Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 47

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The Wall of Brotherhood – 22

On the other side, Huang Yanran and Lu Zhi Yuan, who received Bai Xun’s distress message, wasn’t sure what happened, but was in a state of anxiety because of the word, “help”.

Lu Zhi Yuan was far away, but when he hurried over, Huang Yanran was looking for someone to open the door.

“Step aside.”

Where can he wait for even a moment? He went straight forward, lift his feet and kicked the door in.

With a bang, the door was kicked opened and shook two times. Lu Zhi Yuan strode forward first, but …

Bai Xun wasn’t here.

An inexplicable smell in the room made Lu Zhi Yuan and Huang Yanran’s face changed.

Such a big movement made Lu Zhi Yao wake up in a daze.

With one hand on his head, he sat up slowly, watched people in front of him and frowned, “You, how are you … here?”

His voice was hoarse, and he was thinly clothed, with his bare-naked upper body scratched.

Considering Bai Xun’s information and the current scene, Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes were red.

“Lu Zhi Yao, you bastard!”

He stepped forward with a punch and directly hit Lu Zhi Yao fully awake.

Lu Zhi Yao turned over, fell to the other side of the bed, then picked up the blanket to wrap around his lower body. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with one hand and his eyes were cold, “Lu Zhi Yuan, what are you crazy about?”

Lu Zhi Yuan was already red-eyed and angry, his forehead had blue veins pulsating.  “What the hell did you do to Xiao Xun? I’ll kill you!”

“Xiao Xun? …”

Lu Zhi Yao froze, some pictures flashed in his mind. He was knocked unconscious by others, then his body became very hot and someone was under him…faintly like…

While he was dazed, Lu Zhi Yuan had already raised his fist to beat him. Lu Zhi Yao couldn’t avoid his fist and he was hit in the center of his abdomen. He was still weak from his body injury and clenched his fist, he didn’t want to show weakness and fought back.  

The two fought furiously, except for Huang Yanran, whose face changed abruptly, then she carefully inspected the room.  

Rope, medicine … this wasn’t like Lu Zhi Yao’s style.

Of course, Lu Zhi Yao was abominable, but there were more important matters now.  

She directly took the glass on one side and dropped it to the ground. The harsh noise caused the two men to stop and look over.

She coldly said: “Have you two fought enough? Isn’t the most important thing now to find Xiao Xun first?”

These words caused Lu Zhi Yuan’s rationality to return, but he looked at Lu Zhi Yao poorly. “Where is Xiao Xun?”

“She’s gone?” Lu Zhi Yao was also anxious. He was confused now. If he really wanted to marry her…1Basically Yuan can marry her since they had sex…its an old concept in china that man can say in the name of responsibility to force a marriage on woman so they can raise child together or so forth aka she’s now his woman…

Huang Yanran squeezed her fingers tightly. “It doesn’t seem that you know. At night I saw you sent a message to her … if it wasn’t you, then someone used your phone.”

Lu Zhi Yao covered his painful forehead. “Who would it be? I just remember being knocked out and brought here, and then … what happened, I don’t know …”

At the end, his voice was low and uncertain.

Huang Yanran’s eyes changed slightly. Lu Zhi Yao’s words made her angry and vigorous, then stepped forward with a raised hand.

With a “pa”, Lu Zhi Yao’s face suddenly changed. He took her by the wrist when she tried to hit him again. His eyes were fierce, “What are you doing?”  

Huang Yanran ignored the pain from her wrist, suppressed her anger, and smiled, “What happened, you don’t know?”

“I …” Lu Zhi Yao was stunned for a moment, but he opened his mouth and couldn’t speak. Those flashbacks with Bai Xun made him feel a little flustered and he unconsciously released her hand.  

Lu Zhi Yuan kicked the table impatiently. “Who the hell is playing the devil? When I find Xiao Xun, I’ll take her away. How far are you willing to go?”

Huang Yanran turned her wrists and sneered: “She won’t go with you …”

Lu Zhi Yuan paused, obviously thinking about Bai Xun’s rejection. He looked gloomy and murmured, “Yes, now, I shouldn’t look for her…”

Huang Yanran looked at his appearance and knew he still misunderstood Bai Xun.

She didn’t know what was going on, but her heart was terribly congested.

She looked at Lu Zhi Yuan and her anger surged, “Oh, do you want to know why Xiao Xun didn’t go with you?”

“… does it matter? I don’t mind.” Lu Zhi Yuan clenched his fists.

Huang Yanran suppressed her anger and sneered, “Do you really think it’s because you have no money? Lu Zhi Yuan, Lu Zhi Yuan, you’re a fool! For so many years, you thought she took the money and sold you? Those were just my words to provoke you. It’s funny that you still doubt her for so long. How are you worthy of her?”

Although Lu Zhi Yuan had long said he didn’t mind Bai Xun’s past, the original matter was a deep thorn in his heart.

He laid in the hospital and was injured because of her, but she took his father’s money and left with other men, because he couldn’t give her a better life?

Now … Huang Yanran’s words put aside the matter from that year, and he realized that he never forgotten about it.

Lu Zhi Yuan said with a difficult voice, “… what do you mean?”

Huang Yanran talked but her heart was more and more hurt. She wore a malicious smile on her face. “Xiao Xun was forced to leave you, so that you can become the successor of the Lu family, to live a life without worries about clothing and food, no more injuries, money for treatment…she has never been with Su Shi nor went abroad with him. It was all a lie to you….”

Lu Zhi Yuan’s face changed dramatically, and he felt helpless. He stumbled weakly and fell to the ground in two steps.

“Is that so? …” He looked ugly and murmured: “You’re right, I’m a fool. I even hurt her with those words…”

Fool…but aren’t I too? Huang Yanran was sad.

They were all idiots and they all deserve punishment.

Lu Zhi Yao has just gone to the bathroom and changed his clothes. He stepped out and looked coldly at the two people who were lost in the room. “Xiao Xun is kind-hearted and lives a simple life, so it’s impossible for her to offend anyone. There is only one person who hates her and me so much.”

“Andric.” Huang Yanran obviously thought of it, turned and walked out.

After two steps, she paused again, her voice as cold as ice. “Oh, by the way, Lu Zhi Yuan, our engagement is cancelled. Also, if Xiao Xun is either the fish that dies or the net splits,2idiom – a life and death struggle you both won’t have an easy time.”

The two people in the room frowned. When did Huang Yanran have such a good relationship with Xiao Xun? But now wasn’t the time to doubt. The priority was to find Bai Xun first.

But where did she go?


Two months later, a suburban villa.

It had just rained on Qingming,3Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day; celebration for the dead (in early April) and the weather was still a little cold, but at this time, the sun came out and the courtyard was full of life.

Bai Xun sat on the third-floor balcony and stared outside in a daze.

She was dressed in a plain white dress, with soft black hair hanging behind her. Her plain face without makeup was difficult to hide, but her cheeks were very pale except for her slightly pink lips.4Her face was difficult to hide because shes so beautiful

She didn’t know when Qin Feng appeared beside her. He crouched down and held the back of her hand, without the slightest arrogance.

“Why do you sit in a drafty place? Your hands are cold …” The gentle voice sighed helplessly.

Bai Xun seemed to return to her senses slightly, her empty eyes slowly turned to his body.

He seems to have just returned from work, and his tie was still neat.

“Mr. Qin …” Bai Xun softly said, her delicate little face was like a lifeless puppet doll. “I just want to come out and breathe…”

“If you’re bored, I’ll take you out for a stroll when I’m free.” Qin Feng’s voice became softer and he gently stroked Bai Xun’s long hair which was disturbed by the wind.

He had to say, when he first came in and saw Bai Xun sitting here alone, he was nervous for a while.

He thought of when he saw her standing by the river in city A and was ready to jump in, as if there was nothing left for her in the world.  

After all, he didn’t want his pet to die after two months of hard work.  

Qin Feng’s eyes smiled, his voice was soft and irrefutable, “Well, let’s go in. Even if you don’t care about your body, you have to think about your child.”

“Child …” Bai Xun raised her hand and placed it on her abdomen, but her eyes were red.

Then she was a little angry and nodded her head gently. She entered the room with the help of Qin Feng.

“I specifically instructed aunt to stew crucian carp soup so you can eat more today …” The gentle voice doted.

Bai Xun responded with low interest.

In her heart, she secretly roasted. She looked at Qin Feng’s gentle and considerate appearance, it was really hard to believe that his affection was at 50%.

It hasn’t increased in two months!

At first, after she was rescued by Qin Feng and brought back to City B, she pretended to not eat or drink to conform to the pretense of sadness. At last, she “happened” to let the doctor find out she was pregnant, which logically aroused the hope of living.

The “prop ball” could create the illusion of pregnancy. If she really needed a child, she could make an NPC.

Qin Feng didn’t care whose baby she was pregnant with. He only needs a pet, a pet that looks like Leng Jinyu and can be at his disposal.

However, his pet wouldn’t easily follow his heart desires. She was still waiting to see Qin Feng fall in love with the “pet”.

When she sat on the seat, Bai Xun took the soup bowl handed by the other, and absentmindedly pulled the spoon.

For a long while, she seemed to have finally made up her mind and said with some gratitude. “Mr. Qin, for the past two months, thank you for your hospitality and care. However, I can’t always live with you, so I think …”

“Xiao Xun, are you going?” Qin Feng’s eyes darkened, and his gentle voice was sad. “Did I do something to make you uncomfortable? You can say it …”

“No, Mr. Qin, you’re very kind. It’s my own reasons…” Bai Xun shook her head.

Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. “Then it should be better to stay. You have no money now and you’re pregnant with child. Even if you move out, you can’t take good care of yourself. It’s better for you to stay here at ease.”

Bai Xun was a little hesitant. What kind of identity did she have if she stayed here? Unrelated guest? Or … lover?

“No, I can’t bother you anymore …”

Qin Feng sighed, “How can this be a bother? Xiao Xun, I’m glad you can stay here.”

He stared at her eyes and spoke slowly.

The gentle voice was forgiving and indulging, the friendship from the tone made people panic.

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