Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 74

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King of the Night – 05 

Pei Yan’s dark eyes rolled with color and his pale lips were tightly pursed without saying a word.   

Bai Xun dragged him out. It was impossible to untie the rope for him, she could only spoon feed him.   


Pei Yan glanced at her. He was under her roof and had no choice but to give in.   

When he finished eating the bowl of porridge, he felt even hungrier. 

A husky voice rang softly. “Anything else?” 

Bai Xun looked at him and pouted her lips. “Only this bowl, if I eat so much, they will be suspicious.”   

Pei Yan froze. He was unhappy from the bottom of his heart. He felt that he had lived for more than 20 years and that accumulated time was to meet this woman.   

Bai Xun took the medicine and gauze, “OK, it’s time to apply medicine.” 

As she approached, Pei Yan didn’t even bother to open his eyes and let her fiddle. 

Was it safe enough now? 

Bai Xun squatted in front of him and untied the gauze that was soaked with blood. It seemed that Pei Yan had tried to break free from the rope after she left, so the wound was bleeding again.   

Bai Xun frowned, and her tone wasn’t good. “The wound almost opened again. If you don’t want it, just say it. Don’t waste my medicine.” 

She seemed a little angry, and her hands weren’t gentle. Pei Yan groaned, gritting his teeth to resist the pain. 

But he didn’t retort. He felt a little guilty, but … she had locked him up … 

Pei Yan looked complicated. 

He waited for Bai Xun to reapply the medicine and exhale. She didn’t look at him and closed the medicine box, then said lightly, “If you want to live, rest.” 

It was really unfriendly. Pei Yan laid on the carpet and fell asleep tonight, maybe he felt relieved.   

Bai Xun thought it was almost the same, but the room temperature was a little low. Pei Yan had no clothes and was seriously injured. She was afraid that he would catch a cold.   

Sure enough, in the middle of the night, Pei Yan had his eyes closed and had sweat on his forehead.   

He seemed extremely uncomfortable, and the sound he made had Bai Xun stumbling over to him. She pushed him, “Hey, are you okay?” 

As soon as she touched his skin, she found it to be frighteningly scalding. 

Instantly, Bai Xun was wide awake. She didn’t dare turn on the ceiling light. She could only turn on the bedside lamp. In the dim light, she leaned over to see him.   

“Wake up, how are you?” 

Bai Xun reached out and touched his forehead eagerly. Her hands were hot, “You have a fever!” 

She immediately stood up, went to the medicine box and took antipyretics and water to him. 

Then, she got a basin of cold water, took a towel and wrung it dry and placed it on his forehead.   

Pei Yan laboriously opened his eyes and looked at the busy slender back in front of him, and his heart was moved. 

The temperature still hadn’t dropped, Bai Xun was anxious. Pei Yan was originally injured. It wasn’t good if he was burning and got an infection.   

She took a bottle of wine, looked at the man with closed eyes and red cheeks. She murmured, “Rubbing alcohol can cool your body, don’t think about it…”   

After sighing, she wiped Pei Yan’s body with cotton wool dipped in wine. 

Pei Yan’s muscles were strong, with perfect lines, and his honey-colored skin felt firm and elastic. 

Bai Xun’s eyes didn’t wander, she just fixedly stared at the small piece of skin at the tip of her fingers and moved slowly.   

She didn’t know that although Pei Yan was groggy and hot, the cool soft damp touch made him realize what happened.   

Bai Xun’s hands were tender, they were as soft as cotton, moving towards his chest little by little, which was more abrasive to people than a high fever.   

He vaguely thought that this woman hadn’t used a knife or held a gun often, there weren’t any calluses. Who was she?   

Pei Yan slowly fell asleep comfortably while thinking … 

The temperature gradually dropped, and Bai Xun looked at his tight wrinkled brows and assumed that he was still suffering.   

She saw that Pei Yan’s favorability became 10%. Bai Xun bent her lips. When he was the most vulnerable, he would slowly open his heart, this was the only time he put down his guard.   

She found a blanket to cover Pei Yan, and she sat beside him, who slept on the bed. 

The next day, when Pei Yan woke up, he felt a lot better. 

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Bai Xun, who was asleep next to him, and his body was slightly stiff. The memory of last night was slowly recalled. So, did she take care of him all night? 

Pei Yan glanced at the blanket on his body, and then glanced at the person at the foot of the bed. 

He had no interest in women and hadn’t looked at this person carefully in the past two days. 

But now that he looked, she really was outstanding. 

Sophisticated eyebrows, straight nose, and those closed eyes, he remembered them shining as bright as stars when they were open. 

The bright light outside the window came in, her fair skin was clear and lustrous. His sight wandered and fell to her pink lips unconsciously…. 

Pei Yan narrowed his eyes. 

“Are you awake? How do you feel?” Then a sound of surprise sounded, Bai Xun stared at him and reached out to touch his forehead. 

But it seemed that she forgot that she was sitting at the foot of the bed all night, her legs were stiff, so she laid directly on Pei Yan. 

Pei Yan groaned. Bai Xun couldn’t help but blush. She hurriedly sat up with her hands on his chest.   

He didn’t dislike the light fragrance when her soft body fell on him.   

Besides, were women so soft? He even suspected that he could break her neck with one hand.   

Bai Xun hadn’t noticed Pei Yan’s dazing off, and she was full of guilt. “I’m sorry, I fell on you. Did it reopen the wound?”   

Pei Yan just looked straight at her. 

She was worried about him. 

He didn’t open his eyes, his husky voice covered his heart with calmness, “It’s nothing, instead it’s much better.” 

She checked the gauze again and was relieved when she saw it was okay. 

“That’s good. You must be hungry. I’ll get you something to eat right away.” 

She simply washed and went out, but this time she came back with a full pot. 

Today Pei Yan was surprisingly silent, but cooperated. 

When the porridge was finished, he stared at Bai Xun and asked, “What’s your name?” 

“En?” Bai Xun was a little surprised. 

However, now that he asked for her name, it meant that he cared a little. 

She glanced at his favorability, already 20%. 

Pei Yan repeated again, “Name.” 

He said calmly but his eyes looked at her with scrutiny. Even though he was tied up right now, it seemed as if it was a great honor for him to ask for her name.   

For a moment, Bai Xun regained her vigilance and indifference, and looked at him warily, “You don’t need to know. When you’re better, you can quickly leave.” 

Now that she gained Pei Yan’s trust, don’t lie to him, but telling him everything definitely wasn’t going to work.   

In fact, it didn’t matter if she told him her name. 

After all, although Feng Chi said that she was his fiancée, it was limited to a few close people around him. Therefore, Pei Yan wouldn’t know her relationship with Feng Chi by her name alone. 

However, if he was told directly, it would be deliberate. 

The name wasn’t necessary to know, it was being unprepared to be asked.   

Sure enough, Pei Yan seemed to have expected that she wouldn’t say, and had no emotions, and even hooked his lips. 

“I’ll find out.” 

His hoarse voice said lightly. His eyes were as black as ink and had the confidence to control everything. They were charming and people couldn’t look away.   

Bai Xun froze, then coldly got up to take away the things and left. 

She didn’t say a word to Pei Yan all day, but she packed food and took it back to the room on time.   

When she came out of the shower that night, she heard a knock outside. 

“Big sister Xun? Is it convenient for me to come in?” 

It was Feng Yi! 

Author’s Notes:

Warning Pei Yan, the first few people who were confident in front of Bai Xun Xun are now crying with headaches! Hee hee he

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