Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 46

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 21

Bai Xun’s face was really ugly. Huang Yanran worriedly reached forward to touch her forehead. “Xiao Xun? Are you not feeling well?”

Bai Xun dodged her hand, which made her body stiff.

Huang Yanran opened her mouth, and her bad premonition became stronger.

Sure enough, Bai Xun raised her mobile phone, and expressionlessly said, “Since I entered Lu, you let Andric target me, right? In the competition three years ago, you also deprived me of first place in the end? “

“I …” Huang Yanran glanced at the message from Lu Zhi Yao on her cellphone. Her face changed, she was so panicked and was anxious to speak, “Xiao Xun, I can explain, actually …”

“That’s enough, do you still want to lie to me?” Of course, Bai Xun didn’t want to listen to her explanations, her incredulous eyes flashed with sadness and began to water, “Every day, I was kept in the dark and was foolishly cheated by you…was it fun to toy with me?”

Huang Yanran shook her head repeatedly, “No, I have done a lot of bad things before. I don’t dare say it, but I was worried that you will be with Lu Zhi Yuan …”

Her explanation dimmed Bai Xun’s eyes, “I understand that you like A’Yuan, so you want me to leave and get far away…”1So, she did a word play, she used the word Yuan Yuan as in distant.

“I didn’t mean that. What I meant…” Huang Yanran looked incoherent, and the more anxious she was, the more she couldn’t make it clear.

“I understand, in fact, you can directly say it. There’s no need to lie to me … I’ll do it …” Bai Xun laughed and wept. She clearly said that with tears, but she still smiled and told her, “So… now … you’re still uneasy, right? Worried that I still have a relationship with him? Don’t worry, it won’t be … You don’t have to try so hard to lie to me…”

Huang Yanran felt uncomfortable, especially when Bai Xun cried and staggered out, which made her heart panic, “No, listen to me …”

“I won’t bother you anymore …” Bai Xun turned away in despair and ran out.

“Xiao Xun!”

Huang Yanran pursued two steps, but suddenly remembered that she was still wearing a bathrobe. She bit her teeth and quickly changed her clothes before chasing her, but where could she find her?


Bai Xun left Huang Yanran’s house and received a message to go somewhere. There was something important he had to tell her in person.

Bai Xun rushed over to the address from her cellphone’s message. The place looked like an informal hotel.

She was now confident that the person who asked her to come wasn’t Lu Zhi Yao.

Bai Xun was mentally prepared, stood at the room door and knocked, there was no movement inside.

She frowned, knocked again, and softly said, “Lu Zhi Yao? I’m here. What’s the matter with you…”

As soon as her voice fell, the door suddenly opened, and a strong arm dragged her in.

Bai Xun’s feet were unstable and she was dragged directly into the room and fell to the ground.

“What are you doing? … how could it be you? Wasn’t it Lu Zhi Yao?” Her originally angry voice froze when she saw the person in front of her.

Andric no longer had his original high spirits, his days in hiding could be described as difficult. At this time, his face wasn’t good looking and his eyes were blue.  

“What? So surprised to see me? Don’t worry, isn’t he here as well?”

Bai Xun turned her head to look over. Lu Zhi Yao had passed out, and there was blood on his forehead.

She was startled, and quickly got up and ran to look at Lu Zhi Yao’s injury. “You lunatic, what are you doing?”

“Am I a lunatic? I’ll show you how crazy I am! I am, right? Well, I’m going to let you both lose your reputations too. Lu’s newly appointed president collaborated with a design director, not only to drive out his younger brother, but also set up the former design director…hahaha, how about this news?”

Lu Zhi Yao just fainted, and there wasn’t a deep wound on his head. Bai Xun was relieved and glared at Andric, “Despicable! Do you think anyone would believe?”

“Why not? Do you think those netizens will care about the truth of the matter? As long as I put unbearable photos and videos of the two of you, it will be enough to cause a storm…”

Bai Xun watched Andric take out a small pill, put it in a water cup and shake it, then rolled her eyes—

This guy is really an awesome assistant! He’s really screwed!

Her NPC controller was useless to capture targets, but it was still possible to deal with supporting roles.

For a moment when he looked at Bai Xun, Andric’s eyes suddenly became empty. He slowly put down the water glass in his hand and turned and left in a trance.

Bai Xun was relieved. She already completed her strategy against Lu Zhi Yao and no longer needed to waste her time on them. But in the current situation, the people standing in front of her, if she turned her head to directly attack others, it was easy to roll over.

But if she was hurt and others rushed to comfort her, it wasn’t her fault.

Bai Xun looked at Lu Zhi Yao who was still in a coma, and looked at the water glass again—

Hee hee, she happens to have a prop ball that was useless.

Bai Xun sent a life-saving WeChat with her location to Huang Yanran and Lu Zhi Yuan, and then threw the cellphone in the toilet.

She took the water cup and fed it to Lu Zhi Yao to drink, and the rest was discarded.

So long as she let him feel a little, she can really walk away with the ball later!

After she poured the water, she dragged the person to the bed and unbuttoned his clothes.

Lu Zhi Yao was fit all year round, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, with clear lines …

Bai Xun couldn’t help but touch a couple more times…cough cough, be honest!

The medicine quickly went into effect. It was really powerful, after drinking a while ago, Lu Zhi Yao’s face was red and sweaty. He unconsciously moved closer to the cool thing.

Bai Xun was pulled and pressed under him.

… What the fuck! So vigorous?

Lu Zhi Yao seemed to be a little conscious. His dizziness and fever made him look confused, “Xiao Xun?”

Bai Xun’s expression also changed, anxious and helpless. She blushed and pushed hard against the man on her body, “You, you get up first, you’ve been drugged by Andric …”

“It’s hot … So comfortable …” Lu Zhi Yao seemed to understand what she said, but he couldn’t think at all. He could only murmur and his kiss fell on the side of Bai Xun’s fair neck.  

“Oh…” The light-bare skin was close, and the hot air Lu Zhi Yao exhaled was frightening.


Bai Xun pushed the man who didn’t move for a long time. Fortunately, Lu Zhi Yao didn’t drink much. After a while, Lu Zhi Yao fell asleep.

Time was running out. Those two should be coming soon. Bai Xun tried hard to push away the man who was pressed over her, then jumped out of bed to make the bed more disorderly.

She looked at the thin messy bed covered with thin strips that was unable to hide Lu Zhi Yao’s good figure. Bai Xun also intentionally left a scratch on his chest.

She pulled her long hair again, then left the room in an untidy way.

Brother A’Yao, maybe you’ll be surprised when we meet next. Now you just wait for Sister Huang to come. Hee hee.  

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