Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 8

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TL Notes: For those that hadn’t noticed, after she died so many times trying to pass the game, her current attempt she is using the white lotus flower approach it was briefly mentioned in the first chapter. That’s why she decided to be boneless and fall at that moment.

Also, I fixed some other minor grammar, if you guys noticed previous chapters I just release immediately after TL. Haha I’m going to start holding the chapters and PR it before I release it. So the releases will be somewhat slower.

School Grass’ Special Pet – 08

“A Yuan, why are you here?” Bai Xun turned and looked at the man coming out of the shadow with surprise.

“It’s a little late, so I came to pick you up?” Gao Yuan’s tall figure slowly approached, and the long straight eyebrows scrunched slightly, his thin lips were tight, and his face was not looking good.

He stood beside Bai Xun, his eyes passed on Su Shi, and their eyes crossed. He was smiling deeply and then moved his eyes.

Gao Yuan rubbed Bai Xun’s hair. “Didn’t you say that I could pick you up later? Otherwise, what would I do if you were in danger?”

“Don’t mess up my hair.” Bai Xun’s neck shrank and mumbled, “It’s convenient to get to school from here, don’t go through the trouble.”

Gao Yuan is like Su Shi who deliberately ignores the other. Su Shi bends his lips slightly. Gao Yuan couldn’t see any anger on the other’s face. Instead, he smiled at Bai Xun, “He’s the guy they mentioned today.”

What he said was inexplicable. Gao Yuan did not understand, but Bai Xun knew. She widened her eyes and quickly introduced. “This is my good friend and neighbor, Gao Yuan also a student of Western University.”

She turned to Gao Yuan and said. “This is a senior of my club, Mr. Su Shi.”

“Nice to meet you. Gao Yuan is very famous in school.” Su Shi smiled at Gao Yuan.

Bai Xun held her breath and scratched her head, she didn’t want Gao Yuan to know that she was dragged down today because of him, so she winked at Su Shi.

However, her acting is terrible, Gao Yuan felt unhappy. Is this person keeping a secret that only they know?

Despite this, on the bright side, he still bent his lips, and smiled. “Mr. Su Shi is also famous.”

Seeing that Gao Yuan was not very welcoming, Su Shi chose to say goodbye.

“Well, you have arrived at your home. I will go back first. You should pay attention to your ankle injury. Don’t let it get worse.” Su Shi finally looked at Bai Xun with concern and said. His eyes were slightly lowered. Under the dim streetlight, it seems to have a warm amber luster.

Bai Xun’s eyes twinkled with gratitude and reverence. “Well, I will pay attention to it. Thank you very much today, senior, you should go back soon.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Before Su Shi left, he raised his hand and pinched her face, then waved and smiled at Gao Yuan.

Bai Xun rubbed her cheeks and muttered. “How can one pat my head while the other pinch my face…”

Suddenly, the temperature lowered. “So, is he why you refused me today?”

Bai Xun acted as if she didn’t feel in danger, she laughed and responded. “What, you sound like I’ve abandoned you…”

Under the gaze of the deep and bottomless eyes, her voice gradually dropped. “Cough, A Yuan, you are so strange today…”

Looking up at Bai Xun’s eyes, Gao Yuan’s heart jumped. He seemed to care about too much today. He only saw that she was intimate with other people and there was an uncomfortable pressure in his heart.

“Well, it was not good for me to cancel our plans today. Don’t be so stingy.” Bai Xun said, pulling his sleeve and shaking it. “Tomorrow, I’ll invite you to eat tiramisu, okay?”

The soft and delicate voice has an unconsciously coquettish tinge, and Gao Yuan trembled in place from her physical contact.

Obviously, this person wants to eat it herself… Despite this, Gao Yuan unconsciously raised his mouth. “Well, tomorrow is your treat.”

“That was easy, you’re not going to blackmail me, are you?” Bai Xun looked at him suspiciously.

“Why, want to repent?” Gao Yuan picked up his eyebrows.

Bai Xun finally lost face against Gao Yuan’s smiling face. “Okay, let’s go eat tomorrow.”

She moved her legs as if she had forgotten that she had sprained her ankle and bent over, breathing softly.

Gao Yuan helped her, “Does your foot hurt? Don’t move around.”

He held her up directly, and Bai Xun was shocked. Her hands reflectively wrapped around his neck. “Hey, what are you doing?”

“Didn’t you hurt your foot? The teacher also told you not to aggravate the injury. Then, all I can do is carry you up.” Gao Yuan said with a smile, and also emphasis on the words “aggravate the injury” once more.

Bai Xun only felt a chill on her back, and she shut up and shrank her neck, allowing Gao Yuan to carry her up.

Gao Yuan took her into his room, placed the person on his bed and sat down. He pulled up her trousers and looked at the ankle covered with ointment. “What happened to your ankle?”

“I sprain my ankle in the afternoon, but fortunately I met Su Shi, so it’s all right now!” Bai Xun said as she stared at cotton pants jumping onto the bed. Her eyes brightened and she carefully stretched her hand and spread it on cotton pant’s little belly.

Gao Yuan took a bottle of medicinal wine and walked back. He saw this scene, and quickly moved his cotton pants far away. “Xiao Xun, you can just look at him. Why did you touch him? Do you want to sneeze and get a rash all over again?”

Bai Xun vomited in her mouth. “What is this for?”

“Pharmaceutical wine, fermented for a hundred days, I will rub it in for you, so that you won’t get out of bed in pain tomorrow.” Gao Yuan said, uncovering her ointment, her white tender feet pinched in his hands feels soft.

He seemed to say unconsciously. “When did you meet Su Shi? How do you guys know each other so well?”

“I just met him today.” Bai Xun instantly transformed into a little girl praising, “Su Shi is super good, and his painting is also super amazing!”

For the first time, he saw her admiring a person like this. Gao Yuan unconsciously add strength to his hand. He said: “Su Shi is pursued by many people at school. Why do you like him, too?”

“Hey, it hurts…” Bai Xun exhaled and cried, and her face turned red, “What is it? No!”

She looked more guilty and raise his eyebrows. “Why do you blush?”

“I blame you, it hurts!” Bai Xun stared back.

Looking at the other’s anger she subconsciously bulges her cheeks, her soft and tender feet was in his hands, which made Gao Yuan’s original depressed mood better. He chuckled softly and said, “I’ll make it lighter.”

Gao Yuan did not tease her anymore. He really massages her ankle while Bai Xun hummed and swayed her feet

Looking at Gao Yuan bowed down and seriously massaging her with the medicinal wine, she was curious and asked, “A Yuan? You are very skilled in this technique. Have you learned it before?”

Gao Yuan glanced at her and smiled. “A long illness makes a good doctor. If you got beaten more, you’ll get it.”

Bai Xun seem more curious, and a series of questions came up, “Beaten? What on earth did you do? Where is your house? What about your family?”

“I have no family.” Gao Yuan’s voice suddenly became cold.

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