Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 68

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 21

“Senior? Why are you… here?” Bai Xun looked at him with some excitement and some doubt.

Anyway, if he can come to her at this time, he must know something.

Su Shi got a response, which made him more certain.

“Xiao Xun, it really is you!” He strode forward, squatting in front of Bai Xun, reaching out and touching the back of her hand that was fair enough to see the blue blood vessels, and there were needle marks left by the continuous infusion, which made people feel cold and heartbroken.

“You’re so thin… The person Qin Xiao mentioned was you… I should have come earlier…” He whispered softly with sadness and self-blame.

It turned out that Qin Xiao asked him to come over.

Bai Xun’s eyes were red, but she still bent her lips to show her first sincere smile during this period of time. “Senior, don’t do this. I’m fine, it’s just that my health is bad, and I’ll take care of it.”

Su Shi looked at her with such a smile and felt even more uncomfortable.

He had originally searched all the places in City A, but there were no news of her. He even knew that the Lu family was looking for her.

Later, he heard that something happened to Qin Xiao, he was locked up by his grandfather, so he hurried over there.

He never thought that when he saw Qin Xiao, he couldn’t recognize him.

Was this drunk, scraggly, bearded and depressed man still the arrogant boy he had known?

From Qin Xiao’s words, it turned out that he had always wrongly blamed that woman, and even caused her to lose her child. Maybe she will never have another again.

Qin Xiao fell in love with her, and Father Leng saw that, and locked him up in anger.

Although Su Shi sympathized with the innocent woman, he still hoped that his brother could cheer up, and finally promised to help him by visiting the hospital.

He followed Qin Xiao’s command to find the ward, but Qin Feng’s people prevented him from entering. He could only wait outside.

Finally, the person inside came out by herself, but what did he see?

It was Bai Xun!

Su Shi connected Qin Xiao’s words bit by bit within the moment and put everything together into a heart-breaking fact.

The person who has been hurt and ignored by him is the person he has been looking for.

Su Shi raised his hand and touched Bai Xun’s cheek. His voice was shaking, and his eyes were distressed.

“I’m late, Xiao Xun. it’s okay now, I’ll take you away. Everything will be fine, and you can have children again…”

“Children?” Bai Xun seized with stabbing pain from the words just now and acted. “Senior, what did you say?”

Su Shi was stunned, thinking that he brought up something sad and felt even more distressed. “It’s over. I’ll take you away now. I know a lot of doctors abroad. There must be a way.”

“No, it’s not… am I okay?” Bai Xun’s lips trembled and she grabbed his arm hard. “What do you know?”

Su Shi finally realized that there was something wrong with Bai Xun— she didn’t seem to know that the child was gone.

He hesitantly held her hand, concerned: “Xiao Xun, how do you…”

“My child is gone? Right?” She asked softly, staring at him with watery eyes full of despair.

Su Shi felt so regretful, he thought she knew…

Looking at the despair in the bottom of Bai Xun’s eyes, he didn’t know what to say at this time. He could only reach out and hug her in his arms, and patted her gently, “Xiao Xun, don’t be excited, it’s all over…”

The suppressed cry turned to a whimper by biting her lips.

Feeling the wetness on his chest, Su Shi felt uncomfortable.

“Xiao Xun! Why did you run out by yourself, I will be worried about you …” Qin Feng, who was finally looking for her, finally found her in the handsome man’s arms at a glance.

He looked slightly heavy, strode forward, separated them, and bent down halfway to support Bai Xun’s shoulder, “Xiao Xun, you …”

As soon as he wanted to say something, he saw Bai Xun’s shoulders tremble when she heard his voice, her pale face was covered with tears, and her red eyes looked up with despairing hatred.

Qin Feng was shocked. He had a bad premonition, which made him panic and his Adam’s apple bob. “Xiao Xun, we should go back …”

“Go back? No… liar! You liar!” Bai Xun suddenly hit him like crazy, tearing his heart with a crying voice, “My child is gone, and never again… How can you act as if nothing happened? Look? You’re terrible… wuwu … “

She was so emotional that Qin Feng let her beat him, but he was afraid that she would hurt herself. He gently held her in his arms and hugged her, his voice was choked. “Xiao Xun, there will be, believe me, as long as you want, there will be many more… “

“Wuu …” Bai Xun’s tears ran down her face, but she couldn’t get rid of him. Her wet tears and long hair were plastered on her cheeks. She cried and drew up, her crying voice said with deep-rooted hatred, “Let go, I! I never want to see you ever again! You roll!” 

Do you hate me so much?… Qin Feng turned pale and ignored the pain in his heart, but it was impossible to let her go…

Bai Xun couldn’t calm down, her crying eyes were red, her mind was blank, and she bit the man’s shoulder directly.

Qin Feng snorted, and then remained motionless, holding her in one hand and patting her back with the other. He gritted his teeth and bear the pain of the torn flesh on his shoulder. 

This sudden shock made her crazy, and her mood fluctuated violently. After such a vent, her body went completely soft, and finally lost her strength and fainted.

Qin Feng caught her soft body and hugged it gently in his arms.

“Xiao Xun?”

He painfully caressed her wet black hair. Her lips had been bitten by her and the bright red color set off the pale little face, which made it slightly abnormal.

Qin Feng didn’t care about his wound. He picked up Bai Xun before leaving.


Su Shi, who had been stopped by a bodyguard in black, frowned, “Where are you taking her? She said she didn’t want to go with you.”

Qin Feng looked up at the handsome man in front of him, his face was full of coldness, “Did you tell her?”

How could Bai Xun suddenly discover the truth? It could only be the person in front of him. As long as he thought of Bai Xun’s hatred towards him just now, Qin Feng’s courageous momentum was almost overwhelming.

Although Su Shi hadn’t seen him, from Qin Xiao’s description, he could probably guess who this man was.

Thinking of what he did to Bai Xun, Su Shi’s gentle eyes became cold and sharp, “Give her back to me!”

His serious appearance made Qin Feng’s lips smile with contempt: “Who are you? Teach him how to speak.”

He said the sentence to the bodyguard on the side. He didn’t pay attention to Su Shi’s identity. He was too lazy to deal with him. After giving orders to his subordinates, he left with the comatose Bai Xun.

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