Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 42

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 17

Although she already had the answer in her heart, Huang Yanran wanted to confirm again.

“Did you take me away from the club last night? Where is this?”

As she asked, she looked around. Perhaps too much happened that night and her undisguised voice seemed a little cold.  

Naturally Bai Xun noticed, then shrank into a small ball wrapped by the quilt and sniffled, “This is a hotel. Last night you became so strange. I had no place to go, I could only stay in the hotel for one night. I saw how hot you were, so I wanted to give you a cold bath. How could I have thought…”  

Near the end she lowly mumbled, as if thinking of something and her shoulders shook as if she was a little angry and couldn’t speak.

Huang Yanran was still a bit impressed by her. It seems that she pulled the other person into the bathtub. She couldn’t remember it clearly, but the occasional flashes of the memory in her mind showed it was her own initiative…

Huang Yanran’s face was red and white. Then, she finally looked at Bai Xun, she didn’t know how to speak.

At the end of the day, the other party was the victim. If it wasn’t for Bai Xun, she would have been drugged and left in the club with unimaginable consequences.

But now, the other party was involved…

Huang Yanran didn’t know what filled her brain, but her favorability slowly rose.  

The villain in Bai Xun’s heart rolled excitedly…

“Xiao Xun, I’m sorry…” Huang Yanran had some difficulties speaking.

She thought of what she did to her in the past. Although she didn’t think she was in the wrong, it was just methods to deal with people in her way.

However, when she looked at the person who was obviously very hurt but was willing to believe her, she felt her heart was terribly stuffy.

“Yanran? You…it’s okay, you don’t have to…” Bai Xun hugged her shoulder. She was a little hesitant, but suddenly saw the cut on Huang Yanran’s face, so she didn’t care much. “Yanran, your face…I’m so sorry. I was too anxious yesterday and hurt you. Does it hurt?”

Bai Xun hurried forward, she reached out and held her cheek to look at the injury.  

“Be careful.” Huang Yanran unconsciously reached out and supported Bai Xun’s waist. She was worried that she would fall out of bed.

However, because Bai Xun rushed over, the quilt on her body slipped down, exposing her smooth body, white skin like first snow, full color, slender willow waist and down…

Huang Yanran naturally didn’t overdo it. She was very flustered now since she knows that others were her own.1Like BX is her own woman since she took her virginity, big sis Yanran is so responsible!! But how could she dare look when her face was red and she felt hot?  

“Don’t move, let’s see if the injury is serious?” Bai Xun was dissatisfied, her soft delicate voice was filled with guilt. She reached out and twisted her face.

Huang Yanran didn’t dare to look at certain places, but could only focus on Bai Xun’s face intently—why didn’t she noticed before that she was beautiful?

She went on a mental journey and Bai Xun was relieved. “Fortunately, it’s just skin trauma. It should scab in two days.”

Huang Yanran was dazed. Contrary to her expectations, the other didn’t blame her, Bai Xun’s concern for her appearance slightly moved her.

“I’m okay, but you…I caused all those injuries on your body, didn’t I?” It looked more serious than her little injury.

“It’s nothing, all minor injuries…” Bai Xun bowed her head and noticed there wasn’t one inch of her that wasn’t touched. She embarrassedly retreated into the quilt.

Huang Yanran glanced at the dried blood stains on the inside of Bai Xun’s thin and straight thighs. She looked stunned again. She mumbled and didn’t know how to speak. “Xiao Xun…”  


Bai Xun looked at her, those glazed eyes seemed as clear and bright as when they met three years ago.

But she always seemed to hurt her.

Huang Yanran suddenly felt stuffy and speechless.

What to say? Say what she did? Or that she will be responsible?


Huang Yanran tucked people in the quilt, “It’s nothing, you…don’t move around. Take a good rest today…”

When Bai Xun was pressed by her in the bed, she was still confused—Sister Huang, you’re the one that needs to rest!

“Yanran, I’m fine. I have already resigned from Lu, so today, I still need to find a job and housing…” Bai Xun stammered to speak.

Huang Yanran motioned — yes, something bad seemed to have happened to her.

Andric and Lu Zhi Yao lied to her.

She has obviously selectively forgotten that she was happy at first!2She was happy at first that bad things happen to BX

Huang Yanran frowned, and lightly said: “No, you don’t have to leave Lu. It’s not you who should leave.”

Bai Xun wanted to ask but she waved her hand at her.

“Hungry?” She shifted the topic without expecting Bai Xun’s response. She stood up and got out of bed and found her cellphone.

Yesterday, it fell into the water. She dried and started it.

As she was about to make a phone call, she said, “You, don’t think of anything right now. Just rest here. I’ll accompany you to Lu tomorrow.”

Bai Xun: …

No, it’s not…Sister Huang, what are you doing? Sounds like you’re going to fight for me?

After a while, someone sent over two porridges.

Huang Yanran put one in front of her, then concisely and comprehensively said, “Eat.”  

……Why didn’t I notice that Sister Huang was so powerful before?

Huang Yanran was in a bad mood now. There was no expression on her face. Whether it was the soft disguise or indifference when playing tricks…

Bai Xun drank the porridge quietly and honestly, looking obedient.

At this time, Huang Yanran needed some time to sort out her thoughts.

After all, Huang Yanran’s temperament, when she thought someone was hindering her, she will do anything to get rid of them. But when you pry open the corner of her heart, then all the previous actions she done would be recalled and poke at her heart.  


Huang Yanran was still in charge of some of the Huang’s business, so she had to make a few phone calls.

She sat lazily on the sofa by the window, while Bai Xun was resting, as if she was afraid to disturb her, she lowered her voice and gave orders.

The Huang family has no son, so the company will be inherited by her in the future. But now the company was declining, which was the original reason her father wanted her to marry into the Lu family.

But now Huang Yanran glanced at the quilt on the bed that was rolled into a small strip that only obediently exposed a head.  

……It seems that she was unwilling to marry the Lu family.

Bai Xun didn’t bother Huang Yanran because she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak.

What the hell?

Just when Huang Yanran’s affection broke through 80%, the explanation of the red fruit came out: “The first sexual encounter ball of the soul”, how fat four, ya?!3She’s surprised because the red fruits means it symbolizes she had sex with a capture target and I guess out of her other 999 attempts she never had sex with the capture target since she got killed before that point…how fat four is a buzzword online, it means what’s going on?! to show concern for others or express doubt.

Motherfucker! This deadly perverted game! She wanted to take the ball from sister Huang, ya, she will take it! Did she cut down the big overbearing president that attacks?4Huang is a big overbearing president that is black bellied but BX managed to cut her down by harvesting that red fruit…

Bai Xun’s dejected expression made Huang Yanran come over a little worried.

“What’s wrong? Are you upset?”

Bai Xun can’t show or feel love on her face, “I can’t sleep.”

Motherfucker! Suddenly there was a ball in her stomach. Who can sleep?  


On the other side, Bai Xun disappeared for almost a day and night. This made Lu Zhi Yao almost crazy.

There has been no news from her since the competition ended—she knows…

At the thought of this, his calm mind was a little flustered for the first time.

He wanted to find her as soon as possible so he can explain to her.

He only tricked her once from start to finish, this was the only thing he lied about.  

Everything else he said was true—including liking her.

Author’s Notes:

Abuse the elder brother! !

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