Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 54

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 07

Qin Feng thought casually, while gently stroking the person’s long hair in his arms, He softly said, “I’m sorry, how was it?”

The heat that just dissipated on Bai Xun’s face rose again when she was asked. She stared at Qin Feng, but there was no force in her deterrence. It was more like soft water that tickled people’s heart.

Qin Feng chuckled, “OK, go to bed.”

He tucked in Bai Xun and covered her with a quilt. When Qin Feng got up, she unconsciously reached out and grabbed Qin Feng’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Feng said softly.

Today’s events made her panic and she began to struggle, “Well, I can’t sleep … can you stay with me?”

Qin Feng froze for a moment, then smiled meaningfully, “Little girl, you’re only three months along now, are you sure you want me to stay?”

“Ah?” Bai Xun still didn’t understand. When she looked at Qin Feng’s eyes, she immediately reacted and blushed. “Can your yellow head think of something else! Get out! I’m going to sleep!”1Yellow also means pornographic

Bai Xun turned over, covered herself with the quilt and mumbled.

Suddenly, the bed beside her sank in, and even the quilt from her hands was taken by Qin Feng’s arms.

“Sleep, I’ll stay with you.”

The soft voice with a faint smile, there was nothing unscrupulous,2Like he’s going to rape her or look naughty Bai Xun was relieved as she closed her eyes in peace.

The next day, Qin Xiao saw Qin Feng coming out of Bai Xun’s room. His face was ugly.

Since Bai Xun was his little lover and pregnant with his child, it was only natural they live together. But … seeing with his own eyes, Qin Xiao still felt flustered.

Qin Feng only gave him a slight glance, while straightening the cuffs of his suit and went directly downstairs.

Bai Xun has been lethargic recently, so Qin Feng didn’t wake her up.

Two people ate breakfast, it was strangely quiet.

When Qin Feng went to work, he lightly said to Qin Xiao: “Now that you’re back, don’t be idle like before and find some serious things to do.”

“Also, you can stay here if you want, but don’t bother her.”

This was the first time Qin Feng said so much to him, was it because of Bai Xun?

Qin Xiao sneered at him. When Qin Feng left, he went straight upstairs and pushed open Bai Xun’s door.

In the soft quilt, a small head was buried, and only half of the white face was exposed. The long black hair was piled which made the white skin more perfect and whiter than snow.

Bai Xun slept so sweetly. Qin Xiao’s previous coldness subsided at this time. He unconsciously leaned over her, reached out and pinched her nose.

“Oh en…Feng, don’t make trouble … I still want to sleep …” Bai Xun was confused, reached out and waved her hand. She slapped Qin Xiao’s face.

Qin Xiao was stunned for a moment by the crisp sound.

He didn’t know if he was psychologically or physically angry this time.

However, the other person’s cute and charming appearance made him unable to be angry anymore. Instead, he directly pinched Bai Xun’s cheek.

After Qin Xiao’s tossing, Bai Xun finally opened her eyes.

“Qin Xiao? … how are you?”

While she was surprised, she was very grateful that this body had just woken up without eye boogers! No bad morning breath! Still a cute little fairy image!

Qin Xiao raised an eyebrow. “Why can’t it be me?”

Bai Xun was still a little afraid of him, and looked around, whispering: “What about Feng?”

“Went to work.”

She saw the other person’s face wasn’t good, and paused before she raised her voice to call others, “Zhang Ma…”

Qin Xiao interrupted her unhurriedly, “Went shopping.”


Bai Xun was blocked by him for a while and was speechless. Qin Xiao took his time, “What’s the matter? My dear little mother, I’ve been told I’m the same thing.”3Apparently people tells him that he’s the same as his not blood related father, Qin Feng

Bai Xun was choked by his words, and her face was dyed crimson like the sunset. She was ashamed and angry. She gritted her teeth and said, “You go out first … I want to change my clothes …”

Qin Xiao glanced at her and said, “Okay, I’ll be downstairs. Today is our day, and I’ll be with my ‘little mother.’”

He focused on this title again, smiling coldly and playfully, and his meaningful eyes were so frightening that Bai Xun shrank herself in the quilt and wrapped herself tightly.

Qin Xiao then raised his lips, straightened his hands and inserted them into his pant pockets, then walked downstairs.

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