Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 75

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King of the Night – 06 

Bai Xun was in the same spot, as if scared. 

But in fact, she had guessed that Feng Yi would come to test her. After all, he was loyal to Feng Chi, and Bai Xun had taken two meals back to the room to eat for the past two days. He must have been somewhat skeptical. 

On the other side, Pei Yan’s eyes coagulated. Just when he wanted Bai Xun to untie him, he saw the other party step forward to hide him in the quilt, then she went to the bed to cover herself with the quilt. 

For a while, Pei Yan was a little confused. The two of them were close together. He was completely covered by the quilt. His body was touching Bai Xun’s slender legs. When he looked up, he could feel and see the curve of the other’s soft waist. 

Pei Yan felt that it was probably because the quilt covered them. His face was a little hot and even his head was a little faint. The soft quilt also carried the light fragrance of the shower gel from Bai Xun’s body.   

“Don’t make a sound …” Bai Xun lowered her voice and gently warned. 

It was like she found her voice, she coughed twice then said to the person outside, “I’ve fallen asleep. Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”   

Feng Yi didn’t move from outside the door and the doubt in his heart grew bigger. 

He paused and his heart hardened a little. “Big sister Xun, there’s a thief in the club. I’m afraid he escaped to your room. Please open the door.”   

Bai Xun was anxious, “There’s no problem here. It’s not convenient for me to open the door now. You can look elsewhere.” 

Feng Yi narrowed his eyes. “Excuse me, big sister, I’ll feel more at ease coming in and looking.” 

He said and he took the key and opened the door. 

“Ah!” Bai Xun was a little panicked. She sat up half-heartedly and wrapped herself tighter with the quilt. She only revealed her long neck and half her white shoulders. It looked like she was wearing nothing underneath. 

“I, I …” Feng Yi was also stunned at the spot, for a while, he didn’t know how to speak. 

Bai Xun glared at him angrily, “Have you seen enough?” 

Feng Yi hurriedly lowered his head. His face was dark red, “I’m sorry …” 

“Get out!” The cold voice was mixed with anger. 

Feng Yi kept his head down and retreated all the way out, only when he closed the door was he relieved. 

Just now, he quickly glanced around the room. There was nothing abnormal, but he always felt strange … 

Inside the room, Bai Xun was relieved. She pushed aside the quilt and saw Pei Yan’s dark eyes looking at her. 

He looked inexplicable, but there was a dangerous glint in his eyes. 

“What are you looking at!” Bai Xun hurriedly gathered up the pajamas spread out on her chest, somewhat anxious and angry. She raised her foot and kicked people out of the bed.   

Pei Yan fell on the carpet, but it didn’t hurt much. His eyes were cold for a moment, then he thought about the situation in the quilt and suppressed himself.   

Now, he was a little surprised that his temper was so good. 

In the past, if someone dared to hit him like this, that person would lose their leg in the next moment.   

He turned around and looked at her whilst on his back.   

It was unknown whether Bai Xun was angry from her steaming red face. Right now, her face was more beautiful.   

Pei Yan suddenly said, “You’re in charge of this club?” 

Bai Xun’s movement paused, she suddenly thought whether Pei Yan had met Feng Yi, after all, he’s always with Feng Chi. 

Sure enough, in the next moment, Pei Yan’s hoarse voice rang, “Who is Feng Chi?” 

The atmosphere was a little chilly, and Bai Xun thought of something with dim eyes. 

Who is he? She clearly said he was her fiancé, but why didn’t she feel his care and love? Even those people he sent to protect her were able to break into her room regardless. 

She was silent for a while, only when her eyes met Pei Yan’s gaze, she suddenly woken from her thoughts, “It has nothing to do with you. Hurry up and get better so you can quickly leave.” 

Bai Xun said coldly, turning off the light with a “pa”. She pulled down the quilt and laid down, ignoring him. 

Pei Yan’s deep eyes blinked softly in the night. Undoubtedly, Bai Xun is Feng Chi’s subordinate, but she seems too clean to belong to this circle. She probably doesn’t even know how to use a knife, so how can she manage a club? 

Unless she’s Feng Chi’s woman. 

Pei Yan’s eyes were cold, but he thought about it again. There wasn’t enough respect just now, he could even break in, disregarding her order. This was what he concluded when he reflected again. 

The more he thought about it, the more he felt he couldn’t see through her. 

Anyway, so far, she had not revealed any intentions. 

Bai Xun ignored Pei Yan’s cranky thoughts and left him to guess. 

Anyway, when she woke up the next day, his favorability rose to 30%. 

She checked Pei Yan’s wound again, and it was already scarring. People with good physical fitness were different. 

She was afraid that in a day or two, this rope would no longer hold him, so she would simply just push the boat along the river and let him go first.   

She was confident that the current Pei Yan wouldn’t kill her even if she untied the ropes.   

“Your injury isn’t serious.” Bai Xun crouched in front of him with a faint expression. 

Pei Yan was unconcerned. Of course, he could feel that he recovered his physical strength. He just looked at the woman in front of him who reapplied his medicine for a while.   

She just washed her face and her skin still had some water drops. The pure face without makeup was fresh like fresh fruit that was just picked in the morning. She pursed her delicate lips. Her long eyelashes quivered and covered the serious look under her eyes. She wasn’t the same as those women who put on makeup to look flattering.   

Her expressionless appearance turned out to be a little cute. 

Pei Yan felt that these days were the most comfortable days that he had ever experienced in over twenty years. There was no killing, no fighting, no schemes …. 

At this time, his eyes were narrowed and wandered about. Bai Xun found clothing and returned. 

She threw it on Pei Yan’s body and bent over to untie the rope behind him, then lightly said, “Put on your clothes and leave quickly.” 

The restraint on his wrist loosened, and Pei Yan didn’t respond for a while. 

When he moved his arm, he felt a little uncomfortable. He rubbed it for a moment before looking up at Bai Xun. 

She opened the window and looked outside, then returned and pointed to the window. “There’s no one outside. You can leave through the window.”   

Pei Yan gently hooked the corners of his lips, and suddenly, like a cheetah, he pounced and speedily pressed people on the bed.   

“Do you think people who tied me up for so long can still live?” 

His cold eyes glowed darkly, but his charming smoky voice was cold and bloodthirsty. 

“You!” Bai Xun was shocked. Pei Yan’s hands were like iron tongs. Her wrists hurt and she couldn’t get rid of them. 

She soon calmed down quickly, no longer struggling, but looked at him lightly. “There’s someone outside the door. If I shout, you can’t run at all.” 

“Do you think you’ll have a chance to shout?” 

If he wanted to, he could break her neck instantly. 

What did she want? Money, right? Or to kill him? 

No, if she wanted to kill him, she had countless opportunities before. She didn’t even know who he was. 

Pei Yan’s face was expressionless and his knuckles with thick calluses slid down Bai Xun’s delicate white neck. 

He suddenly said, “And, I don’t think you’ll call anyone at all. You can’t bear it.” 

He said calmly and confidently. 

From the moment when Bai Xun untied his restraints and let him go, he was sure that this woman really just wanted to save him. 

Bai Xun opened her mouth. The hand that could break her neck was still moving, but she wasn’t nervous. She stared straight at him, “So what? What do you want to do?”   

Pei Yan didn’t speak. Only when they were quiet had they realized how ambiguous their positions were. Heartbeats seemed to sound in the air.   

When that tense atmosphere reached its peak, Bai Xun felt regret that they didn’t kiss— 

Pei Yan just pinched her chin gently, then disappeared in a flash … 

Just … left …? …? ? 

Bai Xun sat up from the bed with a wooden face. There was no one in the room anymore, only the open window. 

She breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Pei Yan could leave here safely, that meant he would never doubt her. By then, his favor would definitely rise all the way. 

After all, aside from the other capture targets, she really wanted to save him, nothing else.   

When she adjusted her clothes and was getting ready to go out, she heard a knock on the door, followed by a delayed sound.   

“Xiao Xun, are you up?” 

Bai Xun raised an eyebrow. Why had he come? 

Was he here to see her? Or was he still looking for … Pei Yan? 

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