Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 6

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 06

Bai Xun rounded her eyes. “A Yuan, why are you here?”

Gao Yuan slowly approached. “I also have classes here in the teaching building, so when class is over, I will come pick you up.”

He said, like he remembered something, coughed twice. “By the way, I have a ball game this afternoon. Do you want to come?”

Bai Xun looked at Gao Yuan and her friend, then at Gao Yuan who was following her, she blinked and smiled. “Okay, I don’t have class in the afternoon.”

Bai Xun followed Gao Yuan to the stadium. This was a friendly match with a neighboring university. There were many people arriving. Gao Yuan took Bai Xun to sit on their team.

“You sit here and wait for the game to end and we will go back together.”

Gao Yuan felt uneasy, and his teammates on the other side laughed unkindly when they met. They shouted. “A Yuan, is this your girlfriend, why don’t you introduce her to us?”

“Ah, we are not…” Bai Xun blushed at once and hurriedly waved her hands to explain.

Watching Bai Xun rushing to explain to correct them, Gao Yuan felt disappointed. Looking at her blushing face, it moved his heart.

“Don’t peel.”1Don’t peel – Don’t bully/bother/tease her. Chinese expression. Gao Yuan laughed and scolded. Then turned to Bai Xun after driving away his teammates, he scratched his head with embarrassment. “Don’t mind them, they like to fool around.”

Bai Xun looked at his silly appearance, chucked and said. “It’s all right, go ahead, they’re waiting for you.”

Gao Yuan nodded, and everyone warmed up to finish the game. He was extremely motivated today and scored several goals. On the sidelines, fangirls shouted his name frantically.

Bai Xun watched the slender figure in the middle of the field, his black hair wet with sweat, gathering along his cheeks and chin. He had an expressionless and serious countenance with sharp eyes, he was a totally different person on the field, he looked attractive. No wonder boys who play basketball were very popular.

Gao Yuan listened to the crazy shouts of his name all around, but his eyes drifted from time to time to Bai Xun. The other party was a small red outline, she was initially sitting but was now very excited, she stood up. As she waved her small hand and cheered him on, he unconsciously bent up his lips and showed a smile. Never had he been so happy and full of strength.

The opposing team wasn’t his match, how can this man play more skillfully and aggressively?

When the game was over, the opposing team felt wronged and looked into the distance. Wasn’t this a friendly match? Was it necessary to play so hard?

Gao Yuan went straight to Bai Xun, and he had a feeling of joy in his heart, which made him very eager to go to that person.

Bai Xun looked at him with a big smile, she was excited. “This is the first time that I felt a basketball match ended so quickly. I didn’t expect A Yuan to play basketball so passionately, the game is super exciting! You were also super handsome!”

Gao Yuan wiped back his sweaty black hair from his face and looked at the chattering girl in front of him. Her face was still flushed with excitement. Her adoration gave him a sense of satisfaction that he had never felt before.

Gao Yuan touched his nose and felt stunned. “Okay, let’s go back together after I change my clothes.”

Bai Xun waved. “Forget it, I have a part-time job during the evenings. I will soon leave.”

“I’ll take you there.”

“Ah, no need, I’ll just go by myself…” Bai Xun shook her head. She packed her backpack and waved. “You go back first.”

Watching at Bai Xun’s figure which gradually disappeared, Gao Yuan frowned slightly. What part-time job do you have that you come home late every night?


Bai Xun knows that she can’t hide the truth for long. The more she hides it, the more curious he will be and find out. However, at present, not all the love interests have high favorability, so she doesn’t want them to meet.

This time she realized that it was too risky to keep an open relationship with all of them as before. The condition was that she obtain their love and they were in love with her but it did not necessarily mean that she would need to return it.

She only needs to like one person, but who should she put her chips on?


For several days in a row, the club was unremarkable, as neither the boss nor the Qin family was encountered. Therefore, Bai Xun left work early, teasing cotton pants, brush up Gao Yuan’s feelings, bit by bit, until it reached up to 50%.

Today, class was boring with more than one hundred student present. Bai Xun seriously took notes while Gao Yuan napped. Gao Yuan was not in the same classes as her, but recently, decided to follow her to her classes.

Finally, after class, Bai Xun held up her face and sighed.

On the other hand, Gao Yuan stretched out his lazy waist and smiled, he raised his provocative brows. “Sigh, pack up your things quickly. If there is no class in the afternoon, I will take you to a place.”

“There is no class in the afternoon, but I have club activities.” Bai Xun seems to think of something, distractedly said. “Next time.”

“What club activity? Just don’t go.” Gao Yuan is a little curious.

Bai Xun shook her head. “No way! The art club has a great predecessor coming to guide today. It’s very rare! Oh, if you’re going back, go take care of your cotton pants.”

How can she not attend? This was the next strategic event in the game.

However, Bai Xun began to feel a stomachache when she thought of the blackened man who had stabbed her in the last attempt.

  1. Don’t peel – Don’t bully/bother/tease her. Chinese expression.

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