Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 59

Translated by Novice Translations

The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 12

The next day, Bai Xun wore the dress Qin Xiao bought last time. When Qin Feng came to pick her up, his eyes were slightly dark.

“Why did you wear this? Didn’t I ask someone to prepare something for you?” He accidentally said.

Bai Xun didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with him, instead she smiled a little embarrassed, “I told her not to prepare a new one, because I don’t want to waste any more money and I didn’t get the chance to wear this dress yet.”

After speaking, she saw that Qin Feng was still vague and cautiously opened her mouth, “A’Feng? What’s wrong? Isn’t this dress nice?”  

Qin Feng heard her words and glanced at her. According to his heart, Bai Xun was very beautiful today, she was like a fresh and energetic fairy.

Qin Xiao had a good eye. Bai Xun’s dress perfectly covered her fleshy waist and abdomen, displaying her long neck and slender limbs…

But why was he upset?

He looked at Bai Xun’s increasingly tense appearance and Qin Feng slightly sighed, “It’s very beautiful, but I prefer to see you wear the clothes I’ve bought you.”

Bai Xun relaxed, and she sounded moved and teased, “Are you jealous?”

Qin Feng froze for a moment because the panic in his heart was exposed, but he quickly calmed down. His soft smile covered the emotions in his eyes like a mask, “Okay, get in the car, we’re going to be late.”

Bai Xun didn’t mind that he changed the topic and obediently followed him to the car. Anyway, there were still plenty of opportunities later.

By the time Qin Feng and Bai Xun arrived at the party, most of the guests already arrived.

Bai Xun held Qin Feng’s arm and was a little nervous.

“Don’t be afraid, you just need to follow me.” Qin Feng’s gentle and low voice sounded softly.

Bai Xun side-glanced at him and met his deep eyes and felt that her heart was stable. Her smile rose and she was slowly led by Qin Feng into the venue.

The Qin family’s position in City B was one of the best, so as soon as Qin Feng arrived, many people came to greet him with wine glasses and seamlessly sized up Bai Xun who was beside him.

Of course, they have heard that Qin Feng had a little lover, but for so many years, Qin Feng has never been so intimate with a woman at such a formal party. People like them brought their wives to these events. The wives would talk amongst themselves to collaborate and exchange information.

For a while, they couldn’t help but think differently. They wanted their wives to get closer to this girl later. There was no news from Qin Feng, but judging her young appearance, maybe information could be obtained from her.

However, Qin Feng accompanied Bai Xun the entire time. He intentionally didn’t talk to others and only took care of her. Thus, those ladies who wanted to approach Bai Xun had no opportunity to do so.

Bai Xun held the juice Qin Feng brought to her and sipped a mouthful.

Qin Feng thought she didn’t eat dinner and whispered, “Are you hungry? Would you like to eat some pastries?”

Bai Xun’s eyes brightened, then looked at Qin Feng and nodded.

Seeing that the other party immediately turned to get her dessert, she couldn’t help but sigh. Sure enough, this type of treatment at a party was suitable for a foolish, sweet and innocent female lead.

After a while, Qin Xiao arrived.

He arrived with the people from the Leng family. Father Leng only had one daughter and it was estimated that Qin Xiao will be responsible for managing the Leng family later.

Bai Xun thought about Qin Xiao. Although he didn’t know his mother’s face, Father Leng will see the striking resemblance.  

She didn’t want to expose herself so soon, it was better to not meet first.

Obviously, Qin Feng had the same thought.

Their relationship was extraordinary, so they had to return everyone’s greetings. Father Leng roughly glanced at her among the crowd and could see something fishy.  

Qin Feng didn’t know why but he didn’t want Bai Xun to know the truth.

He hid Bai Xun seamlessly. As soon as he wanted to speak, Bai Xun pulled his sleeve and began to speak in a low, exhausted voice, “A’Feng, I’m a little tired.”

“Are you okay?” Qin Feng quickly supported her and paused, then softly said: “Xiao Xun, I’ll take you to a lounge for a while, then pick you up when it’s time to leave, en?”

Bai Xun nodded, nestled in Qin Feng’s arms and was led to the lounge.

Qin Xiao’s face was cold, his deep eyes looked at the two people who walked away through the crowd.

Qin Feng placed Bai Xun on the sofa in the lounge and poured her a cup of hot water. “Xiao Xun, rest here for a while. We will return soon.”

Bai Xun smiled and obediently said, “Okay, go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.”

Qin Feng rubbed her head and left.

When he returned to the venue, Father Leng and Qin Xiao were being greeted.

When all the people nearby dispersed, Qin Feng took a glass of wine and slowly walked over. He slightly bent his lips and smiled appropriately. “Uncle Leng is here too.”

Father Leng was nearly sixty years old, but he was still full of energy. Qin Feng didn’t call him father, instead he patted him on the shoulder with a smile. “It’s Qin Feng. I’ll walk around with Xiao Xiao. Later, the company will be handed over to him. Xiao Xiao, why didn’t you call people?”

The question was addressed to Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao stood on one side and had a cold face the entire time. His eyes were colder when he saw Qin Feng approach. He sneered and looked at Qin Feng defiantly, “Call someone? Why don’t my father teach me first?”

“Xiao Xiao! How could you talk like that to your father?” Father Leng interrupted him helplessly.

Father Leng also knew the truth from that year. He was furious that his daughter was pregnant by a poor boy before she got married. Fortunately, Qin Feng ignored the scandal and was still willing to marry her. This covered up the scandal and saved his face.

Therefore, Qin Feng wasn’t close to Qin Xiao and the Leng family didn’t get involved. When he heard that Qin Feng had raised a little mistress in the Qin home, it wasn’t easy for Father Leng to say anything. After all these years, wasn’t he allowed to remarry?

But Qin Xiao seemed to mind very much. He looked around and raised his eyebrows and said, “What’s the matter? Didn’t father bring my little mother here today?”

Qin Feng’s smile faded, then looked at Qin Xiao as he lightly said, “You know she’s your little mother. Don’t go to the Qin home to disturb her later.”  

He said it lightly and gently like a cloud and his strong words carried authority.

Qin Xiao almost crushed the wine glass in his hand and turned away wordlessly.  

Father Leng sighed from the side and whispered, “Xiao Xiao is also a poor child. He never knew about his mother after all this time. So, he’s just emotionally sensitive.”

Qin Feng said nothing. He finished his greeting and was ready to take Bai Xun home.  

But on the other side, after Qin Xiao left the venue, he went straight to the lounge.

The lounges were lined up in a row, Qin Xiao calmly pushed the doors one by one.

There was no one in the unlocked lounges until he tried to open the third locked door.

Qin Xiao raised his hand and gently knocked on the door, and soon there was a pleasant voice from within.


When the door opened, the joy on Bai Xun’s face didn’t fade. When she saw Qin Xiao, she was surprised and said, “A’Xiao? Why are you here?”

Qin Xiao glanced at Bai Xun’s clothes and his thin lips were slightly hooked. “The clothes are very beautiful.”

“Hic…Thank you, you…” Bai Xun felt inexplicable. Before she finished speaking, Qin Xiao led her into the room and locked the door.

“Hey? What do you want to do? Let me go! …A’Feng….oh….” Bai Xun’s eyes flashed with confusion and when she wanted to call someone, Qin Xiao had already covered her mouth and pressed her on the sofa. She could only struggle.

Of course, it was impossible for the movement from here to reach the party hall, but it was heard by the people in the adjoining lounge.  

Feng Chi frowned, as if he had just faintly heard Bai Xun’s voice.

He glanced at the subordinate in black in front of his eyes and ordered: “Well, you can go first. Take someone to find out who recently destroyed the clubs.”


After the subordinate in black left, Feng Chi strolled to the balcony. There was only one window between this room and the lounge next door. He heard the sounds from the next room more clearly.

Feng Chi couldn’t help but bend his lips. It was a coincidence that it was Bai Xun … and the son of an acquaintance.

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