Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 45

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 20

Andric has been miserable recently. Lu Zhi Yao clearly said he would cooperate with him. After ruining Lu Zhi Yuan, he could return to Lu as a design director and he would help him get Huang Yanran.

But now, Lu Zhi Yao revealed evidence that he plagiarized Bai Xun’s design draft, which nearly destroyed his reputation he built for many years in the design industry, and those designers who originally followed him also left.

What was even more hateful was that he didn’t know which group of people has been chasing him this entire time. Even his house was burned. If he didn’t quickly run, he might have died in it.

He wasn’t willing, he must get everything back!

Otherwise, even if he loses his reputation, he will drag Lu Zhi Yao to hell with him.

Andric has been looking for opportunities to approach Lu Zhi Yao. He pressed his hat and hid himself deeper.

He finally waited until Lu Zhi Yao drove out alone, and hurriedly stopped a car to follow him.

The car drove to a place he was familiar with, it was Huang Yanran’s villa.

Lu Zhi Yao sat in the car for a long time, and his cold side profile didn’t reveal any fluctuations, only his hesitant eyes revealed some uneasiness.

He never cared about a person like this, like a person…

He knew Bai Xun was taken back by Huang Yanran, and that maybe she was there, but he didn’t dare enter.

Suddenly, not far away, two figures slowly approached. Huang Yanran and Bai Xun held a bag containing various vegetables and fruits.

“How was it? Are you feeling better after shopping at the supermarket?” Huang Yanran smiled. “I’ll show you my specialty later.”

Although Bai Xun’s smile was very light, it seemed to relax a lot. “Will Miss Huang cook?”

“That is, do you dare look down on me?” Huang Yanran raised an eyebrow.

Bai Xun joked: “I don’t dare…”

The two talked and laughed, Lu Zhi Yao got out of the car in a hurry.

“Xiao Xun…”

As always, the familiar voice was beautiful and deep, but with a trace of helplessness.

Helpless? Would Lu Zhi Yao be helpless?

Bai Xun looked at him incredulously.

Well-groomed neat black hair, meticulous suit…the handsome face was also perfect and cold.

In addition, the obsidian eyes stared fixedly at her, and contained complex emotions such as panic and anxiety.

Bai Xun lowered her eyes and slowly spoke, “Excuse me, what can I do for you? President Lu?”

Her tone was distant and indifferent, and her address was more sarcastic. Lu Zhi Yao’s heart was stabbed. He never felt this title embarrassed him so much than at this moment.

“…Xiao Xun, I came to see you. I wanted to invite you back to Lu. The truth of the matter has come to light. Andric was kicked out of Lu and you also proved your ability. So, I want to invite you to the position of director of the design department. Please think about it and come…”

Lu Zhi Yao said it a little anxiously in a light tone, as if with flattery.

It was so amazing to hear Lu Zhi Yao being humble and flattering that people could see her importance now.


“The truth was brought to light?” Bai Xun seemed to have heard something funny, her original calm was broken by this, and was replaced with irrepressible grief. She looked at Lu Zhi Yao with a sneer, “The biggest accomplice, isn’t he standing here?”

The fluttering sentence hit Lu Zhi Yao’s heart like a heavy hammer. His suit cuff hand tightened for a moment, and his throat was dry and speechless.

Is there no chance?

His voice was hoarse, “…Xiao Xun, what can I do for you to forgive me?”

“To deceive is to deceive, what use is it, it’s over. I’m worthless, aren’t I?” Bai Xun looked away and tried to look indifferent. “So, go back. I can’t afford the position of design director. Don’t come to me in the future.”

“I’m not lying to you, those words I said are all true.” Lu Zhi Yao was anxious, “I like you, it’s true; It was out of my control to help you, it’s true; what I said, to be my girlfriend, it’s true…”

Was he confessing? … Bai Xun looked at him stupefied and Huang Yanran’s face changed.  

She pulled Bai Xun and looked coldly at the opposite man, “Lu Zhi Yao, have you said enough? How, is it useful to come to repentance after the injury?”

Lu Zhi Yao frowned. He faced Huang Yanran, he naturally put away the softness he had in front of Bai Xun and coldly said, “Huang Yanran, do you think nobody knows what you did?”

What did she do?

If it was someone else here, what she done wasn’t false.

But Bai Xun was here…she was afraid to let the other party know.

“I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you, you better leave quickly, or I’ll call the security guard.” Huang Yanran seemed unconcerned and pulled Bai Xun directly to the house.

Lu Zhi Yao involuntarily moved to keep up, but slowly stopped.

He softly said, “Xiao Xun, I still mean that. I’m not in a hurry. You can slowly think about it. I’ll wait for you here for an answer…”

Finally, Bai Xun glanced at him, then Huang Yanran hurriedly pulled her into the house, but her mind was still outside the door, absent-minded.  

Huang Yanran took her to cook, worried that she would cut herself, she simply stuffed her a glass of milk. “Forget it, leave the rest to me. You can go to the sofa to sit for a while.”

Bai Xun distractedly answered.

After a while, the sound of rain rang outside the window, as if penetrating people’s hearts with a thumping urgency.

“It’s raining.” Bai Xun, held the hot milk, sat on the sofa and looked out the window uneasily.

Huang Yanran paused, and came over, “En, it’s strange weather, it’s cold and hot.”

She seemed to deliberately divert Bai Xun’s attention and said with a smile. “I’ll take you to the company in two days and meet everyone, it’s just I…”1She was about to confess to her but BX cockblocked her

Bai Xun’s hand that held the cup of milk tightened, she interrupted her with confusion, “Is he still outside? …the rain is getting heavier…”

Huang Yanran was still worried about Bai Xun’s soft heart.

She sighed. “…I’ll see.”

Huang Yanran opened the door and looked at the man who stood in the rain with a straight back, neatly combed black hair that has never been distraught became messy from the rain.  

“President Lu, why aren’t you leaving?” Huang Yanran’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes.

Upon hearing the sound, Lu Zhi Yao raised his eyes with surprise, but frowned when he saw Huang Yanran.

“Did Xiao Xun asked you to come?”

She closed the door smoothly and leaned against it with her hands around her chest. “You think too much. You did something like this, Xiao Xun doesn’t want to see you.”

Lu Zhi Yao’s face was calm, “I’m afraid the damage I’ve done is less than one tenth of yours. You deliberately pretended to be close to her in this way. What’s in your heart?”

He said calmly but made Huang Yanran somewhat panicked.

“I warned you, if you dare tear me in front of her, I will not let you live even as a dead fish.” Huang Yanran’s expression flickered fiercely. After a pause, she became gentle again and stroked the loose hair besides her ears, “As for now, if you’re willing to get wet, let it be.”

She slammed the door with a “peng” and entered the house.

Bai Xun looked over and was a little worried, “How is it?”

Huang Yanran smiled, “Don’t worry, people have already left, and it’s raining so hard, he’s not a fool.”

Bai Xun was relieved.

“Okay, the soup is probably ready, let’s eat.”

Bai Xun nodded, already thinking about the next plot.

From the moment Lu Zhi Yao confessed, his affection was 100%. Now she needed an opportunity to leave here.


It was dark. Lu Zhi Yao was drenched from the rain for such a long time. He hasn’t eaten and his physical strength was gradually exhausted.  

Suddenly, a figure approached slowly, and then a stick hit him on the head.

Lu Zhi Yao fell in response.


In the evening, Huang Yanran went to take a bath, and Bai Xun sat on the sofa and played with her cellphone. Suddenly a message came.

It was Lu Zhi Yao, but the tone between the words wasn’t what he would say.

But this didn’t affect Bai Xun’s performance—Sister Huang, you’re exposed~

“…Yanran, I have something to ask you.” Bai Xun’s face was ugly, as she stared fixedly at Huang Yanran who came out.

Huang Yanran slowly approached as she brushed her hair. She looked at Bai Xun’s expressionless face and had a bad feeling in her heart.

She reluctantly smiled, “What’s wrong? Suddenly so serious?”

Author’s Notes:

The interpersonal relationship in the office is really difficult, life is difficult, unless you’re a cutie in the 2D world~ mwah

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