Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 66

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 19

The chaotic wedding scenes… a bloodied wedding dress…  crazy men…

The silent atmosphere in the hospital’s corridor was like the last moment before a death sentence was pronounced.

Everyone’s brain was blank, their expressions were tense, and their eyes were fixed at the emergency room’s door without blinking.

They waited anxiously outside the door, not even taking the time to fight each other.

Deng deng deng…

The sound of high-heeled shoes tapping on the floor quickly sounded.

A figure gradually emerged, a wave of long curly hair scattered behind her, a waist snug suit and casual pants, outlined a tall figure.

Huang Yanran’s dark eyes swept the four surrounding men with cold anger.

She always had someone to watch the Lu Zhi brothers. Even though she didn’t receive Qin Feng’s invitation, she could guess who the bride was, with the eager appearance of the two brothers. 

However, even if she missed her, she was a little scared… After all, Bai Xun’s appearance of leaving her and being severely assaulted at that time was still vivid in her mind.

In the end, love conquers being timid. But when she arrived at the scene, it was already a mess.

The passerbyers described the events in a few words and her heart was alarmed.

Bai Xun fell and bled… she had no time to think further and hurried to the hospital.

Huang Yanran wasn’t familiar with the Qin family, so she glanced at Lu Zhi Yuan, her thin lips lifted slightly, and she said coldly, “How is Xiao Xun?”

“Still inside…” Lu Zhi Yuan’s voice was dull, and he pointed to the emergency room.

Huang Yanran clenched her fists, her eyes were sharp, her teeth were gritted. “Is that how you protect her? What’s going on?”

Qin Feng frowned at the angry Huang Yanran. He can still understand the Lu family’s brothers stealing people, but what happened to Huang Yanran? Didn’t she like Lu Zhi Yuan?

Lu Zhi Yao was kicked out, and he wasn’t clear what happened after.

But Lu Zhi Yuan was at the scene. He recalled the situation at the time, and his heart was full of anger. He got up and grabbed Qin Feng’s clothes. “Is Xiao Xun pregnant?”

“What?” Lu Zhi Yao, who followed him, and Huang Yanran were shocked when they heard, then looked at Qin Feng. 

Qin Feng’s eyes were a bit dazed before. At this time, he returned to his senses and frowned slightly. He raised his hand to block Lu Zhi Yuan and lightly said, “Is there something wrong? She’s my fiancée.” 

His words undoubtedly acknowledged that the child belonged to him in disguise, and Lu Zhi Yuan’s irresistible anger deepened. He mercilessly slammed his fist at him.

“Shut up! You’re just using her as a stand-in, knowing she’s simple and easy-going, to take advantage of her to hurt her like this?”

In a few words, Lu Zhi Yao and Huang Yanran had already guessed what happened.

Their eyes were cold and heavy. They stared at Qin Feng tightly, as if they were going to be hands-on the next moment as well.

Qin Feng was hit and stumbled back two steps. The bodyguard in the distance came to protect him immediately but was stopped by his wave.

His pure white suit was a bit messy, because he held her earlier in his arms. The suit was stained with blood and looked a little dirty, but this didn’t affect his expression at all. The handsome face was mature and elegant and the smile on his lips was cold.

“I hurt her? Didn’t you guys hurt her first?” He sneered twice, glancing around, one by one, his gaze fell on Lu Zhi Yao, Lu Zhi Yuan, then Huang Yanran. “Using her to obtain the Lu family, causing misunderstandings, insulting her the entire time and framing her behind her back… what, do you think she’ll forgive you?”

Qin Xiao, who had been waiting far away in the dark, appeared at this time. His face was still blue and purple, which was caused by the previously angry Qin Feng.

With his hands in his pockets, he didn’t show his arrogant wanton expression anymore. Instead, he was a little depressed and coldly said: “Can you stop for now? Isn’t the most important thing right now her wellbeing?”

When he recalled that moment when Bai Xun fell and that pool of blood, Qin Xiao regretted his action. He shouldn’t have exposed it in that way. Maybe if he was gentler, it could have avoided that tragic ending.

Qin Xiao didn’t say anything. As soon as he appeared, Qin Feng’s anger rose. “And you, Qin Xiao, if you didn’t take the photo to make trouble, would Xiao Xun be like this now?” 

“I made trouble? Isn’t this your own fault?” Qin Xiao was so angry that he said, “I’m sorry for her, but you should be sorry for my mother!”

“Oh, your mother?” Qin Feng laughed angrily and stared at Qin Xiao, “I promised the Leng family one thing, so I never told you.”

Qin Xiao’s heart leaped, his eyes were gloomy and he frowned unconsciously.

Qin Feng said coldly: “Your mother was pregnant before marriage, and I married her for the Leng family’s reputation. As for you, I have nothing to do with that.”

“You, what did you say?”

Qin Xiao couldn’t believe it. His voice was shaking …

If he wasn’t Qin Feng’s son, then what right did he have to do those things? Even with Bai Xun laying in the emergency room in the hospital…

Qin Feng sneered, “If you don’t believe it, you can go back and ask the people in the Leng family.”

Who would have anticipated this kind of thing? Since he dared to say this in public, Qin Xiao had already believed most of it.

His body trembled, he supported himself and looked at the emergency room with a pale face— he hurt the innocent Bai Xun…

At this time, the emergency room door opened.

A few people ignored the fight and hurried forward to surround the doctor.

“Doctor, how is she?”

The doctor shook his head and felt helpless. “The child can’t be kept. It was almost four months, it’s a pity. The patient needs to take a good rest. The mother’s body has been greatly damaged. With her constitution, I’m afraid it will be difficult to get pregnant later.”

It was like a thunderclap, and everyone’s heart shook.

The child is gone, and there may be no more in the future…

With a “peng”, Qin Xiao’s eyes turned red, then he hit the bench and ran out.

He’s going to ask the people from the Leng family… He needed to know if he really did something wrong…

Qin Feng’s hands were shaking. He didn’t care about the child at all, but he cared about Bai Xun.

His first reaction was that he couldn’t let Bai Xun know.

It doesn’t matter, if she wants a child, he can find a way to get one for her later.

As long as she stays with him.

But after the two brothers of the Lu family were distressed, they suddenly thought of something— four months was when Bai Xun just left…

This time, how could it be Qin Feng’s child?

Lu Zhi Yao thought of the night Bai Xun left, and panicked in his heart. He stepped forward to grasp Qin Feng’s shirt and his dark eyes were cold and sharp.

“Whose child was it?” The deep voice was hoarse.

Qin Feng thought and understood, but gradually calmed down.

He raised his eyes and looked at the man in front of him with a cold smile on his lips. “What is Lu talking about? Of course, the child is mine.” 

In the end, Lu Zhi Yao is deeper and more shrewd than Lu Zhi Yuan. He knew people like Qin Feng, the more furious they were, the more vulnerable they became.

His eyes were dark, and his face was cold and a little cynical. “Do you think that if you repeat the lie a lot, that it will become the truth?”

“It doesn’t really matter. She’ll become my wife only.” Qin Feng slowly arranged his cufflinks. He still wore the white suit… Today’s wedding was unfortunate…

Lu Zhi Yao clenched his fists. City B wasn’t his turf. Qin Feng’s people were everywhere, he couldn’t act rash. Losing one’s sanity can only result in being thrown out like at the wedding. 

Huang Yanran just helped push the sleepy Bai Xun into the ward at this time.

She came coldly, “I don’t care what you think, but when Xiao Xun is better, I will take her away and I will find her the best doctor.”

Qin Feng didn’t speak, but the meaning of the faint smile of refusal was obvious.

“Isn’t it too noisy with so many people? This is the hospital. It’s not good if it disturbs other patients. Please ask them to leave.”

“You…” Lu Zhi Yuan frowned slightly and wanted to step forward.

But only the bodyguards behind Qin Feng stopped the three of them.

Qin Feng ignored the noise behind him, adjusted his sleeves, and turned to enter the ward.

Bai Xun was still asleep. Qin Feng’s expression softened, and he touched her pale cheek trembling.

He’ll treat her well, he won’t let anyone take her away.

They will be like before…

Qin Feng trembled when he recalled Bai Xun’s final decision.

Bai Xun was very satisfied. She just fell asleep, and now Qin Xiao, who knows the truth, had 100% favorability. As for Qin Feng, it was at 95%.

This ball was worth it! As long as she gave Qin Feng the final blow, this script will be over!

The rest was Feng Chi and Pei Yan who hasn’t been seen yet.

On the other side, Feng Chi listened to the report regarding Bai Xun and casually stirred his coffee.

See, no one deserves your heart.

Being a bad person is good. When you’re a good person, all you get are lies and hurt.

He really looked forward to her reaction when he sees her again.

Author’s Notes:

Reader: Poor Pei Yan, all those guys have kissed and hugged, the Shura field opened several times and he still hasn’t even been seen…[/mfn]Pei Yan is the last ML in the game[/mfn]

Pei Yan: Dont worry, it will be laozi’s special soon!1Laozi is like a rude curse word meaning your father

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