Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 62

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 15

The night was deep, but one of the bars was brightly lit and fully awake. The troubled men and women vented freely there.

The warm and noisy atmosphere in the bar had no effect on the man who sat in the corner.

He leaned back on the sofa, the screen blocked the view around him, only one person was quietly drinking.

When Feng Chi got the news from his subordinates, Qin Xiao’s eyes were half-narrowed. His eyes were dark and intoxicated by the wine. He wanted to know why he was in a bad mood recently.  

Feng Chi slowly sat aside, “What’s wrong with you? I heard your father is getting married again, so why are you drunk here?”

He seemed to be joking, but Qin Xiao’s slight pause made him pick up his eyebrows, “No way? You’re really like this because…why? Don’t like that woman?”

He didn’t know how Qin Xiao’s mood was affected by this sentence. He stared at the wine glass and murmured to himself, “Don’t like…I don’t know…”

Feng Chi picked up a bottle and poured himself a glass of wine. At the same time, he seemed to care about it and said, “She won’t affect your position even if she marries into the Qin family. What are you worried about?”  

“I wasn’t worried, I thought she just wanted the money. What’s more, who is Qin Feng? How could I really like her?” Qin Xiao was half drunk and half sober. He took another sip of wine and sneered, “But…It seems I was wrong…”

When mentioning Bai Xun, Feng Chi’s eyes were cold and became shrouded. He leaned back and stretched his shoulders and back, and said with a lazy smile, “I don’t know if the woman wants money, but Qin Feng doesn’t really like her.”  

Qin Xiao glanced at him, too lazy to speak.

If his father really didn’t like her, why would he marry her? When he won’t even let him enter the Qin home?

He was so upset in his heart that he couldn’t tell whether he was upset because he didn’t want to drive away Bai Xun or because she was about to marry someone.  

Feng Chi looked at him angrily and in disbelief. “When I saw her at your father’s company last time, didn’t you notice that she looked like that person?”

“Like who?” Qin Xiao frowned.

Feng Chi was a little surprised and curiously said, “It’s not strange that you don’t remember your mother’s appearance, but aren’t there any photos?”

“There are no photos, none … the family members don’t want grandpa to be hurt, and no one ever mentioned her in front of me…” Qin Xiao was still a little intoxicated. Suddenly he seemed to have thought of something. He looked up and stared at Feng Chi and his eyes were clear. “What do you mean?”

Feng Chi was helpless, “I met Miss Leng when I was younger, she looked almost the same as that woman I met in Qin Feng’s company that day.”

His words were exaggerated. Bai Xun deliberately adjusted her appearance, but the temperament wasn’t the same.

However, Qin Xiao was almost struck by lightning.

“So, she’s just a stand-in?”

He was shocked at first, then inexplicable joy.

If Bai Xun was told that Qin Feng didn’t love her at all, but had always regarded her as a stand-in, would she leave him in despair?

Qin Xiao stumbled to his feet and went out.

“What are you going to do?” Feng Chi reached out and signaled for him to stop.

Qin Xiao’s mind was messy. He just felt that it was time to tell Bai Xun and waved off Feng Chi’s hand without stopping.  

Qin Xiao couldn’t see Bai Xun now, but he will see her at the wedding…

Feng Chi looked at Qin Xiao’s back disappear, and his beautiful peach blossom eyes flashed coldly in the dim light.

He didn’t allow himself to look away. Bai Xun, who strongly aroused his interest, would she believe in Qin Feng so foolishly?  

Then he will let her see clearly, how could there be good people in the world, how could he be so kind while she was clueless?

Bai Xun tried on the newly sent wedding dress. In order to cover her slightly raised belly, the dress was specially designed with a high waist and a hollow neckline that decorated her beautiful swan-like neck and exposed her exquisite collarbone.

She stood in front of the mirror, unable to reach the zipper behind her.  

“I’ll do it.” A soft, smiling voice sounded.

“A’Feng? When did you come back?” Bai Xun looked at the mirror and saw the handsome man who stood tall and upright behind her with his eyes bent.

“I just arrived.” Qin Feng said as he reached out his hand.

Many things for this wedding was personally handled by him. This was his first time. After all, last time it was handled by his people.

Qin Feng’s slender fingers traced the slightly cool smooth skin.

Bai Xun couldn’t help but shrink her shoulders.  

Qin Feng lightly laughed, reached out his hands to encircle her from behind and slightly leaned forward to rest his chin on her shoulder. He looked at Bai Xun in the mirror and said with a smile, “It’s very beautiful. I’m looking forward to our wedding day when you walk to me in this dress.”  

The person in the mirror had her black hair down, her white and smooth face without any makeup was beautiful. The fluffy white dress made her look like a pure fairy.

Bai Xun’s face turned slightly red, and she glanced at Qin Feng with a smile.

She was also looking forward to it…Although Uncle Qin’s purpose for this week hasn’t changed, it was impossible to get married successfully, there was another 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 boats…1She’s stepping on 5 boats at once! All 5 of her love interests will interfere!

Just then, a loud noise came from downstairs.

“Uncle Wu, what’s going on outside?” Qin Feng frowned.

“Sir, it’s the young master who wants to come in, but you ordered …”

Before Uncle Wu could finish, Qin Feng interrupted him. “Okay, I’ll go and take a look.”

Seeing that Bai Xun was worried, he patted the back of her hand. “Go back to your room to rest first. I’ll deal with it.”

Bai Xun understood that the other party knew Qin Xiao had other thoughts, he didn’t trust him with her, so she didn’t follow him, instead she obediently nodded and went back to the room.

She stood on her toes. She wanted to know if Qin Xiao came over to kick a fuss regarding his mother. This shocking secret about her was reserved once there was an audience.

Qin Feng walked out of the door. Qin Xiao kicked over a bodyguard with his adrenaline-fueled strength and had already reached the lawn.

Although the bodyguards stopped him dutifully, they didn’t dare to hurt him.

“It’s the evening, what are you doing here?” Qin Feng said lightly.


Qin Xiao was almost completely sober and knew that it was impossible to see Bai Xun today. He had no thorough plan or evidence. Even if he said it, he couldn’t make her believe it.

He couldn’t help but feel annoy at his rashness.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Qin Feng frowned, and his deep eyes were impatient. He directed the bodyguard and slowly said, “Well, take people out. It’s noisy. Don’t you know my wife can’t sleep well?”

The bodyguards looked at each other, and their muscle mass weren’t for nothing. How could they let Qin Xiao in if they didn’t care about his identity?

Now that there was Qin Feng, they were no longer polite. He reached out to stop Qin Xiao. “Young master, please.”

Qin Xiao’s face was a little embarrassed. He clenched his fists. One day, he will make him regret it.

In City A, Lu Zhi Yao sat on his chair. His handsome face seemed to have lost some weight. The stubble on his chin reflected his deep depression.

Huang Yanran targeted him everywhere, and some of Lu Zhi Yuan’s forces in the company couldn’t be underestimated.

But he had no spare energy to deal with them now.

There was still no news of Bai Xun.

Where did she go? Or … did something happened?

Lu Zhi Yao felt uncomfortable and his stomach hurt again. He opened the drawer and swallowed two stomach pills and closed his eyes tiredly.

At that moment, the secretary knocked on the door and entered. He held an invitation card and placed it in front of Lu Zhi Yao and respectfully said: “President, President Qin is getting married. Look…”

Lu Zhi Yao’s face regained its coldness, he rubbed the bridge of his nose, and spat out a sentence indifferently, “No, you, just send a gift.”

“Yes.” The secretary bowed.

Lu Zhi Yao calmed down, looked at the invitation card on the side, opened his eyes randomly and glanced at it.

When the originally cold eyes fell on the name, it froze for a moment.  

He sprang to his feet, his hands shaking. Because he got up too fast, his knee hit the leg of the table, he didn’t care about the pain, only the name of that person in his heart.

Was it the same person? Or was it a coincidence? …… He must go take a look.

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