Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 51

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 04

Although Bai Xun was together with Qin Feng, her life didn’t change much. She stayed in the Qin’s mansion waiting to give birth.

Besides working, Qin Feng spends most of his time with her. On the surface, it seems he spoiled her with anything she wanted, but didn’t know how to express his affection towards her.

He likes her more than having a small pet. Otherwise, if he really likes her, why not propose to her? It was as if he was raising a lover.

Bai Xun’s morning sickness was relieved and her body was better. In addition, she felt more comfortable during this time, and often went to the garden for a walk.

The Qin’s mansion was very large. In addition to several adjacent villas, the rockery garden outside the house and lawn stretched.

The breeze was pleasant. When Bai Xun walked around the rockery, she heard someone talking.

“What’s the woman’s origin from the main house? Mr. Qin, who is so busy, comes back on time almost every day.” Some crisp female voices sounded with gossip.

Bai Xun couldn’t help but stand still. Zhang Ma accompanied her from behind and her face changed. She wanted to step forward to interrupt the two but was stopped by Bai Xun.

Although she wanted to know what these people would say behind her back, she wanted to make a scene.

She usually stays in the main house, where there was only Uncle Wu and Zhang Ma who served her. They were old people who followed Qin Feng for a long time. The other places were mostly people who trim the flowers and clean the garden.

There was another voice that quickly came from the rockery. It sounded a little scornful. “Who else can it be? There are a hundred and eighty women who want to climb onto Mr. Qin’s bed these years. This woman is more clever and is pregnant with Mr. Qin’s child.”

“So, will she be our lady? I think Mr. Qin is very kind to her.”

“You think more, she just depends on the piece of meat in her belly, and when the child is born, she will be driven out.” …

Bai Xun clenched her clothes tightly and her face turned pale.

Seeing that her appearance wasn’t right, Zhang Ma was also worried about her body. She yelled at the two directly, but Bai Xun was in a trance and turned back to the room.

She didn’t eat lunch and stayed in her room the entire time.

In the past two months, apart from Qin Feng, Zhang Ma had been with her for the longest time. She knew what kind of person she was, so she felt really bad for her.

“Miss Bai, people are chewing their tongues. Don’t be angry with yourself. You’d better eat something.”

There was a little anxiety from Zhang Ma’s consolation outside the door. Bai Xun was playing with Qin Feng’s new cellphone on the bed, and her voice was somewhat sad. “Zhang Ma, I’m okay, but I’m not hungry. You don’t have to worry about me. Let me stay alone for a while.”

Zhang Ma had no choice but to answer, then went down and prepared the food.

When Qin Feng came back from work, after listening to Zhang Ma’s words, he didn’t look happy or angry. He lightly said: “Those two people don’t need to come back. They don’t need to talk. Send a message. When I’m away, everyone in the house will listen to her.”

Zhang Ma was happy for Bai Xun when she heard what he said. She was still worried that mister was just playing. It was a pity that she was such a good girl, but now it seems that mister was also interested.

Knowing that Bai Xun didn’t eat much today, Qin Feng didn’t have time to change his clothes. He took a bowl of chicken soup from Zhang Ma and went upstairs.

“Koukoukou” sounded at the door.

Bai Xun was already familiar with the knock and was able to clearly distinguish that it belonged to Qin Feng. She immediately adjusted her expression and got into the quilt.

The voice from her mouth was still a little dull and low, “Zhang Ma, I’m not hungry, you don’t need to worry about me, go first …”

After a while, the voice outside began to speak. The gentle voice was helpless. “It’s me, Xiao Xun, can I come in?”

“Mr. Qin?”

Qin Feng heard the sound of getting out of bed and putting on shoes immediately, but the sound of footsteps came to the door and paused, as if hesitating.

Qin Feng didn’t urge her but stood patiently at the door. After a while, the door was opened.

Bai Xun’s long hair was still a little messy. She stood in front of Qin Feng, and her little pale face was at a loss.

“Why don’t you eat?” Qin Feng said warmly, stretched out his hand to stroke her long hair, and pulled her into the room to sit on the sofa.

Bai Xun gritted her teeth and lowly said, “Nothing, just not hungry.”

“That’s not good.” Qin Feng’s voice became softer, “Dr. Li said that even if you don’t want to eat, you need to supplement the nutrition for your child. Drink this, it’s Zhang Ma’s stewed chicken soup.”

“…” Bai Xun didn’t speak and didn’t answer.

Qin Feng paused before putting down the bowl and crouching in front of her with a single leg bent. “Are you angry from those two people’s words from earlier?”

Bai Xun looked at him in surprise, opened her mouth to deny it, then thought it must be Zhang Ma who told him, and swallowed her words.

Her muffled voice was still a little hoarse, “I’m not angry … but their words made me think of myself, and it seems I really don’t deserve you …”

She said, lowered her head, stroked the outline of her abdomen, and there was moisture in her eyes.

She never seemed so unsure, but now … was it because she likes him?

Qin Feng’s eyes deepened, and he reached out and gently pinched Bai Xun’s chin. He looked straight into the black and bright eyes. “They have been fired by me, and I have also informed everyone that in the future, the servants of the entire Qin household will obey you. You are the lady of the house here.”

Bai Xun was moved, and her eyes were red, “Mr. Qin …”

Lady of the house?

I believe you’re a ghost, oh, you’re a big fucking pig trotter that’s very bad! …… Why hasn’t she see a slight increase in favorability?

Qin Feng bent his lips slightly, approached her, and pasted his forehead lightly, “Xiao Xun, the name ‘Mr. Qin’ is called by others. I want to hear you call my name.”

Bai Xun was stunned by his deep and gentle words.

Call his name? …

Qin Feng stared fixedly at her.

Bai Xun opened her mouth and called his name, and really got stuck.

“Qin Feng …”

An inaudible voice sounded, and Bai Xun was so ashamed, her ears were red.

“I’m here.” Qin Feng smiled, “I’m so happy, Xiao Xun …”

He whispered, leaning slightly to kiss her.

The cool lips gently rubbed the other and the illusion of a slight electric shock was transmitted to the bottom of her heart.

Bai Xun was stiff and motionless.

Fortunately, Qin Feng only touched it lightly and didn’t deepen it, so Bai Xun gradually relaxed.

“Okay, should we eat?”

Facing Qin Feng’s teasing eyes, Bai Xun was a little embarrassed to take the bowl from his hand.

Qin Feng watched Bai Xun immersed in a happy and warm atmosphere, and his playful smile became deeper and profound.

Of course, he didn’t find that Bai Xun, who was immersed in the soup, had a happy smile on her face—Uncle Qin’s method of hooking up with an injured girl was certainly good, but she was the king of love games!1Lol…she’s in a love game right now but failed 999 times. Okay bud.

That day, Bai Xun heard Zhang Ma call her to the room. She thought Qin Feng was back and hurried down the stairs.

“Zhang Ma, did Qin Feng come back?”

The brisk smile in her tone couldn’t be hidden, but when she saw the handsome man standing in the living room, she couldn’t help but freeze at the spot.

She hadn’t seen him in three years, Qin Xiao became more mature. His chestnut hair was dyed black. His nose and lips were thin. His whole body was more vigorous.

“… Bai Xun?” Qin Xiao was obviously very surprised to see her that his pupils shrank.

He never imagined that his father’s little lover was the one he had been looking for so long. For a moment, his face was extremely ugly.

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