Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 64

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 17

The tall figure stood against the light. Even if she couldn’t see his face clearly, how could she not recognize the other’s voice when she had spent so much time with him before? 

Bai Xun’s body trembled slightly. Qin Feng was so close to her, he naturally noticed it and couldn’t help but panic and suffered from indescribable sadness.

He had originally wanted to have a pet, so naturally, he hadn’t cared if there was another person deep in the other’s heart.

He had just taken advantage of the situation and tricked the other person into liking him.

However, gradually, he didn’t want just a pet. He couldn’t stand traces of others on his belongings.

And hadn’t she said she liked him? Didn’t she say that she would stay with him?

Then he would have to see whom Bai Xun chose.

Qin Feng’s eyes darkened. He controlled himself to not appease Bai Xun, nor let his subordinates stop the man from approaching and just quietly stood on the side.

Originally, he hadn’t covered up this wedding, so the two people would discover it and would definitely show up. He didn’t want to stop this at all, because he wanted to see who was more important in Bai Xun’s heart! 

No matter what the outcome was, she would only be his.

Just to see if she was willing, or if she wanted to do something.

There was no sound in the church. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the entrance. When they clearly saw the man, they inhaled a breath of cool air in shock.

What was the identity of today’s bride? First Lu Zhi Yao, now Lu Zhi Yuan?

Lu Zhi Yuan gradually approached and clearly stopped nearby. His handsome face was as deep as carved marble and his dark eyes rolled with many emotions.

His hoarse, low voice was full of joy and bitterness: “Xiao Xun, I finally found you…”

Bai Xun’s hand which held the bouquet tightened. She opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Should she say that she didn’t know him like before?

No, she couldn’t say that.

Lu Zhi Yuan was different from Lu Zhi Yao. He didn’t use her like Lu Zhi Yao …

Before Bai Xun could open her mouth, Lu Zhi Yuan had already stepped forward and leaned over to hug her.

Bai Xun’s body was stiff, but Lu Zhi Yuan touched the actual person for the first time after so long causing his voice to become sour. “Xiao Xun, I miss you so much…I know about everything now.”

His low voice was full of pain and guilt. Bai Xun’s mind went blank for a moment and her lips trembled. She couldn’t believe it and softly asked, “You… you know?”

Bai Xun’s shaky words made Lu Zhi Yuan even more distressed—after discovering the truth, Lu Zhi Yuan recalled what he had said and done to her before. Lu Zhi Yuan had killed his own heart!

How couldn’t he see how deeply he had hurt Bai Xun with his words at that time? 

But he had looked at the person who had become pale because of his words and felt happy that he had hurt the other. 

Lu Zhi Yuan felt pain in his heart. Fortunately, he now knew…fortunately, he found her…fortunately, it wasn’t too late…

He tightened his arms around her, his eyes turned red. “I blamed you wrongly…I didn’t know the things you had done for me and I insulted you…Xiao Xun, I was wrong…I’m sorry…” 

When Bai Xun was hugged by him, she discovered that this person had really lost a lot of weight. In the past, he had hard muscles, now he was only left with a thin skeletal frame. At this time, the voice buried at her neck was choked. A few drops of warm tears touched her neck and her eyes were panicked and incredulous…

Lu Zhi Yuan was crying?

Bai Xun was at a loss, “A’Yuan, you… don’t need to…”

She didn’t push away Lu Zhi Yuan at first, and even called the other person’s name to comfort him. The helpless appearance made Qin Feng slightly dispirited on the side—Did he lose the bet?

Does she still care about this person?

Qin Feng hadn’t expected that even though he was envisioning such a result, when it came true his heart would become so stuffy.

“Do you forgive me? Xiao Xun, I don’t care about anything, I don’t need anything, I only want you. Now, no one can stop me, just come with me …” Lu Zhi Yuan felt Bai Xun’s heartache and couldn’t help but feel elated.

It was just that the carelessness between the words was painfully humble which made people’s noses sour.

Come with him?

Bai Xun’s heart, which had just been disrupted by the shock, suddenly returned to her senses.

She turned her heard to stiffly look at Qin Feng on the side. It seemed that since Lu Zhi Yuan appeared, he had never acted or even said a word. 

He wore a white suit, stood on the side, his face was inexplicable, but his eyelashes were lowered which gave him a desolate appearance. The cold atmosphere made him look even lonelier.

Bai Xun’s originally disturbed heart calmed down miraculously.

In fact, this was her and Qin Feng’s wedding.

She raised her hand and pushed away Lu Zhi Yuan and took two steps back. “I’m sorry, I can’t go with you.”

“Xiao Xun?” Lu Zhi Yuan was pushed away from her strength and his heart became cold. He looked at Bai Xun, his eyes were panicked, and he carefully said, “Are you still angry with me? Xiao Xun, you can beat me up, okay? So…”

He eagerly grabbed Bai Xun’s hand and slapped his face fiercely.

“Pa pa”, two crisp sounds, enough to see Lu Zhi Yuan’s strength. Everyone was shocked. Was the former heir of Lu crazy? 

Bai Xun was also startled, and she hurriedly took back her hand in a panic. “Lu Zhi Yuan, what are you doing?!”

“Xiao Xun, if you’re not tired, you can slap me more…” He revealed a smile that was uglier than tears, his handsome face full of flattery. “So, don’t be angry with me, okay?” 

How could a cold and arrogant person like Lu Zhi Yuan lower himself with a humble gesture for a woman….everyone couldn’t bear to watch.

Bai Xun also couldn’t. Her lips trembled, “Why are you doing this? I’ve never been angry with you.”

“Really?!” Lu Zhi Yuan’s eyes brightened, and he reached out his hand, “Then, let’s leave here together…”

Qin Feng on one side clenched his hand and his fingernails dug into his palms fiercely.

Everyone held their breaths, almost thinking that Lu Zhi Yuan was going to successfully snatch the bride, but….

Bai Xun suddenly took Qin Feng’s hand slowly, then looked up at Lu Zhi Yuan who stood on the other side and softly said, “Let the past go. Now, I just want to start a new path.”

“Stop joking. You must be mad at me, right? Xiao Xun…” Lu Zhi Yuan was flustered and helpless, his eyes were red, and he looked at her imploringly.

He couldn’t have imagined that there was no love, no hate and in the end, she just said “the past” so lightly.

It wasn’t just Lu Zhi Yuan, Qin Feng also was in disbelief for a moment—she hadn’t lied, she did like him.

Qin Feng stared at Bai Xun who was holding his hand and unconsciously hooked his lips. She finally chose him. 

Qin Feng’s frozen heart began to warm up. He had planned several blackened methods in his heart and was full of joy at this moment.

Qin Feng’s favorability rose to 90%.

“I’m not joking. Qin Feng gave me a feeling of family and has never lied to me. So, this person, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Bai Xun’s unusually serious expression hurt Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart even more. Qin Feng became a little flustered after hearing what she said.

Lu Zhi Yuan closed his eyes to press down the pain, then opened them again. “No matter what, I must take you today. I can’t watch you marry someone else.”

He said and tried to reach out to Bai Xun.

Qin Feng, who took no actions for a long time, finally moved. He held Bai Xun in his arms and separated her from Lu Zhi Yuan’s touch. 

“Can’t you understand? She doesn’t want to go with you. She likes me.” Qin Feng smiled like the spring breeze, but his words were cold and piercing. “Today’s visitors are all guests, of course, I welcome them.”

“But if you want to be destructive, let’s see if you have the ability.”

As soon as his words fell, countless bodyguards in black came in from all around and encircled them.

With so many people, it was impossible for Lu Zhi Yuan to take Bai Xun away.

Lu Zhi Yuan’s face turned pale.

Qin Feng smiled and raised his hand. “The wedding continues.”

As soon as his words fell, Qin Xiao suddenly stood up, smiled carelessly, and said casually: “Wait a minute, such a good atmosphere. I have a gift to show my father’s bride.”

Everyone who thought that the dust had settled once again focused their eyes—this wedding was really interesting.

Author’s Notes:

Happy Holidays, Hahaha Uncle Qin said he only wanted to get married…

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