Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 79

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King of the Night – 10 

“Rumble”, thunder raged, and the dreary sky was cut by lightning and illuminated the earth. 

Big raindrops the size of beans quickly fell, splashing the ground with water. 

Pei Yan’s black clothes were stained with blood, mixed with rain and dripped to the ground. A bloody stream wound at his feet.   

There were fallen men in black all around, but it was clear that the shaky Pei Yan was on the verge of falling and could no longer endure.   

But everyone was shocked by his fierceness, and hadn’t dared to move forward for a while. 

Just then, a car crashed into the crowd. 

“Boss, get in the car.” 

Pei Yan’s people rushed over and escorted him into the car. 

Feng Chi just hugged the fainted Bai Xun and frowned when he saw the scene below. 

“Stop him!” 

If Pei Yan was gone, it would be difficult to catch him again. 

However, his people had already worked hard to fight Pei Yan, now they were no longer rivals.   

Pei Yan sat in the car and finally glanced out the window. From his perspective, he could only see Bai Xun buried in Feng Chi’s arms and embraced by him.   

Looking away, Pei Yan’s eyes were cold and horrifying. 


In the quiet room, Bai Xun leisurely woke up. 

She didn’t know how long she had slept, but it was calm outside, then a soft light shone, bright and dazzling. 

She blinked dully. She turned her head and saw Feng Chi at the side. He looked calm and expressionless, but just exhaled a sigh of relief when she woke up.   

Her brain gradually woke up, then her confused expression faded. Bai Xun sat up eagerly and reached out and caught the corner of Feng Chi’s clothing.   

“What about him?” 

He stayed here all day and all night, but when this person woke up, she asked about other men? 

Feng Chi stiffly froze for a moment, then hooked his lips coldly. He lightly said with a cold smile: “Dead.” 

“……what did you say?” 

She was stunned incredulously. Her lips were pale, and she grasped the back of his hand tightly until blue tendons appeared. She trembled slightly and said, “You killed him…did you really kill him?”   

The more Bai Xun cared about this, the more uncomfortable he became. But he had to stimulate Bai Xun’s pain points, only then could he indulge in bad pleasure.   

Going back and forth like this would only become more and more painful. 

Feng Chi sneered, “Didn’t you see how many people he killed?” 

This made Bai Xun lose all her strength. She fell to the bed and burst into tears from shock. She raised her hand and touched the scabby wound on her cheek.   

“Wu …” 

Suddenly she bit her lip and sobbed uncontrollably, which made Feng Chi’s eyes cloudy.   

“What? Are you distressed about the murderer’s death?” 

He leaned over and held her shoulders, his dark eyes fixed on her. He gnashed his teeth and his voice was hoarse, “Are you in love with him?”   

Bai Xun looked up at him with dim eyes. Her tears made her unable to see Feng Chi’s expression.   

However, no matter what, this wasn’t the person who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with anyway. 

“I don’t know.” 

Her voice was still choked with tears, but her firm voice was abnormally cold. 

“But I don’t think I love you, so let’s break the engagement.” 

“What did you say?” 

She had said it too easily. He hadn’t returned to his senses after a long time. He only felt that the place where his heart was felt empty. He couldn’t breathe anymore and felt cold and painful.   

Bai Xun took Feng Chi’s hand that held her shoulder and looked up at him expressionlessly. 

“I said to break the engagement, I will never be with a devil like you.” 

Her cold words shocked Feng Chi’s heart, and his face was extremely ugly. 

This person, whether before or after amnesia, didn’t belong to him. 

No, no … she could only be his! 

The turbulent emotions burned Feng Chi’s reasoning, he reached out to press the person to the bed, leaned over and rained violent kisses on her.   

“You are mine. You can only like me!” 

The sound of his teeth gnashing were vaguely sounded. 

“Stop! Let go of me!” 

Bai Xun dodged and struggled like crazy. It was just that Feng Chi’s strength didn’t allow her to push him away easily. 

“Crazy! Do you only force people?” 

Bai Xun couldn’t hide the disgust in her crying voice, which made Feng Chi’s heart ache, but only for a moment before more crazy rough kisses followed. 

“Wu … no, don’t …” 

Bai Xun struggled wildly, and her hand touched the glass ornament on the bedside table. 

Bai Xun didn’t hesitate to take one to use it to hit Feng Chi’s head. 

With a “pa”, Feng Chi was in pain. 

Bai Xun grasped the moment and kicked the foe’s precious area. 

“Wu en…” 

Feng Chi’s face turned white, his hands loosened, and his body trembled twice.   

Bai Xun took the opportunity to push the man away and stood up with her back to the corner. Her breathing was heavy, her mind was blank, her eyes red and she roared, “I’m me. I don’t belong to anyone! Besides, I just like a dog and don’t like you!”1This is suppose to be an insult that she prefers dogs over him…not too sure since I’m not too familiar with this unkind slang 

The pain subsided a little and Feng Chi slowly stood up straight. His forehead was cut, and blood flowed down. It looked particularly terrible against his gloomy face.   


After a long while, Feng Chi, who was still breathing heavily, curved his lips into a smile that carried endless anger. 

His chest heaved and his voice said with a vicious tone. “If so, then you will live with the dog.”   

… Ha? Did she act too much? … 

Just now, Bai Xun was in a frenzied state smashing things, but was now in tears, was she really going to be locked up with the dog?   

She was a little afraid of dogs … 

Feng Chi was obviously mad. He looked at Bai Xun’s stiff face, he smiled brightly and gritted his teeth, “Or you can kneel down and beg for mercy, maybe I will reconsider…”   

MD2means mom, he just wanted to see her beg for mercy. 

But was Bai Xun that kind of person? 

……She was! 

If begging was useful, she would immediately kowtow! 

But “Bai Xiao Xun” wasn’t! 

She must not be corrupted by wealth and honors, formidable and must not be wronged and not shaken by poverty!3to preserve one’s ambitions although destitute.   

Bai Xun bitterly ‘haha’ and had the strength to prop her back straight then coldly looked at Feng Chi without saying a word.   

The smile on Feng Chi’s face faded, his face was ugly and cold. 

By the time Bai Xun was captured and put in a dog cage, she still looked indifferent … 

But she looked at the tall and ferocious looking German Shepherd, and Bai Xiao Xun’s heart shook.   

Fortunately, Feng Chi had trained the dog and it wouldn’t bite easily without his command. 

Bai Xun shrunk to one side, trying to look innocent. 

This dog cage was specially made for Feng Chi’s pet dog. The environment wasn’t too bad, and it was also spacious. However, Bai Xun couldn’t stand up while she was in there. She simply shrunk into the corner.   

Feng Chi’s affection was at 90%. He was just angry and threw her there. When he calmed down, he would probably regret it a lot. 

But she certainly wouldn’t be waiting anxiously for him to come and softly invite her out.   

So, she had to find her own way out. 

It was dark, she couldn’t stand up and sat there for a whole day. This caused Bai Xun to suffer from back pain, not to mention, there was nothing for her to eat.  

When the servant brought dog food, Bai Xun looked at the German Shepherd that ate gracefully. The German Shepherd was very fierce and heartless as it helped itself to the ample amounts of food.   


Feng Chi sat expressionlessly in the study, and a piece of gauze was affixed to his forehead. It looked somewhat funny with his handsome features. 

At this time, his long fingers were twirling a pen in his hand, but his eyes looked at the wall clock from time to time.   

Finally, he couldn’t help but ask Feng Yi, who was standing on one side, “What is she doing?” 

Of course, Feng Yi knew who he was asking about. It was regarding Bai Xun, he knew a lot of people around Feng Chi and couldn’t help but sympathize.   

He paused and respectfully said: “It’s said that she’s been sitting in the corner and never said a word.” 

Feng Chi was careless, and the pen in his hand flew out. He was so upset that he simply turned over the table in front of him and stood up, pacing back and forth.   

Feng Chi was a little conflicted, suddenly coughed twice, then coldly asked “That dog …does it bite?” 

“It shouldn’t. Trained dogs don’t bite people without orders.” 

Feng Chi breathed a sigh of relief, then snorted, “Let’s see how long she can hold on.” 

Just at this time, a subordinate hurried in. 

“Brother Chi, no, no, it’s not good. The German Shepherd in the backyard bit people!” 

“What?” Feng Chi’s face changed, and his face was pale. 

“Didn’t you say it wouldn’t bite?” He gritted his teeth and kicked Feng Yi, then hurriedly ran to the backyard. 

Author’s Notes:

Soon got Feng Chi, go to the blackened Pei Yan immediately!

Equip Bai Xun Xun with a “removal device”, I’m afraid she will cry [covers face]

PS: Regarding the problem of why you don’t need a gun when fighting, it’s because you’re too afraid to disturb the people and provoke the police… you lose! [Actually it’s because Feng Chi’s brothers have guns and Pei Yan wasn’t shot into a sieve] (whispering BB)

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