Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 78

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Shiny 

King of the Night – 09 

It was overcast in the evening, as if it was going to rain. 

Bai Xun took a taxi to the address from her memory, hurriedly got off the car and went in after identifying the floor.   

The place where Pei Yan lived was hidden, and the dilapidated floor looked deserted. 

There was no elevator in the building. She climbed up to the third floor on foot and reached the door of the room. She knocked on the door anxiously. 

It took a while before the door opened. Pei Yan was still dressed in black, with smooth muscle lines and a tall posture, which seemed to contain a fierce explosive power. 

The handsome face was slightly tense, but relaxed when he saw her. 

“Why are you here?” 

The low husky smoky voice had a slightly inconspicuous smile. 

“I …” Bai Xun’s forehead was full of sweat. She didn’t have time to stretch out her hand to pull him away. 

But in the next moment, Pei Yan’s complexion changed. He pushed her aside and stepped back quickly.   

In the next moment, where he stood at the door, there was a dagger. 

“Who?” He squinted, his voice cold. 

“We meet again, sect leader Pei.” 

With the sound of footsteps, Feng Chi appeared with a playful smile on the stairs. 

Within a moment, countless bodyguards in black surrounded him. 

“It’s you.” Pei Yan clenched his dagger and glanced around like a cheetah ready to pounce. 

“A’Chi?” Bai Xun was still a little confused, she stared at Feng Chi for a while. 

Feng Chi’s gaze fell on Bai Xun, his eyes flickered slightly, then opened his hands as if waiting for her to come, with a smile of appreciation, “Xiao Xun, well done. Come here.” 

“You followed me? …” Bai Xun’s face changed and her voice trembled while watching Feng Chi. 

Behind her, Pei Yan’s pupils shrank, in disbelief. He stared at Bai Xun, his voice was dry and hoarse, “You brought people here?” 

Feng Chi smiled faintly with a little naughtiness and hurriedly replied: “Xiao Xun is my fiancée. Didn’t you know when you stayed with her? How wouldn’t I know? Last time, I let you leave safely so I can find your hidden nest.”   

Feng Chi said while looking at Bai Xun with affectionate eyes as if they contained infinite affection.   

Pei Yan clenched his fists. He couldn’t tell whether the sorrow that was almost irrepressible in his heart was because he believed the wrong person, or that she refused to say her identity … 

“So, it turns out that you are Feng Chi’s fiancée … Is what he said true?” 

Pei Yan’s voice was hoarse, his deep face was gloomy and expressionless, like the calm before the storm.   

“Yes … no, not …” 

Bai Xun wanted to say yes, but no … 

She was indeed Feng Chi’s fiancée, but she hadn’t deceived him, let alone brought people here.   

Bai Xun’s face turned pale, her head shook a little from loss. She turned to Feng Chi a little flustered and wanted to question him.   

And her action confirmed the facts in front of him. Pei Yan’s dark eyes were cold and terrible, and the dagger in his hand had reached Bai Xun’s eyes in the next moment.   

Bai Xun’s stiff limbs couldn’t move because of his strong murderous aura. She could only watch the silver light get closer and closer to her.   

At this moment, a powerful hand hooked her waist and took her to one side and Pei Yan’s dagger brushed her face.   

When Bai Xun moved, Feng Chi already moved forward. Seeing Pei Yan’s dagger approaching, he felt his heart tightened, he took Bai Xun and turned around so that the dagger cut through his back instead. Immediately, there was blood that dyed his suit red.  

Bai Xun’s heart still had lingering fear and palpitated, her head was pressed against his chest. Under her ears was the other person’s thumping heartbeat.   

She raised her hand and touched her cheek, her fingertips were a little wet with blood. 

From just a distance away, if Pei Yan had really wanted to kill her, she would have died. 

However, he had just scratched her cheek. 

If Feng Chi hadn’t moved her, she might not have this scar.1Basically, it would have probably cut her hair in warning. But since Feng Chi moved her, it cut her cheek 

It was just… Bai Xun looked as if she was stunned. She was held in Feng Chi’s arms and Feng Chi’s action of protecting her made Pei Yan determine their relationship.   

Pei Yan’s fierce and bloodthirsty eyes swept over the two, ignoring the dull pain from his heart, and his anger rose to the highest point. 

It was just that it wasn’t easy to attack Feng Chi because the bodyguards in black reacted and surrounded them in layers.   

The stabbing pain on her cheek made Bai Xun tremble and return to her senses. She glanced at Pei Yan, who blackened to 100%, then looked at Feng Chi’s face who protected her.   

Oh shit! Feng Chi, you’re a ruthless person! 

He didn’t know Pei Yan’s address at all, and when “Bai Xiao Xun” heard his conversation with Feng Yi, she would definitely inform Pei Yan. Then, he would follow her to find him, so he could strike with a muck-rake2to counter-attack; to make bogus accusations and entrap Bai Xun, then afterwards it would cause Pei Yan to hate her!   

Pei Yan wasn’t Lu Zhi Yuan. After blackening, he only threw verbal insults at her. The blackened Pei Yan would really cut her with his knife, not to mention that his affection was only 60%! 

Bai Xun thought about the scene and trembled— begging for the slag Feng to take her away! She would rather stay with him and scheme!   

“What’s wrong?” Feng Chi noticed that the person in his arms was shaking and hurriedly examined her. Except for the small wound on her face, she was okay.   

Bai Xun’s gaze wasn’t on him. She looked at the injured Pei Yan, and unconsciously tightened her grip on Feng Chi’s clothes, then anxiously said, “Stop them!” 

Feng Chi’s expression became cold. After a while, he slightly hooked his lips. Suddenly, he turned around and shouted, “Catch him, dead or alive.”   

“What are you doing!” Bai Xun was in a hurry. She wanted to move forward but was easily held in place by Feng Chi. 

At this time, everyone lurched forward, and Pei Yan’s injury wasn’t good. The long-term battle cost him too much.   

He didn’t dare to stay any longer. He just kicked people away and jumped down from the window.   

This was the third floor! 

Bai Xun reacted, she pushed away Feng Chi and rushed to the window desperately. 

Pei Yan broke one leg, but he gritted his teeth and stood up to run. 

However, Feng Chi also left people outside. 

“What to do, what to do, he will die if he goes on like this …” Bai Xun’s eyes were red, then turned around to go downstairs. 

“Are you worried about him?” Feng Chi continuously monitored her at the side, raising his hand to hold her back, his eyes were cold.   

“You let me go!” Bai Xun was so anxious that she didn’t want to talk to him at all. 

But her appearance stung Feng Chi’s heart. 

He held back his anger and sneered, “Do you think you can help him if you go down now? Did you forget what he did to you just now? I’m afraid you’re just a cunning bitch in his heart now …” 

The vicious words struck Bai Xun like lightning and she stiffly froze. She shivered and turned to Feng Chi, her tears fell from her face unknowingly.   

Her voice trembled. “Why are you doing this? … how could you be so terrible? …” 

“I’m terrible?” Feng Chi smirked and angrily said, “Do you know who he is?”   

“He’s the leader of the Xingrong gang.” He grabbed Bai Xun’s hair and pushed her face out of the window, suppressing his hot-red anger. He whispered grindingly in her ear, “Don’t you hate killing people the most? Take a good look at how many people your sweetheart killed and how they were killed…”   

Bai Xun didn’t seem to know him. Her voice seemed to be drained of all her strength. She shook her head with tears on her face. “No, you, you’re not A’Chi…”   

Her face was pale and terrible, and she murmured and trembled twice, then went soft and fell.   

Feng Chi froze for a moment, his hands quickly reacted before his brain and reached out to catch her into an embrace against his bosom.   

Author’s Notes:

Bai Xun Xun: Feng Chi, you’re dead.

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