Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 43

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 18

In the room, Huang Yanran saw Bai Xun looked really depressed. After a pause, she simply went to the bed and laid on the other side, then calmly said, “I’ll sleep with you.”

Bai Xun was seething…sleep with a ghost! I’m not lonely and cold! I’m still a young unmarried virgin that experienced the joy in chasing a ball?1She worked so hard to chase after a ball… […The first sexual experience soul ball is just a prop. It is distributed as a prize for players that attack non-main characters. The player doesn’t need to be personally pregnant, the game world will automatically supplement relevant information.]  

The subtitle that suddenly appeared made Bai Xun’s eyes brighten—it said that there was no setting for lilies to have children in this game!2The ball that entered her belly last chapter, she was afraid that ball made her pregnant cause her first sexual encounter was with Huang Yanran….

She had never attacked Sister Huang before, so she never obtained this prop, thus she was confused for a while.

Bai Xun’s spirit was good and she was excited for a while.

She accidentally rolled to Huang Yanran’s side, touching the warm and soft body of the other side, then stiffened.

Bai Xun wanted to cry without tears: that…she really didn’t mean it!

Huang Yanran coughed twice and stretched out her hand to hold her, “Can you sleep like this?”  

How fat four?!3It means what’s going on?!

How fat four, your tone is filled with reluctance and disgust? The smile from the corner of your mouth is showing, hey!4Yanran acting like a tsundere like she doesn’t like the situation but she really does.

Bent! This person was hopeless!5Bending or bent means to turn gay

Bai Xun was tired, but fortunately she was straight! It was good to be a good sister!


On the other side, Lu Zhi Yuan was very busy these past two days. On one hand, he wanted to wash plagiarism from Bai Xun and on the other, Andric united the board to exert pressure.  

Fortunately, at this time, he didn’t know who gave Lu Zhi Yuan the news, but he discovered that Andric had a relationship with the girl who stole Bai Xun’s USB stick that was caught on surveillance.

“What’s going on?” Lu Zhi Yuan’s face was cold and heavy. He called people to the office and directly threw out a stack of photos, which showed the well-dressed girl and Andric.  

Andric wore sunglasses and couldn’t cover the bruises on his face. It was enough to see the weight of those few rogue NPCs.

He glanced at the photo and paused. “What? The president doesn’t even care who his subordinates deal with?”

His tone wasn’t very good. These days were really terrible. He was beaten by some hoodlums in the bar and Huang Yanran disappeared. These days, he felt fluster and regret. He wasn’t sure what methods the other side would use to rectify him.

There was also Lu Zhi Yuan, who obviously has to deal with him.

Lu Zhi Yuan knocked on the table. “So clever? The person you dealt with just happens to be the one who took Bai Xiao Xun’s flash drive from the surveillance tapes?”

“Is the president suspicious of me?” Andric stood up expressionlessly. “In that case, let me leave the company.”

“Let him go.” Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes darkened, and he waved to those nearby that wanted to stop the other side.

Lu Zhi Yuan took out his cellphone. He thought of Bai Xun’s lost soul after she left last time and wanted to tell her the news as soon as possible, but he couldn’t get in touch with her.

He was a little uneasy. He took his clothes and went out the door and told his secretary, “I’ll be going out, there is a matter, I will come over and discuss tomorrow morning.”  

What Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t expect was that Andric’s influence was so great. He instigated most of the designers in the design department and made them leave with him. The board of directors exploded.

Andric also contacted Lu Zhi Yao, and the situation gradually expanded.


The next day, when Bai Xun woke up, Huang Yanran was dressed.

She wore a delicate light blue blazer that was well-crafted, with a long wave scattered behind her. She stood beside the bed on stiletto heels and looked charming.6It’s one of those blazers that are longer at the backsides so it tails behind you while you walk and flutter in the wind, the author describes it looks like waves since its light blue fabric that floats.

Bai Xun rubbed her eyes and looked a little confused, “Yanran?”

Huang Yanran smiled, her gentle smile was the same as before, but a little different.

“Awake? Put on your clothes quickly. When you’re ready we’ll go.” She pointed to the new clothes prepared by the bed.

It seemed that she figured it out. Instead of yesterday’s heaviness, she looked radiant.

Bai Xun took the clothes and put them on. It was estimated that the other person prepared them for her, and it unexpectedly fit perfectly.  

…En, nevertheless the same color, scheming!7Her outfit is the same color as Yanran, and she schemed for them to match.

As she washed, she murmured, “Yanran, where are we going?”

Huang Yanran leaned against the door and looked at her. She smiled with her hands around her chest, “Go to Lu.”

“Ah? But I resigned…”

“I know, don’t worry. I don’t want you to go back to work. But we are going to get rid of the charges that were placed on you. And Andric, I will let him know what it means to live without dying.”

She said these words with a smile, but Bai Xun looked at her stupidly, “Yanran…”

Huang Yanran’s expression remained unchanged, but her fingers tightened secretly. She casually asked, “Why, do you think I’m terrible?”

She didn’t know why, but she wanted to show her true self to the other. But she was also worried that the other person was a very simple and kind person, once she discovers what type of person she was, she would gradually alienate herself…

Bai Xun shook her head, disregarding the facial cleansing foam on her hands and face. It flung onto Huang Yanran, with her eyes shining brightly, “Yanran, you really are my good sister! It’s good for me! That guy is really bad, he must be taught a lesson!”8BX just friend zoned Yanran….what a savage!

Huang Yanran froze for a moment, then couldn’t laugh or cry. Does this person think she was trying to teach the other person a lesson?  

What she said was true—torture him a bit.

Huang Yanran’s ruthlessness disappeared from the bottom of her eyes, and she smiled again when she looked at Bai Xun—forget it, don’t let her know. That’s fine.

Bai Xun was elated, sister Huang will throw people to feed the fish. This time, please satisfy Andric!


Lu Zhi Yuan searched all night without any news.

He appeared in the company with a tired face. He just got off the elevator, and his secretary hurriedly approached, “President…”  

He obviously wanted to say something, but Lu Zhi Yuan’s phone rang at this time.

It was Lu Zhi Yao.

He wanted to ask the other person for news on Bai Xun, so he waved his hand to stop his secretary’s words and picked up the phone, with a frosty voice, “Lu Zhi Yao? Where are you? I have something to ask you.”  

There was a pause from the other side, a light voice sounded, “Coincidentally, I happened to have something to tell you, I’m…”

Before the words from the cellphone finished, Lu Zhi Yuan entered his office and just saw Lu Zhi Yao on the opposite side, sitting in his position with a slight smile.

Lu Zhi Yuan frowned, approached slowly, with a sneer between his eyebrows. “Did President Lu forget his identity? You can’t sit in that position.”

“Did I?” Lu Zhi Yao’s two fluttering words gave Lu Zhi Yuan a bad premonition.

“I’ve been thinking, since I was a child, I was better than you in every aspect, but he never saw me. He often said that I was his mistake, and even now I’m not allowed to go back to the Lu family’s main house.”

Lu Zhi Yao carefully looked at Lu Zhi Yuan, with the complexity from his memories and gradually became calm and indifferent. “Now, the Lu family is mine.”

At first, there was an inexplicable Lu Zhi Yuan in front of him. He frowned when he heard, “What do you mean?”

Lu Zhi Yao stood up with his hands on the table. “Just now, the board of directors has passed a resolution to suspend Lu Zhi Yuan, and the acting president will now take over your position.”  

For a moment, Lu Zhi Yuan was stunned and the uneasiness in his heart expanded. On his face he sneered, “What a joke! What kind of thing are you, are you qualified to take over the Lu family?”

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes turned cold. He bypassed the table and walked in front of Lu Zhi Yuan. “Because of your decision, you have already lost most of the talents in the design department. Lu’s stock price has fallen, and several key projects have stopped. So, do you think you’re qualified to sit in this position?”

He looked scornful which caused people to be angry, Lu Zhi Yuan gritted his teeth and scolded, “Am I to be judged by an illegitimate son to be qualified? How long do you think you can do this without the old man’s authorization?”

The identity of an illegitimate child seemed to painfully stab Lu Zhi Yao. He clenched his fist and thought of something, he said coldly with slight malice: “Yes, I forgot to tell you, about your biggest backer, our father. I heard news from the attending physician in country M that father’s condition has deteriorated and won’t last long.”

“What?” It was as if Lu Zhi Yuan was struck by lightning, he stepped forward and held the other’s collar in disbelief. “Impossible! Before, it was said the treatment was going well. How could this be?”

He looked at Lu Zhi Yao’s indifference and trembled with rage, “What did you do?”

Lu Zhi Yao paused and slowly said: “Former President, Lu Zhi Yuan, be careful. How can I do anything to my father?”

“Son of a bitch! I’m going to kill you!”

Lu Zhi Yuan was so worked up as he was pulled away by security that suddenly appeared.

Lu Zhi Yao straightened his disorderly clothes and recovered his cool and indifferent appearance. His cold face didn’t show a trace of a sneer, but some of his features were deep as an ice sculpture.

He calmly and quietly said, “Okay, let’s show the former president out.”

Lu Zhi Yuan calmed down at this time. After experiencing great grief and pain, his face was ugly.

At this time, he seemed to have figured it out, and suddenly said, “Xiao Xun’s design was passed from you to Andric, right?”

Lu Zhi Yao’s eyes flickered in a flash and his back was stunned, but no one noticed.

He didn’t speak, Lu Zhi Yuan asked again: “You used her to deal with me?”

Lu Zhi Yao’s fingers arranged the suit cufflinks to be tighten and his fingertips turned white. He expressionlessly said, “What are you still doing? Please get him out.”

“Release me, I will go myself.” Lu Zhi Yuan broke away from the security guard and looked at Lu Zhi Yao. “I still have one last question, where is Xiao Xun? Since the end of the competition, I haven’t been able to contact her. Did you hide people…”

Lu Zhi Yao’s pupils shrank.

He also couldn’t find her. Where did Bai Xun go?

All of a sudden, a voice that was soft enough that could float sounded—

“It’s none of his business.”

It was Bai Xun that suddenly appeared and stood at the door. Behind her was Huang Yanran who had a complicated look.

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