Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 53

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 06

“Well, did you have a good meal today?” Qin Feng smiled and scraped her nose.

Bai Xun shrank her neck and whispered, “I was waiting for you so we could eat together.”

Qin Feng paused, somewhat helpless, “Don’t wait for me next time. Let’s go.”

He led the person to the table and sat down.

Bai Xun seemed to have thought of something. Although she was a little tangled, she still pulled Qin Feng’s sleeve, “Also, Qin Xiao, do you want to call him …”

Qin Feng glanced at the closed door of the room upstairs. “No need, he will come down when he’s hungry.”

Bai Xun nodded.

After dinner, Qin Feng went to the study to handle some things. Bai Xun was bored in the room by herself. After waiting for a while, she simply packed some fruit snacks and ran to see Qin Xiao.

She walked to the door and was still hesitant because of Qin Xiao’s previous words. She stood at the door and wondered whether she should knock, but her small footsteps betrayed her.

Qin Xiao, who was playing games in the room, heard the sound and waited for a while before he became impatient.

He stood up and opened the door directly.

He looked at the person who was frightened by him and she even unconsciously took a step back, Qin Xiao coldly said, “What’s the matter?”

Perhaps it was the unpleasant impression Qin Xiao left earlier on her, but Bai Xun was still embarrassed and hesitant at this time.

She pursed her lips and raised her hand to indicate the things in her hand, “Well, I saw that you didn’t come down for dinner, so I brought you some fruit.”

Qin Xiao glanced at the tray in her hand, wrapped his hands around his chest and leaned against the door. He raised his lips and sneered, “What? Are you in a hurry to please me?”

“You …” Bai Xun froze for a moment, then was a little angry. She stared directly at Qin Xiao, suppressing her blistering anger and said: “Can you actually talk well? You talk so eccentrically.” Bai Xun put the tray aside, “Whether you eat or not, I don’t care if you’re hungry.”

She turned around angrily and was about to leave. Qin Xiao thought, the angry Bai Xun was like a puffer fish and was unexpectedly cute?

Without thinking, he reached for Bai Xun and pulled her into his arms.

The fresh smell of youth blew into her nose, the firm pectoral muscles hit Bai Xun’s head and made her dizzy.

Bai Xun was still a little confused. She looked up in Qin Xiao’s arms and could only see his beautifully shaped chin.

After returning to her senses, Bai Xun frowned. “What do you want to do?”

Qin Xiao tightened the thin waist with an inexhaustible grip and imprisoned the person in his arms. He lowered his head with his burning gaze focus on Bai Xun’s watery eyes.  

His eyes were dark. Bai Xun’s intuition noticed there was something wrong with the quiet and silent atmosphere. She struggled in a panic.

“You let me go!”

Youth, hot blooded. The more she resisted, the more enthusiastic the fire was in Qin Xiao’s heart.

His Adam’s apple moved, and his voice was a little hoarse. “I’m really curious. What magic did you cast to have that old man charmed?” …It also upset him.

The more he said, the closer he was, Bai Xun realized his intention, and couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

She wanted to escape, but the powerful hands imprisoned her waist and she couldn’t move.

Bai Xun was so anxious that she forced herself to bite her teeth and pretend to be calm, then said, “Qin Xiao! If you let me go now, I will pretend nothing happened, otherwise, if Feng finds out, he won’t let you go.”

At first, Qin Xiao, who was a little fascinated, suddenly woke up…He almost forgot, this person was trying to replace his mother’s position.

How could he let her go so easily?

Qin Xiao paused, and his eyes darkened while looking at the relieved Bai Xun. He happily laughed and maliciously said with a low mute voice, “Really? Do you think he will believe you if he sees this scene? Or believe me? After all, I’m his only son … “

Bai Xun froze, she didn’t dare conclude that Qin Feng would be on her side.

Qin Xiao nibbled her fair earlobe bitterly. The heat spread, Bai Xun reacted and stiffly said, “You, you … how can …”

She was very angry and ashamed, her face was red and white, but she couldn’t scold him.

Qin Xiao was extremely happy. He found it was more interesting to toss this person side to side then to directly throw her out.1Usually toss side to side is used in bed to changed positions

He leaned over Bai Xun’s ear, “Why not? If you can’t stand it, you can move out…”

The itch from her ear made Bai Xun shrink her neck, she gritted her teeth, and suddenly stepped on Qin Xiao’s foot with her raised foot.

“Oh…” Qin Xiao released his hand in pain and bent over.

Bai Xun took the opportunity to get far away. She glared at Qin Xiao, with some uneasiness in her eyes, “I won’t leave, and I’m not afraid of you.”

After she finished speaking, she no longer paid attention to Qin Xiao and turned to her room.

Qin Xiao grinned for a while and his foot slowly recuperated.

“Really cruel … like a cat with teeth and claws …” He whispered, somewhat wanting to laugh, but soon froze with the corner of his mouth stretched.

He didn’t like it, “Naïve.”

Qin Xiao took the fruit from the tray blankly, then after a bite, he closed the door with a bang.

On the other side, after Bai Xun took a bath and rolled in the quilt, Qin Xiao’s affection rose and fell, then finally stabilized at 50%!

“Xiao Xun?” Qin Feng knocked on the door. Qin Feng, who had handled the matter, brought a cup of milk.

Bai Xun quickly got out of bed and ran to open the door.

“Be careful, don’t be so anxious.” Qin Feng held her and sat down beside her on the bed.

Bai Xun grimaced, “Are you finished?”

Qin Feng smiled warmly, “En, come over, let me see if you slept well or not and drink some milk.”

Bai Xun took the milk, gulu gulu,2sfx to drink liquids and finished drinking. It left a ring of milk stains on her mouth.

She obediently handed the cup to Qin Feng, “Finished drinking …”

Recently, Bai Xun has become more and more lively. Without those melancholy feelings, her pure and clean eyes only reflected him.  

Really a sense of accomplishment.

Qin Feng’s eyes darkened, and he smiled softly, “And there’s more.”

“En?” Bai Xun looked at him in confusion and glanced at the glass again. “No, oh …”

Before her words fell, Qin Feng lifted her chin and kissed her. The tip of the flexible tongue swept the milk stains on her lips and became a light milky kiss.

Bai Xun was out of breath. She wanted to step back, but the back of her head was held down, deepening the kiss.

Her clumsy little tongue was pushed and shoved with nowhere to hide. Qin Feng couldn’t stop because of her astringent reaction.

Qin Feng didn’t let go of Bai Xun until she clenched his shirt breathlessly.

Qin Feng’s breathing was also obviously aggravated. He didn’t expect he would lose self-control. It was just a kiss and it was so delicious.

Qin Feng looked at Bai Xun’s eyes, with unclear intentions, maybe he hasn’t vented after so long…

Her small face was flushed, and she fell into Qin Feng’s arms, gasping for breath.

Uncle Qin’s affection finally moved!

Although in general, he still treated her as a pet. But Qin Feng was obviously satisfied with her obedience. Although some things were easy to comply to and she didn’t leave the slightest concern.

But what if something that had solely existed for just him, suddenly didn’t belong to him any longer?

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