Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 41

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 16

After Bai Xun said those words, the driver uncle’s suspicion was obviously reduced, and he told them not to drink so much alcohol.

Bai Xun obediently responded. When she got out of the car, she helped Huang Yanran to the front desk of the hotel to ask for one big bed.

Fortunately, they were both girls. The girl at the front desk didn’t think much about it. She also intimately asked Bai Xun if she needed help.

Bai Xun smiled and waved her hand gratefully. “No, my sister drank too much. It won’t be good for you later.”1Implying she’s going to vomit on her

As she spoke, Huang Yanran rubbed against her body and they both went upstairs.

When she closed the hotel door, she was tired and exhausted with sweat. As expected, no matter how thin she was, she couldn’t stand tall with that person!

Sister Huang, who was almost 1.7m crushed her body to death with her deadweight!

After Bai Xun threw the person on the bed, she rested for a while, then looked at the delirious person with the red face who carelessly rubbed the sheets and intertwined with it…

It was reasonable to say that the strategic Huang Yanran being drugged was an opportunity.2strategic in this case is the same as capture target. CN uses strategic for some reason while JP novels uses capture targets

After all, no matter how strong and resourceful she was, she was just a girl. Suddenly, this kind of thing will definitely be the most vulnerable moment in her heart, this plot with the girl was her first sexual encounter.

However, Bai Xun always thought it was scummy…of course, what was most important was hugs between good girlfriends, she could still accept…

But if that was the case…

Bai Xun shook, it’s better to be a good girlfriend!

She was relieved after she thought it over. She quickly went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with cold water.

She held Huang Yanran and took off her coat, then placed the person in the water.

“Yanran, after the cold bath, you should be better…” Bai Xun softly said.

The cold bit her bones and made Huang Yanran’s burning consciousness clear for a moment.

She shivered, and the water vapor dispersed from her eyes. She sat in the cold water and instinctively grabbed Bai Xun’s arm.

Her eyes were sharp and cold. She gasped and asked, “…Bai Xiao Xun…what do you want to do?”

Bai Xun stared blankly—

Yo, was she awake?

She was pleasantly surprised and rejoiced, “Yanran, are you awake? Great. It seems that taking a cold bath is really effective. You don’t know how much you worried me…”  

Her lips were almost within reach and her lip petals were tender and opened. After she said that, Huang Yanran listened and didn’t understand, she only felt hot.  

Even when she was immersed in cold water, it couldn’t quench the hotness in her heart.

But the person in front of her could, the skin in her palm was very cold and comfortable; the pink and tender lips look like jelly.

Her throat was dry, she swallowed her drool unconsciously, her eyes gradually lost its focus and her mind became confused.  

Huang Yanran suddenly pulled her hand hard and the person fell in the bathtub beside her.  

“Ah…” Bai Xun fell into the cold bathtub water without precaution.

She shivered from the cold, then stretched her hand to support herself to stand up with the bathtub rim, “Yanran, what do you want to do? Oh en…”

Before Bai Xun finished speaking, Huang Yanran held her thin waist with both hands and easily pulled her towards her body with her head up.

The fragrant lips, which were also soft and indiscriminate, she didn’t give the other person the chance to breathe.

Bai Xun was struck by thunder—

Ya! Extremely close!! Kiss la!!

She was too frightened that she waved her hands arbitrarily which pushed Huang Yanran away indifferently, then she crawled out of the bathtub.

Huang Yanran’s cheek was scratched by her nails and there was a trace of blood.

Bai Xun was still frightened by the sudden kiss. Her foot slipped on the ground and she fell, then she looked at Huang Yanran’s face with blood beads and was startled again.

“Yanran, are you bleeding? Are you okay?” She was anxious but was afraid to step forward because of that frightening kiss.

The back of Huang Yanran’s head bumped against the wall. For a moment, she leaned against the bathtub, weighed her head with one hand and used the other to rest on the bathtub.  

After a while, she saw Bai Xun who sat on the ground far away from her and was dissatisfied.

“Come here.”

These two faint words couldn’t be refuted. The atmosphere she radiated was charming and powerful, with a fatal attraction.  

Bai Xun swallowed her saliva. She grabbed her plaid lapel tightly and shook her head in fear.

Her white shirt was wet with water. At this time, it was translucent and pasted against her body. Her breasts were raised with a thin waist. The pure and beautiful little face was startled and flustered, like a delicious little lamb.

Huang Yanran seemed impatient. Her eyes were burning, and she looked irritated. She stood up straight, stepped out of the bathtub and approached step by step like a soul eater.

Bai Xun was forced…it was over. After that, she devoted herself to the great gaming cause. In other words, as long as she didn’t take initiative, she wasn’t considered a scum…3Yanran did the nasty with her forcibly and BX dedicated herself to the game to accomplish it…since she didn’t (force) Yanran, she wasn’t a piece of shit


The next day, Bai Xun looked at the sleeping side profile of the person who pressed herself tightly in her arms and thought it really wasn’t her fault.  

Her hand was moved by the other person!!4Similar saying – her hand was forced

Wuwuwu she was still a little pure, she didn’t understand anything ying ying ying…5 Wuwuwu is crying sound effects…while ying ying ying is the cute way of crying that is faint, tender and evokes pity. It’s too sell meng which loli waifus use…

While Bai Xun mourned her lost integrity, ying ying ying, Bai Xun’s face didn’t change as she smeared some blood stains on the root of her thighs.6In the previous chapter its mention that BX was on her period…not sure if this is from her period or lost virginity…

Whether Huang Yanran took the initiative last night or not, but if she was the only one to lose her virginity, wouldn’t her heart have a grudge? But what if Bai Xun was also a victim?

After she did everything, she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Anyway, it was the iron law, if you don’t want to run away, then sleep with the other until the next day and don’t wake up first.

Bai Xun paused for a while, then Huang Yanran beside her, slowly woke up with Bai Xun in her arms.

At first, she was confused for a while, moved her body, then froze from the pain from her lower body.

She took another look at Bai Xun’s soft fragrant body she held in her arms, and her eyes widened.

Neither person wore anything, and Bai Xun was blue and purple. In contrast, she had no bruises.

At this point, Bai Xun was curled and held in her arms. If she slept with Bai Xun, this scene didn’t oppose it.

The pain from that place wasn’t fake!

Huang Yanran’s heart was stuffy and her mind flashed with fragmented memories that caused her face to be increasingly clear.  

Just when she was about to explode, Bai Xun “oh” twice, then woke up with a frown.  

She just opened her eyes and saw Huang Yanran on one side, then her face turned pale immediately.

She pulled the quilt and wanted to step back, but the next moment she felt pain. She could only bite her white teeth and lay her pale face on the pillow.

Huang Yanran paused, “You…”

She wanted to ask what was going on, and also asked Bai Xun whether it was real last night…

But she couldn’t ask…

In the end, she could only dryly ask: “Are you okay?”

Bai Xun was a little surprised by her considerate words, but she was a person that would treat her a little better and possibly return a thousand folds.7Could have double meaning – she’s vengeful and will return it a thousand folds OR since she’s her woman now, she will treat her way better now…not too sure

So even if it hurt, she calmed down, “I’m fine, it’s not painful.”

As soon as Huang Yanran looked at her pale face, she knew it was unlikely that she lied. She looked complex and didn’t speak again.

Bai Xun looked at her with some fear and began tentatively, “Yanran, are you awake? It won’t be like last night…”

Her eyes were red, and Huang Yanran felt a little guilty like she was the bad guy who used violence.

But talking about last night…she was drugged by Andric. Before she passed out, she saw Bai Xun. So, did she save her?  

Bai Xun watched Huang Yanran’s eyes changed, her favorability gradually increased!

She was happy in her mind! There was a play!8She started a dog blood drama

There was a red fruit beside the favorability rating on Huang Yanran’s head—it should be a prize!

She was indeed worthy from sacrificing her integrity to the strategic person!9Can substitute strategic with capture target

What could it be?

She looked forward to it while rubbing her hands!

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