Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 55

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 08

Bai Xun went downstairs and saw Qin Xiao sitting at the dining table playing on his cellphone.

He wore a simple white T-shirt and casual jeans. There were earphones plugged in his ears. With his long eyebrows and thin lips, he looked youthful and carefree.

Bai Xun was still frightened by Qin Xiao, and her face couldn’t help but be somewhat vigilant. She chose a place at the other end of the table and sat far away.  

As soon as Zhang Ma returned, she brought up the breakfast she prepared. After Bai Xun thanked her, she took a small bite.

Qin Xiao stopped his hand movement, took out the earphone and propped up his head with one hand, and turned the cellphone with his other hand. He looked at her with a side glance.  

He spoke without hesitation and sneered, “Sitting so far away, am I a monster?”

Bai Xun’s hand trembled. She didn’t speak but shrank further.  

Qin Xiao’s face sank. He hissed, got up and kicked the chair beside him, then walked across to Bai Xun. “Ignoring me?”

“Young master …” Zhang Ma looked a little worried. This young master was bad since he was young. Bai Xun was so weak and kind-hearted. She was really afraid of what Qin Xiao may do to her.  

Zhang Ma reluctantly smiled, “Miss Bai is in poor health, and still pregnant with child, so you shouldn’t bother her…”

Qin Xiao frowned and looked at Zhang Ma’s worried expression. He couldn’t help but stand straight and pull the corners of his mouth. “How could I trouble her? I just suddenly thought that I should take good care of the doctor who will come give her a checkup later.”

Seeing that Qin Xiao sat down, Zhang Ma was relieved.

When she went far away, Qin Xiao looked at Bai Xun, lowered his voice, and sneered, “You’re so good. Even the old servants who have been serving the Qin family for many years has helped you.”

After eating, Bai Xun picked up one corner of the napkin and wiped her mouth. She glanced at Qin Xiao, but still said nothing, then turned to go upstairs to rest.

Qin Xiao lost his breath and coldly said, “Hey are you dumb?”

Bai Xun paused her footsteps, then went into the room without looking back.

Qin Xiao’s arrogant and sullen nature wasn’t enough to treat him blindly. Only by teasing him from time to time, will he realize his feelings as soon as possible.  

Looking at her back before she closed her door, Qin Xiao couldn’t help but kick the table.  

When she spoke to him well, he suspected that she had ulterior motives to please him, but he was more irritated that she ignored him without saying a word.

When Dr. Li came over for the checkup, Qin Xiao followed her.

Fortunately, today was a routine examination. Bai Xun wasn’t embarrassed.

After the examination, Dr. Li said with a smile, “Furen’s health is much better. It seems that Mr. Qin has taken good care of you during this time.”

When Bai Xun heard this, she blushed a little, but Qin Xiao narrowed his eyes and his face was delicate.

Dr. Li continued: “However, you must pay special attention to the first three months. Your body is already weak. So, emotional instability is more likely to cause a miscarriage…”

Bai Xun nodded nervously in reply. Qin Xiao on one side thought of unknown things and his eyes were dark.

Bai Xun lowered her head and stroked her belly. She was a little embarrassed. Although she wasn’t really pregnant, will her belly become bigger in a few months? Would she have to do something before her belly burst?1Meaning she was thinking she can only have a miscarriage before her belly gets too big [Player don’t worry. In the game, the stomach will become bigger, but it’s an illusion. There are no feelings in the game.]

Bai Xun was so relieved that she had more time to make arrangements.

When Qin Xiao sent Dr. Li out, he asked very casually, “Doctor, what’s wrong with her body? Why is it easy to miscarry?”

Dr. Li thought he was concerned about Bai Xun and explained: “Furen had too many negative emotions in her heart while being pregnant and didn’t eat normally for a while which led to her weak constitution. So, we must take good care of her. Otherwise, if there’s something wrong with this baby, it would be difficult for her to get pregnant again.”

When Qin Xiao heard this, his fingers froze and murmured, “Is that right?”

Too many negative emotions? Haven’t eaten properly for a while?

Why is that?

If she wanted to climb Qin Feng, then shouldn’t she be ecstatic to know she was pregnant with the descendants of the Qin family?

Seeing that Qin Xiao was silent, Dr. Li added: “But don’t worry. According to the current situation, furen is in a good mood…”

Qin Xiao nodded, but didn’t really listen. He was confused now.  

When he returned to the living room and saw Bai Xun, he kept thinking of Dr. Li’s words.

There may be no more children …

Bai Xun knew Qin Xiao couldn’t wait to see the child, so he would follow Dr. Li and have thoughts in his heart.

But when he entered again, his expression seemed to change.

“What are you looking at?” Seeing Qin Xiao staring at her stomach the entire time, Bai Xun looked flustered, reached out to protect her stomach and looked at him warily.

Qin Xiao returned to his senses, looked cold and sneered: “What’s with your expression?”  

Bai Xun stopped talking.

Qin Xiao was a little upset. He put his hands in his pockets and lightly said, “Don’t worry. It’s my brother after all. I won’t do anything to him.”

Bai Xun was shocked, it’s not your brother…

Not to mention whether she was really pregnant, but she was pregnant, so she couldn’t fight him.2She wanted to deny it but couldn’t explain why she is pregnant but the game already gave the illusion she is pregnant

“He’s not …” Bai Xun opened her mouth to explain but was interrupted by Qin Xiao. “Well, would you like to go out for a stroll?”

“Out?” As soon as she heard, her eyes brightened. She hasn’t been outside for a long time and wasn’t vigilant against Qin Xiao for a while.

But her eyes quickly dimmed again, “But, A’Feng said it was better not to run around.”

Qin Xiao was upset when he heard Qin Feng’s words like this and directly said, “Aren’t you worried about staying in the room all day? Aren’t you bored? Are you his pet?”  

“I …” Bai Xun stuttered and hesitated.

Seeing her hesitation, Qin Xiao paused and softly said, “Not to mention, you can personally prepare something for the child if you went out.”

“… All right.” Bai Xun agreed, “then I’ll change my clothes.”

Now that she had decided to go out, she looked brighter.

After changing her clothes, Bai Xun told Zhang Ma and left in Qin Xiao’s car.

Zhang Ma was a little worried and thought it would be better to call Qin Feng to report.

On the other side, Bai Xun hasn’t been outside to shop for some days, plus she wanted to prepare things for the future little treasure. For a while, she was interested in shopping at mothers and babies’ stores.

Qin Xiao put his hands in his pockets and followed her carelessly. His eyes were heavy, and his thoughts were unknown.

Bai Xun pinched a delicate and cute little dress, which she liked very much.

She raised it and turned to look at Qin Xiao, “How about this?”

The bright eyebrows were dyed with a bright smile, and the black and white eyes contained hidden starlight.

Qin Xiao was lost in his thoughts for a moment.

The salesman on the side looked at the two, and immediately said with a smile. “Madam is very discerning with a talented and handsome gentleman.”

Bai Xun was two years older than Qin Xiao, but her face was tender when she often smiled. Compared with Qin Xiao, who had a cold face, she looked younger.

Bai Xun responded to the other who had misunderstood their relationship and hurriedly explained: “No, I’m …”

She said but was half stuck, was she his little mother?  

She was stuck and her face became red. Qin Xiao didn’t see her expression and lightly said, “I’ll buy everything she likes.”  

With a thick tone of wealth and boldness, he took out a bank card and handed it over, “Wrap everything she looked at.”

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