Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 5

TL Note: I just read the last chapter of the 1st arc and I am mindblown. I am so excited to translate the entire first arc!! OMG my whole life I been waiting for this novel, my countless filter history on Novel Updates I spent looking for this gem. Got so lucky picking this up spontaneously. I also read the last chapter to just make sure it wasn’t one of those series that falls on their face and disappoint readers at the end. Verified 100% happy ending (HE) and true reverse harem.

Translated by Novice Translations

School Grass’ Special Pet – 05

The next day, Bai Xun got up early and washed. She knocked on the opposite door with her bag on her back. When he opened the door, he was still sleepy. The pajamas buttons were not fastened properly, showing a strong chest and beautiful abdominal muscles.

“Ah! You… why don’t you get dressed!” Bai Xun blushed and screamed with her hands over her eyes.

She looked fully awake, she wore a purple hair band that tied her hair into a high ponytail which hid her eyes as she didn’t dare to look at him. Being called by her, he couldn’t help but arch his lips and getting up early in the morning his husky voice couldn’t hide his laughter. “I am asleep in my own home, why do I need to get dressed? Hey, it’s you who insisted on breaking in so early in the morning.”

“Hey! If it wasn’t… ah…” Bai Xun hurriedly put down her hand, then she saw that the other person was taking off his pajamas and pulling a white shirt on. She quickly covered her eyes again, while staring at her fingers, she muttered. “If it wasn’t for cotton pants, I would not have come over…”

Gao Yuan is a member of the school’s basketball club. He is extremely tall and has a strong back and shoulders with sexy and graceful muscle lines.

He turned to look at Bai Xun. Although she said so, her eyes were staring straight forward, which made him laugh a little.

He reached out and patted her head. “Well, you don’t have to worry about the cotton pants. I have already administered the medicine and prepared his food. Go to class with a peace of mind.”

“Don’t pat my head, you are silly!” Bai Xun covered her head, and she was hummed discontentedly, “I am leaving to school now.”

She wore a red hooded sweater, and her black high ponytail made her delicate little face gorgeous. Her pouting words of complaint was soft and delicate, which made him not dislike it at all, but want to bully her more deeply instead.

Today’s Bai Xun is more lively and lovely than ever, like a beautiful charming fire lotus, that burns the heart of the people into panic.

“Wait a minute.” Gao Yuan coughed softly and turned to wash. “Wait a little while, I can take you on my bicycle. It will be faster, I’ll be ready in a minute.”

“Oh.” Bai Xun stood swaying her body in place and responded obediently.

When Gao Yuan finished washing, he rode his bicycle with Bai Xun and went to school together.

When entering Western University, Bai Xun discovered that she was somewhat uncomfortable. Gao Yuan is handsome and also in the basketball club, so many people know him, and greets him on the road. After the greeting, everyone is afraid to stare at the beautiful girl sitting in the back seat of his bike. When did Gao Yuan load a beautiful person on his bike?

Bai Xun twisted her body and poke lightly at his lofty waist. “A Yuan,1She added an intimate honorific in front of his name to display affection/closeness. the students’ eyes are so strange, can you let me down its better to walk by myself.”

Gao Yuan naturally noticed that Bai Xun did not understand what their eyes meant, but he understood. It won’t be long before news spreads out that he has a girlfriend.

Thinking of this, Gao Yuan did not feel resentful, but coughed twice. “What are you afraid of? I’m taking you to the teaching building, grasp on to me to be steady ah.”

As he spoke, Bai Xun leaned back and had to put her arms around his waist to stabilize herself. “Hey, slow down…”

Looking ahead, he rode fast and smiled unconsciously at the corners of his lips.

When she arrived at the teaching building, Bai Xun had different classes from Gao Yuan, so she enters her own classroom. Sister Xiaoya had already saved a seat for her and waved Bai Xun down so she can take her saved seat.

“Xiao2Xiao, its like a nickname you put in front of a good friend’s name. It means small or little, so to be intimate she is called little Xun. Xun, why didn’t you come yesterday to Professor Leng’s class on the first day of school? He did roll call!”

“What?” Bai Xun was flustered. “I was delayed yesterday morning. What should I do? What did the professor say?”

Xiaoya frightened her and laughed. “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

“Xiaoya, you are so kind, I love you to death!” Bai Xun was so excited that she almost held her face and kissed her.

“No problem.” Xiaoya smiled and pretended to wipe her face, then she seemed to think of something, then mysteriously lowered her voice. “Xiao Xun, are you… are you dating Gao Yuan?”

“Ah?” Bai Xun was confused and waved her hand suspiciously after her reaction. “No, who told you that?”

Looking at her calm expression, Xiaoya couldn’t help but wonder aloud, “but it’s spreading all over the school that you were riding on the backseat of his bike. You don’t know how popular Gao Yuan is. Apart from senior Su Shi, he receives the most love letters.”

Bai Xun scratched her cheeks and said helplessly. “But we are really just friends, all right, friends and neighbors.”

“Then… anyway, take care of yourself. Some of the girls in that lofty fan club are very extreme. I am afraid they will cause you trouble.”

Bai Xun’s eyes flashed, isn’t that right?

As soon as class was over, Bai Xun packed her things and left the classroom. She heard someone calling her.

“Xiao Xun.”3If you noticed, he calls her by her nickname to show how intimate/close they are.

The happy voice came from Gao Yuan, Bai Xun turned and saw his hands crossed on his chest, leaning against the wall watching her.

  1. She added an intimate honorific in front of his name to display affection/closeness.
  2. Xiao, its like a nickname you put in front of a good friend’s name. It means small or little, so to be intimate she is called little Xun.
  3. If you noticed, he calls her by her nickname to show how intimate/close they are.
  4. I had to go back and edit Chapter 1, so Su Qian changed to Su Shi and I also went back and quickly proofread my work so its more understandable. Also, the common middle name “Xiao” is cliché in a lot of Chinese romance games and novels because it increases the female lead cuteness level. It allows other characters to call them by a cute nickname.

I do want to say I am pretty excited for this series to be more well known in the community, so far there is about 200 consistent readers following this series. Can’t wait to see how high the numbers gets. (>~<)

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