and gently said: “No matter what the result is this time, I shouldn’t stay with Lu.”

“Xiao Xun?”

Bai Xun waved her arm. “I’m tired, I’ll go first.”

“Okay, you go back today and have a good rest. We will talk about your resignation letter later.”

Bai Xun didn’t speak and left the company with her bag.  

Depleted in spirit, Bai Xun walked alone in the street.

Phone calls from Lu Zhi Yao kept ringing. She just glanced at it and turned off her phone.

It was just her method to have the other side’s affection increase instead of decrease.

Sure enough, felt somewhat guilty.

If she didn’t play before, she would have been tortured to death once she discovered the truth! At that time, she thought the elder brother was very good. Now it seems that…it was all scum, less abusive!

In fact, if you thought about it carefully, Lu Zhi Yao was very fond of her but didn’t know her identity at first. But later, after she said who her boyfriend was three years ago, Lu Zhi Yao obviously changed a little the next day. It should be because he investigated her and naturally will use her to deal with Lu Zhi Yuan.

He doesn’t know how Lu Zhi Yuan will handle this incident, but as long as Lu Zhi Yuan cares about her enough, he will definitely find out the truth and dismiss Andric.

At that time, it will cause huge losses to Lu and as acting president he wouldn’t be able to sit still.

After Bai Xun found all this out, she definitely can’t return to Lu Zhi Yao’s house now…but she didn’t make progress. At least, Lu Zhi Yao will feel guilty this time.

In the plot, Andric cooperated with Lu Zhi Yao. Lu Zhi Yao wanted the company while Andric likes Huang Yanran. As soon as Lu Zhi Yuan stepped down, Huang Yanran naturally terminated her engagement with him.

In order to obtained Huang Yanran, he asked her to come and cook rice with him,2basically he was going to rape her or force sex so she forced to marry him but how could the scheming sister Huang not take precautions? Instead, she met Feng Chi there…

When Bai Xun played for a week, Feng Chi hooked up with sister Huang. Then no matter how she brushed his affection, in the end, the slag Feng abused her!!!

Bai Xun thought of this, she went to the destination to guard a tree-stump, waiting for rabbits.3idiom – to wait idly for opportunities; to trust to chance rather than show initiative

With her, she can do such a troublesome thing such as hooking up with the male lead, she can do it!

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