Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 63

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 16

“Really beautiful. Miss Bai, you’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.”

The makeup artist on one side expressed admiration after finishing her makeup.

Bai Xun opened her eyes and looked at the person in the mirror. Her long black hair was covered with white gauze, and a pure amethyst was embellished on her forehead. Her delicate face had a light smile.

“Thank you.”

She opened her mouth gently and glanced out the door from time to time.

The other person seemed to know her thoughts, and smiled, “Don’t be nervous, the guests are almost here. Mr. Qin is greeting guests outside, and the wedding will begin soon.”

Bai Xun nodded somewhat embarrassed.

She was a bit nervous, after all, this was her first marriage, and probably her only one.

At the same time, Qin Feng looked at Lu Zhi Yao in front of him with a deep smile, “I didn’t expect that President Lu would be able to attend my little wedding when he’s so busy.”

Lu Zhi Yao had clearly tidied up carefully, his handsome face was cold, but his thin cheeks revealed his difficulties.

He glanced at the luxurious furnishings and pointed out: “Where is President Qin’s wedding so small? Not to mention, I’m really curious about the bride.”

Qin Feng’s face didn’t change, he smiled and said, “When the wedding begins, President Lu will be able to see her. I’ll go first, excuse me.”

Lu Zhi Yao looked at his back and clenched his hands—could it be her?

On the other side, Qin Xiao sat quietly on the chair and waited for an opening. He was ready for his victory. Normally, he couldn’t get close to Bai Xun, but due to today’s occasion, it was impossible to stop him from attending the wedding. He really looked forward to it…

The music sounded and the wedding began.

Bai Xun was surrounded and helped by a group of people to the red carpet entrance.

She held a bouquet of flowers and was a little nervous.

The wedding was set up in a cathedral. From her view, both sides were full of people. The priest stood at the top and Qin Feng was waiting for her in the center.

After the priest read a long speech, the light suddenly illuminated her surroundings, Qin Feng smiled and held out his hand.

Bai Xun looked at the other person’s quiet eyes, her tension gradually faded, and she also smiled.

Qin Feng slowly extended his hand. He wore an elegant white suit. The shirt cufflink had the same amethyst as the one on her forehead. The delicate and complicated edge design made his whole person more dignified and elegant.

Bai Xun smiled and walked towards him step by step. The surroundings were extremely quiet, with only melodious music …

All this was abruptly stopped when Lu Zhi Yao rushed out.

“Xiao Xun?” He had an incredulous joyous expression full of unexpected happiness. He held Bai Xun’s wrist and his hoarse voice shook, “Really, really you … You’re okay, okay … “

Bai Xun looked at the person who suddenly rushed up and was extremely surprised—how could Lu Zhi Yao be here?

She was never going to see them again, but now …

Yes, Qin Feng has a relationship with Lu Zhi Yao, so it was normal for him to appear at the wedding … So, what about Lu Zhi Yuan and Huang Yanran?

Bai Xun glanced around, didn’t see people and was unconsciously relieved.

“What does President Lu want to do to my fiancée?” Qin Feng’s eyes were heavy on the other side. He strode forward to hold Bai Xun’s other hand and pulled her to his side.  

Lu Zhi Yao gradually calmed down and looked at Qin Feng coldly. “What do you mean? You know she’s mine.”  

“Is President Lu joking with me?” Qin Feng said with a decent smile on his lips, but his eyes were cold and terrible. “Xiao Xun never left the Qin house, how could she know President Lu?”

“You’re not lying to a three-year-old kid. I’m going to take her away today.” Lu Zhi Yao said coldly.

Qin Feng chuckled, “This is my place. Do you think you can do that?”

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t move, and the atmosphere was tense for a while.

All this happened so fast that the people sitting below looked at the development in confusion. Wasn’t this a wedding walk? What’s going on now? The Qin family and Lu family, who usually doesn’t fight and have no conflict of interest, are fighting over the same person?

Lu Zhi Yao also knew this wasn’t City A. If Qin Feng doesn’t let people go, he really couldn’t take her forcibly.  

But what if Bai Xun willingly follows him?

When he turned to Bai Xun, his eyes softened, “Xiao Xun, I still have a lot of things to talk to you about and the original matter. Would you like to leave here with me first…”

His voice was cautious. Bai Xun was still in a trance as if immersed in her previous sadness.

Qin Feng was also unconsciously nervous and fixedly stared at Bai Xun.

Bai Xun looked at Qin Feng and Lu Zhi Yao.

After a long while, she lightly said, “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t know you.”

With the voice he was familiar with, she answered that she didn’t know him.

Lu Zhi Yao’s face turned pale.

“Xiao Xun? Is Qin Feng threatening you? Don’t be afraid, I’m here. I’ll protect you, so come…” He tried to suppress his panic and said in a hurry.

Bai Xun shook her head and wanted to extract her hand, but Lu Zhi Yao clenched it more tightly.

She slightly frowned. “Sir, please let me go.”

Her frown and indifference caused Lu Zhi Yao great heartache to the point that it was almost impossible to breathe.

He thought about it countless times, what it would be like to meet again.

Maybe Bai Xun still cared that he used her. Maybe Bai Xun was relieved… After all, Bai Xun ultimately saved him. Even if that happened, he would be responsible…

Just now, he didn’t expect that the other party would directly say that she didn’t know him.

“But we aren’t …” He opened his mouth and murmured what he wanted to say, but Bai Xun looked at him in a panic.

Her eyes clearly knew what he wanted to say. There was a moment of hope in Lu Zhi Yao’s heart—it was true, he still had a chance.

Although Qin Feng didn’t know what happened at that time, Bai Xun’s ruthless appearance and pregnant state made him realize that it was probably Lu Zhi Yao’s.

His eyes were already impatient, and he didn’t want Lu Zhi Yao to say anything in public.

“Hasn’t President Lu already caused enough trouble? Xiao Xun said she didn’t know you.”

Qin Feng directly commanded the bodyguards to stop him, then his hand was released from Bai Xun’s wrist.

“Since President Lu doesn’t want to be a good guest, please leave.” Qin Feng motioned for the bodyguards to take people away.

“Let me go!” Lu Zhi Yao was so anxious that he now regretted that he didn’t bring people here. He could only be taken by Qin Feng’s people.

“Xiao Xun, don’t marry him. I have something to tell you …”

Finally, only Lu Zhi Yao’s voice implored her. Qin Feng blocked Bai Xun’s eyes and gently held her hand, “Xiao Xun?”

Bai Xun returned to her senses and gently shook her head slightly. “I’m fine.”

“En.” Qin Feng breathed a sigh of relief, and with a slight smile, motioned the wedding to continue. “A small episode, please don’t mind it.”

The whispers stopped and the priest began to speak.

After Qin Feng finished saying, “I do,” everyone held their breath with him and watched Bai Xun.

Under the affectionate gaze of Qin Feng, Bai Xun blushed, “I …”

However, today’s wedding wasn’t destined to be so smooth. Before she finished speaking, the door was suddenly pushed opened. The people who stood there had the light stretched upon them.  

“I disagree.”

The low male voice sounded with anger.

The familiar figure gradually approached, and Qin Feng looked at the person who turned slightly pale, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes—Do you still like him?  

Qin Xiao sat in the front row and looked at the people who came to stop the wedding one after another. With a deep smile, he slowly released his hand which held the photo in his pocket.

Author’s Notes:

Marriage wasn’t completed.

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