Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 58

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 11

Because Qin Feng had already instructed her, Bai Xun held the insulated lunch box in one hand and was directly led into the elevator. She didn’t even notice the eyes behind her or the rustle of conversations.  

However, when Bai Xun came out of the elevator, she happened to meet a man who was quite familiar.

Feng Chi wore a formal suit today. It was a well-tailed suit that outlined his wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs. His handsome facial features were polite with a smile.

Bai Xun was shocked. The surprise didn’t show on her face, instead she had a slight smile as if she didn’t recognize him. His eyes quickly glanced at her as she walked to Qin Feng’s office without stopping.

However, Feng Chi recognized her, and after a moment’s glance, his beautiful peach blossom eyes became more thoughtful.  

“Bai … Xun?” He directly called out to her.

Bai Xun turned around and looked at him doubtfully and carefully before she said in surprise, “It’s you!”

It was really her …

Bai Xun wore a loose white dress and her long hair was tied into a loose braid on the side of her ears. Her white face was smooth and delicate, and her eyes were as pure and clear like a water lotus.

Feng Chi had many bars under his name. There were countless beauties he seen, but there were only a few people like Bai Xun who were clear about his impure mind and still revealed a clean temperament.

Feng Chi smile deepened. “It’s a coincidence that we met again, why are you here?”

His eyes looked at Bai Xun’s body, but after a while, he probably guessed and couldn’t help but be more interested, “Are you delivering food to President Qin?”  

Bai Xun didn’t speak. She just shook the insulated lunch box in her hand. She didn’t want to recall the past, but this person, she really doesn’t know what attitude she should have when facing him.

Feng Chi had a vague smile as he slowly said, “It’s said that the two brothers of the Lu family are fighting fiercely. They are turning City A upside down, just to find someone…”

Bai Xun suddenly looked up at him and her eyes were a little flustered, but she calmly said, “What do you mean by telling me this?”  

“You’re really indifferent …” Feng Chi smiled and his eyes were narrowed as he approached her with his voice lowered. “There are two brothers of the Lu family from before, and now there’s the father and son of the Qin family…does Qin Feng know about you and the Lu family and Qin Xiao?”  

Of course, Qin Feng knew about the matter regarding her and the two brothers of the Lu family. It was only natural that Qin Feng was aware of this when she came here. However, he didn’t know that she previously knew Qin Xiao. Ah, would Qin Feng be disgusted if he found out she used to work at bars, he would hate it, right?

Bai Xun’s face turned pale, and she panicked, “What are you going to do? Don’t say it, you won’t say it, right? …”

Feng Chi was very satisfied. After seeing the panicked eyes of the little girl, he seemed kind-hearted as he slowly said: “Of course not, I just wanted to remind you that Qin Feng isn’t an ordinary person. Your little tricks won’t deceive him, so be careful.”  

Why did she lie to Uncle Qin? Oh, was Uncle Qin deceived because the little girl sustained injuries?

Bai Xun looked at him suspiciously, confirming that it wasn’t a lie and felt relieved. She lowered her eyelashes and pursed her lips. “You don’t have to worry. You just need to promise you won’t tell.”  

Feng Chi thought her mind was impure when she approached Qin Feng, so she used this method to arouse his interest. But when he paid more and more attention to her, he discovered he was wrong!

Although Feng Chi likes bad women, it wasn’t appropriate to be a deeply scheming bad girl. Feng Chi was bound to see through others. Will her clean and beautiful white lotus image be destroyed by then?

As a result, the outward appearance of tofu was overbearing! It was especially important for Feng Chi to see her sincerity towards Qin Feng.1Bitch thinking about jumping on a seventh ship – including yuri route

As for those little schemers who were used to being at the bottom and wanted to live a little better and plotted, but she was different, as she was only a silly little girl who treated her people well.

Feng Chi belatedly saw that she returned a cold look after receiving a definite reply which made him itch.

“If Qin Feng finds out, you can come to me …” He whispered softly.

Feng Chi was too close, Bai Xun frowned unconsciously. As soon as she wanted to speak, she heard Qin Feng’s voice.

“Xiao Xun, why didn’t you tell me you arrived?”

As he softly spoke in a warm voice, he strode over and reached out to Bai Xun and calmly hid her behind him.  

As soon as Qin Feng appeared to protect her, Bai Xun’s heart was filled with him and Feng Chi saw this. Bai Xun’s eyes only reflected Qin Feng and the emotions from the bottom of her eyes didn’t appear false.

Feng Chi narrowed his eyes, this person, did she have such good acting skills?

He meaningfully said, “It turns out that such a beautiful young lady belongs to President Qin…lover, it really bothers me.”2Implying he would give her a better status than a lover

Qin Feng then turned to Feng Chi, with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. He casually said, “Is there anything else I can do for President Feng?”

Feng Chi clearly felt that Bai Xun seemed nervous and couldn’t help but smile. “Nothing, since things are settled, I’ll leave first. I look forward to seeing you next time.”  

The last sentence was said while looking at Bai Xun.

“Xiao Xun, do you know Feng Chi?” Qin Feng lightly asked.

Bai Xun shook her head repeatedly, “I just met and casually chatted with him.”

Qin Feng frowned secretly. He could see that Feng Chi was interested in her, which made him feel uncomfortable for him to covet something of his.  

Bai Xun saw that he didn’t respond after a long time. She couldn’t help but pull at the corner of his clothes, raised her hand and directly looked at him, “A’Feng, are you hungry? Let’s go eat first?”  

When Qin Feng turned around, he collided into Bai Xun’s clean eyes, which were clear and watery. His inexplicable impatience dissipated, and he felt his heart softened.

“Okay.” He bent his lips and pulled her into the office.

When Bai Xun handed him the bento, he couldn’t help but reveal bright eyes. The colors were beautiful, and it smelled very fragrant.

“How is it?” Bai Xun looked at him nervously.

Qin Feng casually said: “Well, it’s not bad. Is there a new cook at home?”

Bai Xun was happy and conflicted, “That …”

Qin Feng slowly looked at her eyes swimming as if she wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it. He wanted to laugh. In the early morning, Zhang Ma excitedly reported to him saying that Bai Xun was personally cooking for him. He didn’t have much hope at first but didn’t expect her skills to be so good.

“You didn’t make this, did you?” Qin Feng pretended to be tentative.

Bai Xun stared at him and nodded.

It was so meng that people’s hearts were about to melt.

Qin Feng chuckled and said, “It’s almost as good as Zhang Ma, but don’t work so hard in the future.”

Being so concerned made Bai Xun smile from the bottom of her heart and she seriously replied: “It’s not hard work, I’m very happy to do this for you.”

Qin Feng was stunned for a moment. This kind of whole-hearted attention made people feel comfortable, no wonder it attracted so many people …

“You …” He squeezed Bai Xun’s cheek and smiled gently. “It’s boring to stay at home all day. There’s a party tomorrow night, would you like to come with me?”  

To take her to a party in this manner was to publicly introduce her to everyone, which was equivalent to giving her an identity.

But Bai Xun didn’t realize it and hesitantly said, “Is it suitable for me to go? I don’t know much about those people…”

Qin Feng’s smile became softer, and he had a calm and firm attitude, “It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to cater to others, just stay beside me.”

Qin Feng was probably stimulated by Qin Xiao and Feng Chi. He felt that he should find an opportunity to stake a claim on what was his.

With this assurance, Bai Xun nodded.

Feng Chi already knew she was here. With the ability of the two brothers of the Lu family, they would probably find her. But Qin Feng’s progress was slow. Ultimately, he trusted Bai Xun and it was up to her to give him a dose of a heart-strengthening shot.   

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