Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 76

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King of the Night – 07 

Feng Chi had come at this time, but Bai Xun wasn’t afraid. Anyway, Pei Yan had left earlier. 

She glanced around and kicked the leftover gauze from Pei Yan under the bed. With some doubt on her face, she hurriedly stepped forward to open the door.   

“A’Chi! Why are you here?” 

Bai Xun’s light-colored eyes were natural and bright. There was no panic, only pure curiosity about his arrival. 

Feng Chi’s eyes flickered, the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, and his peach blossom eyes were smiling with unknown intent. He raised his feet and entered. 

“I heard from Feng Yi that a thief was here yesterday, so I came to see you. Why, are you upset that I came?” 

He held Bai Xun’s hand and glanced around casually, then his eyes fell on Bai Xun, filled with deep affection. 

“What, why?” There was something unnatural about Bai Xun’s expression. It was obvious that she was thinking about something. However, seeing that Feng Chi was very worried about her, she smiled and comforted: “I’m fine. I haven’t seen the thief, but you came to see me. Of course, naturally I’m happy.”   

Feng Chi narrowed his eyes, Bai Xun’s rigid appearance naturally hadn’t escaped his eyes. 

Feng Yi said she had been acting strange these past two days. He thought she had remembered something, but now it seemed… She was hiding something from him, but it wasn’t related to her memories. 

Feng Chi smiled more deeply, raised his hand and stroked her long hair, “That’s good …” 

He said lightly, but his eyes inadvertently fell on the bedside table. He paused, and slowly walked over. 

There was a dagger. 

“When did you like to play with this?” He smiled deeply and picked up the dagger. 

Bai Xun’s complexion changed for a moment, it was left by Pei Yan. 

“It’s for self-defense. I thought there might be some accidents here, so I bought it for self-defense …” 

She racked her brain and finally came up with a rhetorical explanation, while carefully looking at Feng Chi’s expression. 

It seemed that they were against the Xingrong Gang. If Feng Chi found out she saved a person from Xingrong Gang, he would be angry … 

Looking at Bai Xun, she didn’t know what he was thinking of and was lost in thought. But the expression on Feng Chi’s face remained unchanged, and his heart was cold. 

The dagger had a smooth handle. This texture could only be achieved by years of use. The blade was extremely sharp and had dark lines, which obviously showed that it wasn’t common. How could it be so easily purchased. 

She was lying to him. 

Feng Chi’s hands tightened, and an inexplicable anger filled his heart. 

After a short while, he handed her the dagger in his hand and slowly said: “If you have such thoughts, I am rest assured. After all, there will inevitably be troublemakers.” 

Bai Xun was relieved that Feng Chi hadn’t pried further. She put away the dagger and her expression looked better. 

“A’Chi, have you eaten yet? Let’s eat together?” She just remembered it was a little early when Feng Chi came over, and she hadn’t eaten yet. 

Feng Chi’s lips were slightly hooked, “Let’s go.” 

Feng Chi’s eyes turned darker, he wanted to see who it was, the person she was so protective of.   

Bai Xun followed Feng Chi and her expression was very relaxed. This dagger, she didn’t know whether Pei Yan had forgotten it or left it behind intentionally. 

Of course, she was more inclined towards believing the latter. The other party was obviously interested in her, so he left something and now had an excuse to see her next time. 

As for her saving Pei Yan, she didn’t think she could completely hide it from Feng Chi. She just wanted him to know that her heart didn’t necessarily belong to him. 


Nighttime was the best time for club business. The waiters came and went, and the bodyguards were hidden in the dark. 

Feng Yi was called away by Feng Chi today, and there weren’t many bodyguards. Bai Xun was alone at this grand scene and felt that something was going to happen. 

Sure enough, when the wine intoxicated the atmosphere, there was a crisp sound. A group of men with the appearance of gangsters broke in from the door and smashed things on sight.   

All of a sudden, there was chaos, the sounds of screams and glass shattering broke out.   

“Stop! Who are you?” Bai Xun hurried forward to check. 

Most of the guests fled away in fear and she was protected by the bodyguards who had rushed over.   

“Yo, this place really has a woman in charge!” As soon as the big man leading the group opened his mouth, the little brothers behind him laughed. 

Bai Xun’s face was covered with ice and her voice was cold. “If you have something to say, then say it, otherwise leave. This isn’t a place where wild dogs can come and play wildly.” 

The man’s face was ugly. “Grandpa will come here if he wants to stop other people’s business. I will teach you a lesson. When I smash this place, you will kneel and drink with grandpa!”1So this is a form of cursing, implying he’s her grandpa. Cause in China they have a strong thing with family hierarchy and respect to elders/filial 

After shouting, he rushed over with his people. 

The bodyguards rushed up to fight with them. Bai Xun expressionlessly squeezed the dagger Pei Yan left behind, only to reveal her trembling arms that showed she had never seen these kinds of fights before.   

She was afraid. 

The people in the dark looked straight at Bai Xun standing near the action, and only the light seemed to be on her side. 

Broken wine bottles, tables and chairs flew disorderly while in the chaotic scene, men howled constantly.   

There were too many opponents, and soon, the bodyguards were knocked to the ground. 

The man’s head was smashed by a bottle of wine, but this didn’t affect his actions. He approached Bai Xun with a sneer. “Beauty, if you kneel down and call out grandpa, I might even let you go.”   

The beautiful girl didn’t move, instead she had a cold expression and didn’t seem to be panicked.   

The people in the dark thought, probably scared stupid. 

A silver light flashed when the man approached and a sharp dagger cut through the man’s arm, and blood splattered. 

The man’s face changed dramatically, “Fuck TMD2means damn, you little bitch, I’ll kill you …” 

The tall man’s eyes were bloodshot and full of anger. If a fist smashed into her, it seemed that Bai Xun’s fragile body would crack along with her internal organs. 

However, the fist didn’t land on Bai Xun. 

A flash of light flickered from the upper floor, then a figure jumped down from upstairs and blocked the man’s first. Holding the man’s wrist like an iron tong, the restrained man looked back in horror.   

A black suit lined a strong figure, and the black hair clinging to the scalp looked a bit fierce. The expressionless handsome features were half hidden in the shadow and the dark eyes were like bloodthirsty beasts. 


Bai Xun looked at Pei Yan in surprise. She never expected that he would come help her. 

But this was probably the first time she used a knife to hurt people. Her face was pale and terrible. At this time, she still hadn’t recovered.   

Pei Yan’s eyes were dimmed, the strength in his hands were strong, there was a crisp ring and the man’s arm fell limply.   

“You, who are you … ah …” The man endured the pain but hadn’t finished asking when he was kicked by Pei Yan. 

He was too lazy to talk nonsense. There were very few people who could be considered his opponent in a fight. Within a few moments, the rest of the people were beaten.   

Bai Xun saw that his hits were really fierce, and took two steps to hold him back, “That’s enough …” 

Pei Yan paused, and those people got a chance to catch their breath and hurriedly fled in groups of twos and threes.   

Pei Yan turned around and Bai Xun’s hand was still shaking. 

She looked around at the bodyguard sent by Feng Chi, “First, you get some medicine, then come follow me …” 

The latter sentence was addressed to Pei Yan, who was hurriedly dragged into her room.   

“Why are you here? Don’t you know it’s dangerous if you’re found?” Bai Xun closed the door and said nervously. 

Pei Yan glanced at her and pulled his wrist back naturally. The hoarse voice wasn’t shocked, “I’ve left something with you.” 

Then Bai Xun looked at the dagger in her hand. It was also stained with some blood. Her hands shook and her lips became more pale. Reluctantly, she handed the dagger to him. “Hurry up and leave since you have your things. This is Feng Chi’s place. You’re a member of the Xingrong gang, it won’t be good if you’re found.”   

Pei Yan took the dagger and wiped away the blood on it. “Are you worried about me? Aren’t you his? Bai Xun.” 

The sexy smoky voice called her name without any undulation. Bai Xun was shocked, what did Pei Yan mean? 

Did he know she was Feng Chi’s fiancée? Was he testing her? 

She looked at Pei Yan’s favorability, which had gradually increased up to 60%, which meant that he still believed her. 

Otherwise it would be impossible for him to appear and rescue her. 

Bai Xun’s heart was complicated and there was a frown on her face, “I’m his, so if you don’t leave, I’ll ask the bodyguard to come in.”   

Pei Yan seemed to be confident of something. His eyes softened and his hoarse voice was soft. “Why didn’t you just expose my identity in front of them, but instead you brought me here?”   

“I …” Bai Xun was speechless. 

Looking at Pei Yan’s eyes, he seemed to think that she liked him … and even rescued him at the expense of betraying Feng Chi … 

The gentle Pei Yan was like a fierce lone wolf suddenly lying down in front of her and licking the back of her hand. 

Pei Yan reached out and held her hand. She hadn’t relaxed yet and her hands were still ice-cold. 

He said directly, “I can see that you don’t like it here. Come with me.” 

For Pei Yan, this sentence was basically a confession. He had never cared about a woman so much. 

Even fighting for a woman and bringing her back from the other side.   

But it was true that the affection was only 60%. 

Bai Xun carefully looked at his eyes. He didn’t love her, but simply wanted to make her into his private property.   

She frowned, looked at Pei Yan, then said coldly, “What are you talking about? I’m not used to this kind of environment, but I still am not fond of fighting and killing gangs.” 

Pei Yan’s eyes sank, did he imagined that his love was reciprocated?3Basically means that he showered affection on an uninterested party 

When he had left here safely, he was confident that she had no ulterior motives when she saved him. The only thing he could think of was that she liked him…   

He clenched his dagger tightly, and the mood in his heart fluctuated. He never owed anything to anyone. He coldly said: “Then what do you want? You saved me. I can promise you one thing.” 

Bai Xun was sure he had no malice and relaxed a little. “No, you saved me once today, thank you.” 

After a pause, she continued, “You, you are still young, and you still have a long future ahead of you. If you can, don’t stay in the gang anymore. Find something else to do.” 

Pei Yan glanced at her and didn’t speak, then addressed her directly.   

“I live here now. Since you unexpectedly aren’t thinking about it, when can you come to me?” 

After he finished speaking, he went directly through the window and left. 

Bai Xun looked at his cold back and could even see a tint of anger. 

But she wouldn’t go with him for sure. Not only was the affection only at 60%, there was still Feng Chi who managed to create a big show. He must have a hidden move, hadn’t she fallen into a trap?   

Bai Xun smiled, looked at the address in her hand, and burned the note after memorizing it. 

On the other side, he had secretly placed a wiretapping device in Bai Xun’s room. After listening to their conversation, he felt cold all over. 

He hadn’t expected the person would be Pei Yan. It looked like Bai Xun still didn’t know his identity yet. 

Feng Chi’s heart felt suffocated. She had lost her memory, but she was still hopelessly kind.   

His eyes were slightly cold, yet his face was smiling. How many times would he have to teach her before she could understand the truth behind people’s evil intentions?   

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