Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 69

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The Father and Son’s Rebellion – 22 

She could no longer stay at the hospital. Who knows if someone would sneak in again? 

Qin Feng directly brought people back to the Qin home. Isn’t it just repairing the body? It’s the same at home. The equipment, drugs, and even the doctors were arranged. 

Qin Feng wiped Bai Xun’s face with a hot towel and kept by her side. 

He was afraid now that Bai Xun had nothing: no children, and no motivation to live. 

She didn’t care anymore, but he did. 

“Xiao Xun, are you awake?” 

For a long while, Qin Feng saw her waking up. He spoke softly as to avoid scaring her, “We’re back, don’t be afraid. Are you hungry? Zhang Ma cooked your favorite preserved egg and lean meat porridge.” 

Bai Xun was motionless, her eyes were so blank as if she didn’t hear him at all. 

Qin Feng coaxed her with a soft voice, “Xiao Xun, if you talk, you can tell me whatever you want …” 

Bai Xun’s eyes moved, her lips opened slightly, and a soft voice sounded, “Let me go …” 

Qin Feng’s body was stiff, his lips softly converged. His eyes darkened a bit and his deep voice was hoarse, “Only that I can’t do.” 

Bai Xun closed her eyes and didn’t say another word. 

Qin Feng stayed with her until the evening. 

But there was no way she could avoid eating. He took the hot porridge and cooled it before he brought the spoon to her lips. 

Bai Xun raised her hand and knocked over the porridge bowl. The hot porridge made the back of his hand red instantly. 

Qin Feng wasn’t upset. He casually took a towel and wiped the porridge from the back of his hand, and his voice became softer. “It’s not appetizing? Then I’ll ask Zhang Ma to prepare something else …” 

Bai Xun didn’t move or speak. 

No matter what he brought, she refused to eat. 

Two days have passed, and this similar situation was played out no matter what was brought out. The only difference was that he was firmer now and has since lost the calm mentality he had before.  

Qin Feng stood up, pale and cold, “Do you think I’ll let you go if you don’t eat? No, no, you can only stay with me forever.” 

Bai Xun didn’t speak, she really didn’t have the strength to open her mouth. She only had her bright black eyes full of scorn that stared at him in disapproval. 

In front of such eyes, his heart trembled.  

However, he kept his cool and called the doctor, “Give her a nutritional injection.” 

The cold liquid flowed in through the blood vessels, and Qin Feng stared at the back of her blue and white hand with an unspeakable taste. 


In a blink of an eye, three days passed, and Bai Xun was almost completely thin. She was trapped in the white soft quilt, as if she would disappear at any time.  

Most of the time, was asleep. However, her face and lips were pale, devoid of color.  

He sat quietly by the bed, his face buried in the shadows, and only his red eyes showed uneasiness at this time. 

“You are so heartless.” 

Qin Feng’s voice was already hoarse, and his hands shook with a tremor, wanting to touch her, but shrank back.  

He didn’t dare to touch her at all, as if she was so fragile that she would break. 

He lost, because he cares, so he lost completely. 

“Xiao Xun, would you like to eat something?” Qin Feng sat near the bed, almost praying. 

Bai Xun closed her eyes and ignored him. Qin Feng’s eyes were slightly red, and his voice was dry. “Xiao Xun, tell me, what will make you eat?”  

She finally moved, opened her eyes and looked at him. Her lips opened, but she couldn’t make a sound, but Qin Feng understood … 

She wants to leave … 

Qin Feng suddenly tightened his fists. He wanted to refuse, but looking at Bai Xun like this, he couldn’t say anything.  

He didn’t allow her to leave, but what would he do if she was gone? 

She can be cruel to herself, but he can’t. 

It was a long time before he compromised, his voice was difficult and bitter. He spoke slowly, as if with great perseverance— 

“… Okay, you take good care of yourself. I’ll let you go …” 

Qin Feng’s favorability 100%. 

Bai Xun finally relaxed and slightly tilted her lips. 


As soon as Bai Xun’s body recovered, she didn’t want to stay with Qin Feng a moment longer. 

Her indifferent expression once again stabbed Qin Feng’s heart, but his face was still pale with lingering sentiment. 

“Xiao Xun, I chose a suburban house for you. It’s quiet and there are no people. You can …” 

Bai Xun didn’t want to talk, so she just rolled up the window and blocked him out. 

Qin Feng stiffened outside the car. He always used to be in high spirits, but now looked haggard.  

He smiled a little self-deprecatingly, at least, he knows where people are, and still has a chance … 

But how could Bai Xun go to the house arranged by Qin Feng? 

Now only Feng Chi and Pei Yan were left… 

She glanced at the driver in front of her and hooked her lips. 


On the other side, Su Shi was wounded, but the people from the Su family found him and took him back in time. 

Qin Xiao was locked up for a few days and ran to see him the first chance he had. 

“What’s the matter? Did you fight with Qin Feng? Did you see Xiao Xun? I heard that Qin Feng has brought people back to the Qin home. It’s even more difficult to see now …” 

He stopped his series of words shortly once he realized something was wrong with Su Shi when he didn’t say a word. 

“What’s wrong with you?” Qin Xiao hesitated. “I’m sorry that you’re hurt because of me …” 

Su Shi finally moved, and his eyes were cold. “You don’t need to apologize, because she is also a person I like.” 

“What do you mean?” Qin Xiao frowned, waiting for a response; then he got excited and stepped forward to grab Su Shi’s collar, “Do you like her? I treat you as a brother, you want to grab Laozi’s woman?”1Laozi means this old man/father, it’s a way to curse people out implying that he is his father 

Su Shi waved his hand and frowned, his usual warm voice was cold, “I know her first. She was the one I’ve been looking for.” 

“Is she?” Qin Xiao knew how much Su Shi valued that person, and it was a bit difficult to say something for a while. 

Su Shi glanced at him and said, “It’s meaningless to argue about these things now. She isn’t back, so I have an idea.” 


“Let’s join hands and rescue Xiao Xun first.” 

Qin Xiao was silent for a while. With their current strength, they were really not Qin Feng’s opponents. 

After a long while, he raised an eyebrow. “First of all, I won’t give her to you.” 

Su Shi gently raised his eyebrows and said with a slight smile, “When the time comes, you have to depend on your own abilities.” 


However, before they could figure out how to bring people out of the Qin home, they received bad news—Bai Xun had an accident. 

They hurried to the Qin home and no one stopped them. 

That person is gone, so it was meaningless to stop them. 

The two looked pale and went inside step by step. 

It was a mess, the figure holding Bai Xun’s clothes in the corner seemed to have aged ten years overnight, with silver lining his black hair.  

Qin Feng didn’t look at them at all. His eyes were dull, his hair was messy, and he sat paralyzed by the wall. 

The hearts of the two people shook when they saw Qin Feng look like this. So, it was true?   

Just then, Uncle Wu hurried over from outside— 

“Sir, the police checked and furen’s body wasn’t found in the burned car …”2Furen means madam, implying they are married 

The man in the corner finally moved, “… What?” 


At the same time, Bai Xun, who had just opened her eyes, looked at the smiling handsome man in front of her, showing a confused look. 

She still had gauze on her head, raised her hand to cover her forehead, and said intermittently, “Oh, you…who are you …? Where is this? …” 

Looking at her tightly frowning brows, he narrowed his beautiful peach blossom eyes and said thoughtfully, “Don’t you remember? Do you know who you are?” 

“I, I can’t remember?” Bai Xun had a headache, and her wet black eyes looked at him with innocence. “… Can you tell me?” 

Feng Chi paused for a moment, then deepened his smile and whispered softly, “Your name is Bai Xiao Xun, and I am your fiancé, Feng Chi.” 

Author’s Notes:

Opens up Pei Yan and Feng Chi’s special session! The wife with amnesia is online! I personally see this part of the plot as dire and tortured hahaha~~ Bai Xun powerful!

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