Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 71

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King of the Night – 02 

Feng Chi came closer to see the man in front of him. He looked twenty-seven years old, tall and straight, with perfect smooth muscle lines. 

His hair was an inch long, he had very short curly hair clinging to his scalp which gave a sharp chill. The unshaded facial features were deep and handsome and had strong impact. And the most remarkable feature were those eyes, which were dull and fierce, like a beast lurking quietly in the night, as if they would strangle people’s throats the next moment.  

This is a dangerous man. 

Of course, it’s awe-inspiring to be able to sit in the leader’s position at all when Xingrong gang was in a mess.   

“It’s been a long time, sect leader Pei.” Feng Chi didn’t dare to belittle him. He didn’t seem to see the crowd in black around him, instead he just relaxed and smiled. 

“Since I’m here, I won’t make beat around the bush. I’ve always cooperated with Xingrong gang. The well water doesn’t dare offend the river…” He smiled lightly and spoke slowly, only pointing to the box Pei Yan stepped on, “but now, this is?”  

“That was before.” 

Pei Yan has a sexy smoky voice, hoarse and thick. When speaking, it seems that the vocal cords were vibrating with perfect metallic texture.  

It was so concise, there were no other way to describe it.  

Feng Chi wasn’t annoyed, his smile remained the same. “Tell me clearly, your conditions.” 

Pei Yan stood up slightly straight, the dagger he was playing with firmly stopped in the palm of his hand. A silver light just slipped into the scabbard on his side.   

“It’s too risky, 50-50.” 

These simple words were concise and Feng Chi’s smile converged. He faintly said, “The lion opens his mouth and Pei sect leader won’t uphold justice.”  

“That’s all there is to talk about.” 

Pei Yan stared at him calmly, those black eyes were cold, like bloodthirsty beasts. 

Feng Chi glanced around, and it seemed that the goods couldn’t be returned. 

His eyes narrowed slightly, and his smile deepened. “It seems that today isn’t the appropriate time to talk. I’ll be the host some other day, find a good place and invite sect leader Pei to give me face. This batch of goods will be sent to Pei.”   

He turned and left. 

The person behind Pei Yan bowed, he shook his head slightly and the meaning in his sexy smoky voice was unknown, “He’s not simple.” 

Only when the line of sight behind him disappeared, Feng Chi’s nerves relaxed.  

Feng Yi followed him, “Brother Chi, is that all right? Then we will …” 

Feng Chi didn’t answer his question directly, but interrupted him, “Have you heard any news from our people?” 

After a pause, Feng Yi replied, “I just received the message that’s already dead.” 

Feng Chi raised an eyebrow. “Was it discovered?” 

“… I don’t think so.” Feng Yi himself was a little confused. “It’s impossible to find out with no clues…” 

Feng Chi hooked his lips. “Pei Yan doesn’t need clues. As long as he has some double about that person. Do you think it’s still possible to live?” 

“Then what do we do?” 

Feng Chi laughed softly, his voice was cold, “Contact Pei Jiao, didn’t he always want the position?” 


By the time Feng Chi returned, it was already two o’clock in the morning. 

When he entered the hall expressionlessly, he saw the person sleeping on the sofa at a glance. 

The yellow chandelier in the hall was gorgeous, and the scattered light shrouded the sofa. She was probably a little cold. She was huddled up into a small ball, curled into the corner of the sofa. 

Feng Chi was lost for a moment, was she waiting for him? 

Immediately his first reaction was—what was her purpose? 

But after thinking about it for a while, he concluded there wasn’t. 

She doesn’t remember anything, he’s the only person in the world now. 

If she really has any purpose to do this kind of thing, wasn’t it probably to please him? 

But he clearly felt that she didn’t like his closeness. 

So, sincerely, just worried about him? 

It has to be said that this kind of purposeless and pure concern made Feng Chi’s heart surge emotionally at this moment.   

Favorability 60%. 

He looked softer, walked slowly to the sofa, looking at Bai Xun, who had changed into cute pajamas. As if she was cold, she curled up tighter. 

He took off his windbreaker and covered her. 

“Wu… A’Chi, you’re back?” Bai Xun was awakened by the movement. She was muddleheaded as she just woke up and looked at the person above her unconsciously.  

Feng Chi responded softly. “How can you sleep here? I’ll take you upstairs or you’ll catch a cold later.” 

He said and leaned over to pick her up, but Bai Xun was awake now. 

“How is it? Did you deal with it?” 

She said anxiously and looked at him carefully. Only when she was sure that he wasn’t hurt did she let go.   

Immediately, she realized that the present position was unnatural, then said, “You let me down first…”  

“I’m fine, everything is done.” Feng Chi’s eyes were slightly curved, covering the emotions from the bottom of his eyes, and chuckled, “It’s you, don’t catch a cold tomorrow, I will send you back to your room to sleep.” 

He said and carried the stunned her in his arm. 

Bai Xun’s reflexes caused her to wrap her hands around his neck and her cheeks were a little red. “Don’t bother. You haven’t eaten all night. I cooked you porridge. Please let me down.”  

“You did?” Feng Chi’s heart was moved and immediately let her down.  

Bai Xun smiled tenderly and went to the kitchen to bring it out, “Although I don’t remember many things, I always have a vague impression. You used to like this …” 

Her eyes were shining, and she passed the sweet shrimp rice porridge before Feng Chi’s eyes. 

Light and refreshing, attractive color … 

But Feng Chi’s eyes sank, and after a while, he didn’t reach out to pick it up.  

Bai Xun was puzzled, “What’s wrong?” 

Feng Chi glanced at her, raised his lips and smiled. The halo covered the coldness in his eyes. His voice was as soft as ever. “You remember wrong, I don’t eat seafood.” 

“Ah? But obviously …” Bai Xun looked at the shrimp in the bowl, then looked at Feng Chi again. She wanted to say something but stopped.  

After a while, she put down the porridge bowl and said with distress: “Sorry, I don’t remember …” 

Those impressions Bai Xun said was meant for Qin Feng … Feng Chi’s heart was blocked, and his lips were curved, “It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to eat now.” 

Qin Feng likes it or not, she doesn’t know; but Feng Chi certainly doesn’t like it because he is allergic to seafood. 

She just inadvertently reminded him that she wasn’t his thing in his pocket, and he had to be nervous all the time … 

Bai Xun wrinkled her small nose and was a little worried, “How could I do that? What will you do if you have stomach problems later?” 

She was obviously concerned about him, but Feng Chi had a sense of boredom. 

This kind of concern is also false, as it was for the person who she left … 

His eyes were a little dark—she was his now, and she still thought about others subconsciously. 

Feng Chi suddenly reached out and pulled the person closer, leaning over to Bai Xun’s ear. 

“I miss you more …” 

It’s too close … The low voice has an ambiguous meaning, and the heat in the breath transferred to her.   

Feng Chi circled her thin waist, and landed feathery kisses on her white earlobe, and moved a little to the slender neck … 

The dense kisses weren’t intense, but itched with crispness and numbness … 

Heavy gasps sounded gradually, and she was embraced on the sofa. 

Bai Xun’s heartbeat was fast, and she didn’t know where to put her hands. 

She was full of panic and rejection—it shouldn’t be like this … 

“No, no …” Bai Xun finally murmured, raising her hand to push him away.   

When Feng Chi was pushed away, he wasn’t surprised.  

He looked a little lost, “Xiao Xun?” 

Bai Xun came back to her senses and was stunned. She rejected him again, but shouldn’t they be intimate?  

She was a little hesitant and uneasy, “I, I’m not … sorry, I’m not used to …” 

After a moment, Feng Chi sighed belatedly. He couldn’t bear the deep feelings in her eyes—his husky voice was soft. “I’m sorry. I was too anxious. You don’t have your memories so you’re not used to it. It’s normal…but don’t make me wait too long?” 

He reached out and patted the back of Bai Xun’s shoulder gently. 

Bai Xun buried herself in his arms and nodded, it was appropriate. 

Gee, I have no previous memories and I’m not used to it! So intimate with no favorable impression…oh you’re a big pig trotter, this kid is very bad!  

However, after that night, Feng Chi intentionally or unintentionally got closer to her. And because of some guilt, Bai Xun tried to respond to him. 

Of course, her injuries were cured, and it was impossible to stay in the house the entire time. 

“There’s a new club and I just need someone I trust to take it over.” 

Facing Feng Chi’s smile, Bai Xun frowned. “But, I have forgotten the past. I may not …” 

“It’s okay.” Feng Chi stood up and stroked her long hair. “And Feng Yi, I’ll ask him to help you.” 

Bai Xun then nodded, “I will do well.” 

Feng Chi kissed her forehead with satisfaction and said softly, “I have something important to do recently. Take good care of yourself.” 

He wanted to drag her into his camp and let her dye herself in darkness with her own hands. 

Of course, she has to agree. After all, this is the place where she brushes Pei Yan! In this period of time, Feng Chi should join forces with Pei Jiao who wants to become the boss to assassinate Pei Yan and the injured Pei Yan will escape to her club…  

En, the game is arranged like this. She just needs to obediently wait for Pei Yan to come to her door! 


After Bai Xun inspected the club, what she had to do was actually very simple. She gave instructions and supervised. 

Only after real contact did she know that Feng Chi is really rich! She can roll in money for two years before she leaves the game…  

After exclaiming, Bai Xun rolled herself in a soft quilt and became a silkworm baby.  

Suddenly, her sensitive nose smelled the subtle scent of blood, but she didn’t hear a sound.  

Bai Xun panicked, and immediately wanted to call people immediately, but— 


In the night, there was a silver flash, and Bai Xun could only see a tall vague figure.  

What happened? 

At the last moment when Bai Xun was clear-minded, she was very remorseful—why did she curled herself into a silkworm? She couldn’t move at all! She can’t even cover her own bloody neck!!!  

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