Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 73

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King of the Night – 04 

Bandaging the wound, Pei Yan almost passed out in pain. 

Bai Xun took care of the blood-stained clothes and gauze, then saw Pei Yan lying on the carpet with a pale face. 

She frowned, walked to Pei Yan and squatted down, “Hey, how are you?” 

Pei Yan opened his eyes and glanced at her for a while. The husky voice became weaker and weaker, “I can’t die yet.” 

Bai Xun was relieved, but nothing changed on her face. 

“Well then, rest.” 

She finished talking then went around him to the bed and wrapped herself with a quilt. She paused, to cover him—or not?  

Pei Yan looked at his naked upper body and his abdomen wrapped with gauze. The air-conditioned night was a bit cool. 

“You’ll let me lie on the ground like this all night?” 

Bai Xun was too lazy to ignore him and said coldly: “There are no other beds here, if you can’t stand it, you can ask someone outside to come and change it to your comfort.” 

Pei Yan’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. This woman had saved him. How could she look like she didn’t care at all now. 

Of course, Bai Xun couldn’t be nice to him as soon as he arrived. After all, he was in the gang that opposed her fiancé. It was her virgin heart that couldn’t help but save him. As for the other, the colder she became and the more she didn’t try to please him, the more Pei Yan would feel at ease.   

The next day, Bai Xun woke up after a good sleep.   

A vigilant person such as Pei Yan had woken up early even after being seriously injured. 

But Bai Xun wasn’t worried at all. The rope was also a game-produced item. As long as she tied him up, it would be impossible to untie it without help.   

When she got out of bed, she looked at Pei Yan first, and saw that he was fine, so she went to wash up. 

Pei Yan actually didn’t sleep much that night, half of which was due to his aching wound, and half was thinking about this Bai Xun person. 

Regardless of whether she tied him up or ruthlessly bandaged him, she did save him, but she didn’t ask for anything, and didn’t even care about his true identity. 

It was as if she just saw him injured and saved him. 

Bai Xun came over after washing and changing her clothes. She looked at Pei Yan, and thought for a while, then said: “I’m going out to do business. If you want to live, stay here quietly.”   

She didn’t care what Pei Yan thought, then she took the trouble to move him into the big closet. She patted her hands, firmly and calmly said, “It’s safer here.”   

Pei Yan’s face was a bit ugly, of course, he didn’t have any right to speak now. 

The favorability still hadn’t moved, but Bai Xun wasn’t in a hurry. 

She had just come out when Feng Yi came over to find her.   

“Big sister Xun, Brother Chi is injured, he …” 

“What?” Bai Xun was frightened. She didn’t wait for Feng Yi to finish, instead she pushed him away and took the car.     

Perhaps she was too anxious, Bai Xun ran all the red lights all the way to the house. She hadn’t even noticed Zhang Ma downstairs. She directly went upstairs and ran to Feng Chi’s room.   


She opened the door, her eyes were red, and her voice was shaking. 


Feng Chi was changing his clothes, with a straight and upright back, a thin waist, and only a fist-size gauze wrapped around his arm, but it hadn’t affected his movements. 

His long slender fingers buttoned the shirt button while looking at Bai Xun, who rushed in hurriedly and gasped for breath. He was a little confused, “Xiao Xun, what’s wrong?” 

Bai Xun was a little embarrassed. She looked at Feng Chi and her voice was a little stuffy. “I heard Feng Yi say that you were injured, so …” 

Feng Chi froze, then immediately smiled, “So you were worried and rushed over?” 

Bai Xun didn’t speak and just stared at him. 

“I’m fine.” Feng Chi raised his arm. “It’s a small wound. It doesn’t matter. Didn’t Feng Yi tell you?” 

Bai Xun was a little embarrassed, “I … I didn’t finish listening …” 

Feng Chi’s heart was moved, she just ran over all worried after hearing the first few words. 

“You …” He stepped forward and pressed her into his arms. His deep voice seemed to make his chest vibrate. “Why are you so stupid?” 

“I didn’t think about it much, but my head went blank when I heard you were hurt.” Bai Xun seemed to think of something, then broke away from him and stared at him. “How could you be hurt?” 

Feng Chi paused and said lightly: “Last night I went to do something. Don’t worry, very few people can hurt me.” 

… It wasn’t because of the fight with Pei Yan last night? 

How could Feng Chi beat Pei Yan? 

I’m positive that he played dirty and hurt the other side … 

Bai Xun’s mind turned and she bit her lip silently. “Did you get hurt yesterday?” 

Feng Chi smiled, “Xiao Xun, are you worried about me?” 

Bai Xun didn’t speak, instead she grabbed his sleeves anxiously. “A’Chi, we … we’ll do business right, OK? Don’t …” 

Feng Chi interrupted her with a faint look. “Xiao Xun, why are you saying that again? Feng Yi said you are doing well there.” 

He wouldn’t listen to her … 

Bai Xun’s face was dimmed and she smiled reluctantly. “I don’t know anything, most of the work is done by Feng Yi.” 

Feng Chi smiled softly, “How can that be? You have potential, have you encountered any problems over there?” 

Bai Xun paused, she shouldn’t lie to Feng Chi, but … 

She shook her head. “It’s going well.” 

After hesitating for a while, Bai Xun said, “A’Chi, have you … have you killed anyone?” 

Her voice was a little light and shaky. Even though she knew that Feng Chi’s business wasn’t moral, how could she accept this matter … 

Feng Chi narrowed his eyes, covering the coldness of his eyes, his voice was soft, “Xiao Xun, you know, sometimes, if I don’t kill people, others will kill me.” 

Bai Xun tightened her fingers for a moment, and her face changed slightly. 

“But, but …” 

“Well, I’m joking.” Feng Chi reached out and held her trembling hand, and said jokingly: “I’m just a businessman, so just do business.” 

“That’s good …” Bai Xun was relieved, and her face was better. She slowly approached his arms and said dumbly, “Don’t be hurt anymore …” 

“Don’t worry.” Feng Chi stroked her long hair and lowered his eyes to cover the bottom of his eyes. 

It was unlikely that Bai Xun would cheat him or have something to hide from him. 

Now that Bai Xun was here, naturally she would accompany Feng Chi for the day. 

So, when she returned to the club, she remembered. It seems that she wasn’t in the house all day, so of course, no one fed Pei Yan.   

Bai Xun brought a bowl of porridge into the room and opened the closet door to see Pei Yan, who was starving and dying. She couldn’t help but feel a little flustered.   

“That, I’m so sorry, I was a bit busy today, I forgot to give you something to eat.” She blinked sincerely with her big eyes. 

At this moment, not only Pei Yan’s wounds hurt, but also his stomach and whole body hurt! He couldn’t help but suspect that the woman wasn’t trying to save him, but to torture him to death!   

Author’s Notes:

I can only drink white porridge for abdominal pain and diarrhea. I am as pitiful as Pei Yan.

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