Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 70

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King of the Night – 01

The place where Feng Chi lived was far away from the city. It looked like an ordinary suburban villa on the outside, but the interior decoration was better than Qin Feng’s residence.

Bai Xun was left there to recuperate. In addition to her head injury, she had flesh wounds on her body as well. It would be good to rest there for a while. 

I just can’t remember the past, and I can’t bear the headache when I think about it …

Of course, it was all a play by Bai Xun to deceive Feng Chi!

After all, how could she love someone wholeheartedly after experiencing the previous events?

Therefore, it was even more impossible for them to trust her.

Only when she had amnesia and became a piece of white paper, would it become more convenient for them to control her.

Regardless, Feng Chi tested her from time to time these days. Fortunately, Bai Xun was alert and had no flaws in her innocent natural shell. 

Gradually, she managed to stabilize Feng Chi’s favorability to 50%.

That day, Bai Xun brought him a cup of tea. As soon as she arrived at the door of Feng Chi’s study, she heard the conversation between him and his subordinates.

Feng Chi knocked on the table, and said lightly, “The person who hit the scene last time was found?”

“It’s the internal strife of Xingrong gang. The new owner came into power and seems to be dissatisfied with the previous treaty that was signed before.” 

He chuckled softly and coldly said, “He hasn’t even dug his heels in stably, and he isn’t afraid to die …”

… What the fuck! This kind of thing shouldn’t be known, wasn’t it completely taboo of her to hear this?

Bai Xun came to the door as there was no need to hide. She knocked on the door and looked at the two people in the room. She specifically looked at Feng Chi and smiled, “A’Chi, are you still busy? It’s already noon. Zhang Ma says the meal is ready…” 

Zhang Ma was a brick, she would move her wherever she needed to be. Every president’s residence should have a middle-aged aunt who can cook! 

When Feng Chi saw that she looked better, he softly said with a smile, “It will be over soon.” 

He was wearing a plain black shirt with two buttons unbuttoned, it complemented his honey-colored collarbone and looked sexy and chic. 

Since Feng Chi didn’t move towards her, Bai Xun simply walked in, placed the tea cup on the desk, and looked at the respectful man in black in front of him and hesitated, “Don’t talk for too long. It’s bad for your stomach if you don’t eat on time. I’ll wait for you first.”

Feng Chi paused for a while. It seemed that this was the first time someone cared about him in this way.

“Forget it, we’ll go down together.” He smiled and stretched out his hand to hold Bai Xun’s hand, which was different from his own strong and slender hands. It laid soft and comfortable in the palm of his hand. 

Bai Xun froze and looked at the fingers that held her. She always felt that it should be like this …

Feng Chi naturally noticed and held tighter. He stood up and led her downstairs, then instructed the man behind him: “Feng Yi, go and prepare for the evening.”

Bai Xun looked at him curiously, “Why, is there anything else in the evening?”

Feng Chi glanced at her belatedly with a deep smile. “Little thing, just go out with me.”

Bai Xun nodded, and probably understood in her heart, what was there to do at night?

The night was deep. Bai Xun followed Feng Chi, dully standing on the pier, watching boxes of things being transported ashore by his men.

Feng Chi was a combination of white and black. On the surface, he operated clubs and in private, he was a smuggler.

Gee, fortunately this is a game, or wait for the police uncle to catch you!

Feng Chi wore a long black trench coat, and his waistband design outlined his wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs. His lips had an invisible smile which added a sense of mystery. 

Bai Xun wore the same style as him and followed him to count the goods expressionlessly. She guessed that she was also a cold and beautiful big sister in the eyes of those subordinates! 

Bai Xun glanced at the cultural relics and antiques in the box and asked lowly, “Are these authentic?”

Feng Chi heard and took a glance at her, then chuckled, “If you want it to be authentic, then it’s authentic.”

Bai Xun didn’t speak again, but she looked uneasy. 

After the inspection, Bai Xun followed Feng Chi and went to the car.

On the way, she was silent for a long while, and finally spoke. “A’Chi, do we have to do this? Can you …”

“Xiao Xun? Why do you think so?” Feng Chi looked at her with a bit of surprise and suddenly remembered something, then pulled her helplessly, “Yes, I almost forgot that you don’t remember what happened before.”

“But these things aren’t something you can get away with. What’s more, there are so many people to support…” He sighed and raised his hands to stroke her wind-torn hair. His voice was soft as he said, “You used to help me. Now, you’re not used to it?”

Bai Xun froze and looked up at him. His eyes were like the dark night with some shimmering light, as if there was deep affection in them. 

He said that they grew up together, he was her fiancé, and they were about to get married … but she lost her memory because of a car accident.

Now, how can she say she’s not used to it?

Bai Xun lowered her eyes and said gently, “It’s okay… I’m just… a little worried about you.”

Feng Chi bent his head, reached out and pulled her into his arms. Kissing her earlobe intimately, he whispered, “I know, rest assured, I will be fine.”

Bai Xun’s body stiffened, as if she was not used to his closeness. But this was her fiancé …

She reluctantly relaxed herself and wrapped her arms around his thin waist.

Feng Chi sniffed the faint aroma from the hair near him, his eyes mocking.

Even if it turned into a blank piece of paper and was presented to him at the present, would she still stick to those so-called moral laws when she was brought to the present situation? 

He really wanted to know what kind of expression she would have when she recovered her memory. Once that time came, would she become completely black? 

“Brother Chi!” Feng Yi took a big step with sweat on his forehead. He wanted to say something, but after looking at them, he paused. 

Feng Chi loosened, and as if he didn’t see his hesitant look, raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Feng Yi looked at his unobtrusive appearance and could only say, “The shipment in Chengnan District 3 was detained.”

Feng Chi paused, looking slightly cold, “Who did it?”

Feng Yi’s voice was lowered a little, “Xing Rong helped the newly appointed one and said he wanted you to come personally.”

“Interesting.” Feng Chi pulled the corners of his mouth and whispered, “Xiao Xun, you go back first. I’ll go and have a look.”

He didn’t stop and got into a different car with Feng Yi. This batch of goods must be unusual for Feng Chi to pay such close attention to it. 

Bai Xun certainly knew who he was going to meet, but she could wait. Pei Yan was more suspicious than Feng Chi.

She obediently got into the car and waited.

On the other side, Feng Chi took someone to the dock. Obviously, the other person had been waiting for a long time.

In the middle, stood a man in a black suit. He was tall with long legs, and stood with one foot on a box as he played with a dagger in his hand. 

Though his facial features were hidden in the night, just his standing figure gave off a fierce wolfish aura like a sword in a sheath, which could make people tremble.


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