Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 50

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 03

Under Qin Feng’s tenderness and care, Bai Xun’s face became less sad, and her smile gradually increased.

However, Qin Feng seemed to be busy.

He hasn’t been back for dinner for two days.

In the past, no matter how busy he was, he would definitely come back to accompany her.

When Bai Xun was sitting at the dinner table alone, she was a bit uncomfortable.

After all, during this time, Qin Feng was so kind to her. No matter how busy he was at work, he would come back to eat with her first before he continued to work.  

Bai Xun stirred the milk in her hand, and Zhang Ma came over to tell her that Qin Feng wasn’t coming back today and asked her to eat first.

The spoon in Bai Xun’s hand fell with a “ding dang” sound.  

“So …” She was a little lost.

Zhang Ma looked at her anxiously, “Miss Bai, are you okay? Mister should be entertaining outside, he has been very busy …”

It seemed that she was worried that she thought too much, but the more Zhang Ma explained to her, the more guilty she felt.

Bai Xun smiled lightly, “Nothing, let’s eat.”

She had no appetite. She couldn’t eat after two bites. At last, she went upstairs to rest.

It seems she couldn’t sleep, the bedside lamp was still on until midnight.

“Xiao Xun?” The door was gently pushed open, and a soft voice murmured.

“Mr. Qin, are you back?” Bai Xun was a little surprised, she slowly sat up and looked at the door.

Qin Feng approached slowly, with a soft voice and light smile, “I see your room light was still on, can’t you sleep? Zhang Ma said you ate very little today …”

His blazer was taken off. He only wore a white shirt, two buttons unbuttoned on the neckline, revealing a honey-colored collarbone, strong and sexy in the dim yellow light.

Bai Xun lowered her eyes and didn’t dare to look at him. Under the light, her long eyelashes cast a few shadows on her white cheeks. “… Nothing?”

Recently, her pregnancy caused her to vomit more. Her soft black hair was pasted to her ears, and her thin cheeks were raised with meaty flesh. She became more pale and delicate. It made people unconsciously want to reach out and pinch.

Qin Feng sat on the bed, looking at her afraid to look at him, his eyes darkened.

He sighed, moved closer, and his voice was a little hoarse and softly said: “So … are you thinking of me?”

He leaned a little closer and she could smell the light cologne on his body mixed with wine.

There was no smell of perfume …1What a fox! Did that on purpose!

Bai Xun seemed to be relieved and sighed unconsciously, then her heartbeat quickened, and her face was hot, “Mr. Qin don’t joke …”

After that, she was stunned again. She gritted her teeth, pulled back her sanity, and lightly said, “I … I want to move out.”

She finally said it, and Qin Feng paused, but wasn’t eager to refuse contrary to her expectation.  

After a long silence, he asked softly, “Why?”

Why? …

Bai Xun grasped the corner of the quilt tightly. The past two days made her afraid … fearing that she would sink deeper and deeper …

But this person … why can he ask her so lightly and quietly?

Wasn’t he the one who provoked her first, right?

Bai Xun’s eyes were red. She felt more wronged and looked up at Qin Feng, “Are you playing with me?”

She obviously wanted to ask the other person calmly, but her aggrieved and bitter emotions made her voice cry, and it was painful to speak.

“What?” Qin Feng froze, reaching out to wipe the wetness from her eyes, “Xiao Xun, don’t cry.”

Bai Xun couldn’t hold it anymore, and her tears fell down, “Why are you so good to me? Why did you suddenly ignore me? … If you just want to play, then don’t treat me well from the beginning, I, I’m afraid … I can’t lose anything anymore … “

“Don’t cry.” Qin Feng’s gentle voice was soothing.

“Xiao Xun, do you care about me?” Her red eyes were very distressing, but he was a little pleased and reached out to hug her.

“You, what are you doing? Let go of me …” With a sob, Bai Xun murmured and wanted to push people away, but he held her tighter.

Qin Feng tightened his arms, his lips were slightly curved, and he softly laughed, “That’s good.”

Can this person still laugh?

“What do you mean? …” Bai Xun was even more aggrieved. She just stopped crying, but her eyes were covered with a layer of water mist.

Qin Feng’s gentle voice played up to her white and tender earlobes with warmth and whispered: “I’m sorry. These two days have been bad for me. Just, I wanted you to be more willful.”

“Ah? What?” Bai Xun was stunned by this and forgot to struggle for a while.

Qin Feng sighed with emotion and slowly said: “Xiao Xun, isn’t this clear enough? I like you.”

It was the first time he said these two words and Bai Xun was directly frozen in place.

Qin Feng kissed the tip of her nose. “Because I like it, I want you to care about me a little, be more willful, it doesn’t matter. I have you right beside me.”

What he said was too straightforward. He doted on her and even wanted to spoil her a little.

Her heart thumped and Bai Xun’s white teeth bit out a row of teeth marks.

“No … I don’t deserve … I already …” She touched her belly and her voice choked.

Qin Feng grabbed her hands and softly said, “I don’t mind.”

What don’t you mind? Being with a person with someone else’s child? impossible……

Bai Xun didn’t speak but shook her head while shedding tears.

Qin Feng paused and released his voice. “Do you still like Lu Zhi Yuan?”

Bai Xun was stunned for a while. Tears still hung on her fair cheeks …

Lu Zhi Yuan? Her first love … After so many things, it was out of the question.

Bai Xun slowly shook her head.

Qin Feng softly asked, “Lu Zhi Yao?”

This time, Bai Xun recovered quickly, “Why?”

His voice got lower, “What about me?”

Bai Xun was stupefied. She didn’t know how to answer, “… I don’t know.”

Qin Feng sighed, and his deep and gentle voice seemed to be bewitching, “Xiao Xun, if I don’t come back, will you miss me? Would you be sad if I was with someone else?”

Bai Xun slightly nodded her head.

Qin Feng’s eyes darkened. “What would you do if I was good to other women?”

Bai Xun’s eyes were flustered, and she unconsciously reached out and pinched his lapel.

The smile in Qin Feng’s eyes grew deeper, and he comfortably held her hand. “Xiao Xun, look, you like me …”

“I … like you.” Bai Xun repeated with red eyes.

“I like you too.” Qin Feng was excited, clenched his hands tightly and held people in his arms. This time, Bai Xun didn’t struggle. She was stiff for a while but relaxed her body.

“I swear, I’ll only be good to you in the future.” Qin Feng chuckled with a smile on his lips, stroked her long hair and his eyes were warm and affectionate. “From today on, you’re the lady of this family. If you want anything, just tell people.”

Qin Feng knew Bai Xun very well. When a man is considerate to a woman, thoughtful and meticulous for a long time, even if this woman didn’t love him, it was hard not to have dependency in her heart.

If he suddenly didn’t pay attention to her, she will inevitably not be used to it which will make her feel uncomfortable in her heart.  

What’s more, if he transferred these benefits to other women, this discomfort would magnify. With a little guidance, she will think she was in love with him.

But Bai Xun was looking for an opportunity, an opportunity to change her mind and fall in love with Qin Feng.

Otherwise, with the original character, how could it be possible to live here for a long time with a peace of mind?2She wants to get this arc over with cause she doesn’t want to do the S&M and imprisonment play with him for a long period of time

Bai Xun was in Qin Feng’s arms and felt she was awesome—today was also the day when a bitch broke out of a new realm ~3She’s referring to herself as a bitch

Author’s Notes:

Tyrannical Uncle Qin! Bai Xun Xun powerful!~

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