Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 4

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 04

The yellow-haired man apparently didn’t expect Qin Xiao to stop him. For a moment, he was a little surprised. “Why, Qin Xiao?”

He looked at Qin Xiao and the tearful Bai Xun. Suddenly, he understood the situation, he blinked, “Qin Xiao, are you interested? Hey, today is Qin Xiao’s birthday, so a special present should be prepared.” Although he was disappointed, he pushed Bai Xun to Qin Xiao’s side.

After great effort, Bai Xun fell into the arms of Qin Xiao. She fell into his chest and smell the young youth’s scent.

She was swaying while falling, and Qin Xiao’s unconditional reflex caught her waist, she smell of shampoo which was different from the strong perfume of other women.

“You, you let me go.” She fell into the hands of another man, Bai Xun’s small white face was frightened and she struggled against Qin Xiao who did not stopped her. He let her stagger to stand up and retreat to the corner. Momentarily, the fresh scent made him dazed.

“If Qin Xiao despise the little beauty, you can still come to me.” The man stared at Bai Xun as if he was stripping off all her clothes.

Looking at Bai Xun’s shriveled appearance, Qin Xiao looked back at Huang Shao and sneered. “Aren’t you shameless enough?”

Everyone came to play together. Qin Xiao had both the Qin and Leng family’s influence. The man was young and vigorous, he cannot lose face. “What do you mean by that Qin Xiao? I am here to celebrate with you, I am not afraid of you, you still hadn’t had an adult birthday. It is not certain whether the Qin family will be inherited by you.”

Qin Xiao’s face sank and coldly sneered. “In this case, why do you still stick to me like a dog? It’s definitely not for me!”


The man’s face changed. He coldly threw the cup from his hand, kicked it and walked away.

The waiter on the side was a little overwhelmed and cautiously said, “Qin Xiao?”

“Get out of here.” Qin Xiao closed his eyes and sighed.

Everyone had left. Bai Xun hesitantly looked at him several times before leaving, but the other party did not notice her.

Her work tonight is over, and she did not leave after changing her clothes. Instead, when she saw Qin Xiao leaving, she quickly followed him. Going out, she saw Qin Xiao leaning against his car, smoking relentlessly. The street lamp lengthened his shadow and it looked lonely.

His 18th birthday…

Bai Xun looked around, entered a bakery and came out with a small cake in her hand.

The light footsteps made Qin Xiao raise his head and look at the girl standing in front of him without saying a word.

Bai Xing was embarrassed and reached out. “This is for you.”

Qin Xiao’s phoenix eyes looked deeply for a while but did not answer.

Bai Xun was helpless. “I, I don’t have much money on me, I just heard that today is your birthday, that…”

Qin Xiao faintly interrupted her. “Take it away, I don’t like sweet things.”

“Ah?” Bai Xun was stunned, she gritted her teeth in frustration. She put the packaged cake on top of the car and muttered, “I bought it for you. You can keep or throw it away.  Anyway, thank you today.”

She did not wait for Qin Xiao to speak, she turned around and left, but halfway through she suddenly turned back.

“Well, you are still small, smoke less, it is not good for your health.”1It’s a word play, Xiao, means little or small, but in this case she’s saying his age is very young.

Qin Xiao finally put his sight on her. He looked up and down carefully. Although she was wearing a washed-out dress, she smelled clean. Especially her waist-length hair with her white and delicate face, she had a beautiful appearance.

Suddenly, he took a step forward, put his hand around the woman, drew closer, stooping slightly with his handsome face almost touching her cheek. “Don’t you know, you can’t tell a man he’s small?”

He moved too fast, Bai Xun didn’t react or respond for a while, just….it was too close, her face was blooming red…

The teenager’s clear voice also sprayed a faint smell of tobacco on her face. The deep phoenix eyes were locked on her face, and a dangerous aura spread.

The oppression brought by Qin Xiao’s deep glare was not like an adult. Looking at the teenager who is half a head taller than herself, Bai Xun sighed. He was only 18 years old. How can he be so mature?

Qin Xiao stooped slightly to look at Bai Xun. The waist under his palm is slender, which made him feel a bit confused.

But she stared at him with innocent eyes and remained motionless. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and loosen his grip when he thought of the frightened face at the club. “Are you afraid now?”

Bai Xun reacted and immediately stepped back to distance them. Although her face was red, she shook her head and looked at him without hesitation. She said seriously, “You are a good person. You have helped me before.”

“Me? I am a good person? Little sister, you easily believe in people.” Qin Xiao chuckled, his phoenix eyes raised slightly with cynicism.

Bai Xun did not understand what he was laughing at but looked at him angrily. “I don’t believe in anyone easily. Don’t pretend that you are mature and bad. Besides, I am older than you.”

Qin Xiao heard the person said that she was older than himself, but he simply looked at her.

Bai Xun saw Qin Xiao glanced up and looked down at her. She shook her head and could not help but grit her teeth. “Whether you leave, I am going. Goodbye.”

Qin Xiao looked at her as she left and saw that she was still not convinced, and her face was pouting…childish!

Despite this, the corner of his mouth curled and would not go down.

He looked at the cigarette in his hand and loosened his fingers to let it fall to the ground. Then he lifted his foot and slowly crushed the cigarette butt. He turned around and stared at the little cake for a while, he finally lifted it.

After all… is the first cake in his life.

Qin Xiao’s affection rose to 20%.


It was almost twelve o’clock when Bai Xun return. As soon as she got to her door, the opposite door opened.

Gao Yuan held one hand on the door frame, and the handsome facial features look unnatural under the light and coughed twice. “How come you are back so late?”

“You haven’t slept yet, I, I work a little far…” Bai Xun looked at him with surprise and hesitated to explain.

“It’s not safe for a girl to come back so late, or…” Gao Yuan originally wanted to say that he would pick her up later, but he stopped. They’ve only known each other for one day, and he felt that he would scare her.

Bai Xun blinked, as if remembering something and asked. “How was cotton pants this afternoon?”

Speaking of the cat, Gao Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. He laughed and said, “Cotton pants is very good. He ate and drank and I made sure he didn’t run around so he wouldn’t hurt his leg. He fell asleep in his nest.”

“That’s good.” Bai Xun’s eyes lit up and looked into the door and nodded. She smiled, “It’s a bit late, have an early rest. See you tomorrow.”

“OK, good night.”

Gao Yuan felt embarrassed and touched his nose. It was so late when the two stood at the door and talked to each other. It’s a bit embarrassing. He didn’t know why he would always pay attention to the movement on the ground. When Bai Xun did not return, he could not fall asleep.

On the other hand, Bai Xun entered her room and threw herself onto the big bed. On the first day, she met Gao Yuan and Qin Xiao. The game is going smoothly. Gao Yuan is considered one of the best capture targets. His path is simple, and he has no conflicting interests.

Qin Xiao’s own path was not complicated. The complexity lies in his father, Qin Feng…he was also a capture target…

Bai Xun pulled the quilt with her arms and rolled into it.

Author’s Notes:

The campus plot has fresh and sentimental romance type, the next line has abusive love, and finally sweet love o(*////▽////*)q

TL Note: I really like translating this series more than The Prince Has All Kinds Of Strange Hobbies. I probably end up releasing more chapters for this series than the other over the weekend. I want to know so badly how the story progressed, but then I am just rotten and want to see her tofu get eaten by the different love interests. AHAHAHA now I know why one of the arc is father and son.

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