Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 40

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 15

Bai Xun returned to Guanlan Club with some emotions. She was a waiter here three years ago.

But this time, she was a different kind of guest.

She found a less noticeable spot and ordered a few bottles of wine alone. Of course, Bai Xiao Xun can’t drink and her face was flushed with one glass of wine, but she drank well.

In other people’s eyes, it was a little girl who can’t drink and was getting drunk.

She didn’t wait long before she saw Andric arriving with Huang Yanran.

They sat in a relatively quiet place, separated by curtains.  

Bai Xun couldn’t hear what they talked about, but it was obvious that Huang Yanran who was drinking wine, had noticed something wrong.

She stood up with her usual gentle smile then said something to the other person but turned to the bathroom with an ugly face.

As for Andric, he wasn’t there anymore.

Bai Xun rubbed her hands excitedly. She had already long arranged for a few NPC hooligans to entertain him well.

She looked at the man who was surrounded by several hoodlums and couldn’t keep up. Bai Xun was relieved.

Motherfucker, these days I’ve succumbed to my great aunt. I’ll beat you to death!1She’s on her period and is in a bad mood cause of it

Bai Xun opened the remaining bottles of wine and spilled it on her clothes before she got up and followed her.


Huang Yanran walked a little and stumbled. Bai Xun followed her and saw her break into the men’s bathroom by mistake.

Bai Xun paused in front of the door, then frowned and patted her chest. She looked as if she drunk too much and was uncomfortable. She pushed the door open and went in.

Huang Yanran leaned over the sink, patting her cheeks with cold water, trying to sober herself. At the same time, she took out her cellphone and asked for someone to come pick her up.

But how could Bai Xun let her call successfully?

Her footwork was unstable, as if she hadn’t seen someone in front of the sink. She threw herself at Huang Yanran and retched.

Taking advantage of the situation, she touched Huang Yanran’s arm and her cellphone fell into the sink.

While retching, Bai Xun apologized, “I’m sorry…oh…Yanran, how are you…here?”

She seemed to be surprised to see the person in front of her and said.

Huang Yanran really had no strength. Her eyes were watery, her face was red and there were water droplets on her clear face. It seems like a kind of beauty, a hibiscus in clear water.

Mom, hey, no wonder she can attract Feng Chi!  

But it’s out of the question now!

“Bai…Xiao Xun?” After Huang Yanran barely saw who was in front of her, she suddenly relaxed a bit, then fell with her soft body.

This woman wasn’t strong but was soft and comfortable with a touch of wine who embraced her.  

“Yanran? Yanran, what happened to you?”

Bai Xun hugged someone hard and looked at her anxiously.

…Motherfucker, why do you look so thin? No way! To be steady, she can’t lose her big attack position!!

“Take me…leave…here…”

After Huang Yanran said this sentence weakly, her consciousness was gradually unclear. She could only clench her lips to avoid leaking out moans.

She didn’t know why, but she was unexpectedly relieved when she saw Bai Xun.

Even if she doesn’t like this person, but she still has to admit she was a kind-hearted stupid person that won’t let her run into any problems.

When Huang Yanran lost her consciousness, the expression on Bai Xun’s face also converged.

She looked complexly at the person leaning on her.

After a pause, she half-helped and half-held the other side and walked out with difficulty.

“Just want to go like this?”

A profound, clear and melodious male voice sounded. Bai Xun looked somewhat startled as she directly gazed at Feng Chi with an indescribable gaze.

For a moment, Bai Xun hesitated to open her mouth, “…are you?”

“So, you remember me.”

The casual light gray suit outlined the perfect figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist. He leaned against the wall, a pair of peach blossom eyes were full of interest, and the thin lips were slightly curved. “Qin Xiao has been looking for you this entire time. Well, he seems to have been sent abroad two years ago. He should be back in this time.”

If it was an ordinary person, he would never remember, but this person…

Feng Chi obviously also recognized her and was very interested in her. He didn’t even glance at Huang Yanran in her arms.

Bai Xun was obviously flustered. She tightened her hands and lowered her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please get out of the way. I have something else to do.”

Feng Chi looked at the unconscious person in her arms and chuckled, “You’re so nervous that I wonder if you want to use this beautiful lady to do bad things…”

Although he called her “beautiful lady”, Feng Chi’s calm eyes were emotionless. It seems that Huang Yanran didn’t arouse the other party’s interest.

There was panic in Bai Xun’s eyes for a moment, then she gritted her teeth and scolded him, “What are you talking about? She’s my good friend and is drunk.”

She pretended to be calm, “I’m taking her out of here now. Are you trying to stop us? …”

Her eyes were full of vigilance, like a little hedgehog with thorns all over her body.

“Why panic? I’m just talking.” Feng Chi spread out his hands and let go of his body.

He looked very talkative, but he had a pair of thin and cold eyes, then smiled meaningfully, “You’re much more interesting than last time.”

Bai Xun didn’t pay attention to him, but when she held Huang Yanran to pass him, he suddenly leaned in her ear, lowered his voice and chuckled, “By the way, since you want to deceive, don’t take chances. Just poured some wine on your clothes so you can deceive a woman like her. When you followed her, you forgot to pretend to be drunk. Drunk people don’t walk so clearly.”

Bai Xun’s whole body was stiff, she stared at him with wide eyes, “You…”

Did he see it all?

Why tell her?

Feng Chi was satisfied to see the surprise in her eyes. He smiled and bent his eyes. The coldness in his eyes was concealed, and on the contrary seemed like a harmless person.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say it.” He quietly whispered in her ear, the heat penetrated her auricle, and even the small earlobe became red.

Bai Xun’s eyes excessively watered and became misty. She bit her lips and whispered, “Thank you.” She left with Huang Yanran without stopping for a moment.


She took a taxi and waited until she got into the car with Huang Yanran and was relieved.

She understood that Feng Chi didn’t like little white rabbits.

Why can Huang Yanran make him treat her favorably?

He likes smart bad women.

So, as soon as she entered the club, she started acting.

After she acted for so long, didn’t she realized that her every move was monitored in the club?

Would she make such a big mistake and put herself in a disadvantage in order to avoid drinking that wine?

It was all for divulging a hole for Feng Chi to notice.

Bai Xun looked at Feng Chi’s favorability of 30%. She will also…manage to survive!

However, people who think they know everything were always too conceited and often lose miserably.

Suddenly, a soft moan called Bai Xun from her thoughts.

When she looked back, she saw Huang Yanran rubbing her with a red face.

Bai Xun’s body was stiff—Mom, hey, what can she do about sister Huang who ingested Chinese medicine, oh?

She looked at the driver in front of her and the other person looked at them strangely.

She was worried that the other side would call the police and call her a bad person…

Bai Xun hugged Huang Yanran so she wouldn’t rub around. She slightly amplified her voice and worriedly said: “Sister? How are you?”  

She reproached herself: “I will be scolded to death by my parents when I go home after drinking like this in the bar…Sir, could you please drive us to the nearest hotel?”

Author’s Notes:

All these evil people! Xiao Xun red duck!2Red duck is internet slang to cheer said person up and means full of vigor, often use on internet to sell moe, cute, cheer, etc. Kill them!

TL Note: Warning; next chapter is yuri.

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