Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 80

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King of the Night – 11 

Bai Xun’s right hand was full of blood. Severe pain made her forehead sweat and face pale.   

Even though she was rescued by the subordinates, just thinking about the scene just now made her palpitate.   

She deliberately provoked the German Shepherd while no one was paying attention. If something happened to her, Feng Chi would surely release her.   

Just being bitten by a dog can be very life-threatening, but to her, this body was nothing more than a game prop. 

Bai Xun fell to the ground with cold sweat, and she closed her eyes slightly, as if she had passed out from the pain. 

The people nearby hadn’t dared to touch her. After all, she was the one who made people angry.   

Until a long figure hurried over. 

“Xiao Xun!” 

Feng Chi belatedly saw the person who fell to the ground and was in a panic. His eyes were red and he went straight forward and kicked away several people around him. “Are you blind? What are you doing! What about the doctor?”   

Several involved people looked at each other with hesitation, how could they dare to save her without Feng Chi’s approval? It was a bit frightening just to drag her out of the cage…. However, looking at the angry Feng Chi, people naturally were afraid to come forward.   

Fortunately, when Feng Chi heard the news, he asked someone to pick up the doctor. “The doctor is on his way. He will be here soon.”   

Feng Chi’s hand trembled and held Bai Xun up to an embrace. Her hand was stained red with blood, and he was frightened by the ferocious bite mark.   

He stopped and carried her princess style directly to the bedroom.   

Looking at the person who was pale and drowsy on the bed, Feng Chi was extremely afraid. 

The death rate from rabies is 100% … 

Feng Chi could be regarded as walking through a rain of swords and spears, but had never felt this kind of fear, which was more terrible than facing his own death.   

Whenever he thought that something would happen to her, he felt his heart tightly clenched itself and he couldn’t breathe.   

It turned out that he cared about this person so much. 

It wasn’t about the game, nor something interesting … 

Feng Chi held Bai Xun’s intact hand and his voice was hoarse. “Xiao Xun, I was wrong, you have to be fine …” 

He regretted it. He shouldn’t have been angry with her, let alone lock her in a dog cage.   

The doctor came soon, and he disinfected Bai Xun’s wound and injected her with a vaccine. 

Feng Chi looked from the side and frowned. “Doctor, how is she?” 

The doctor hesitated, “I can’t say. In general, timely injection of the vaccine after being bitten is effective. But rabies also has a long incubation period, so there are two shots of vaccine that must be injected on time, pay attention to avoid spicy food…”   

The doctor continued in more detail. Feng Chi wrote down everything and looked at Bai Xun who was still sleeping. He was a little worried. “Why hasn’t she woken up yet?” 

“This has nothing to do with being bitten. Maybe she was frightened. Let her have a good rest.” 

“That’s good. Send the doctor back.” Feng Chi breathed a sigh of relief, and said to the person behind him. 

When there were only Bai Xun and Feng Chi left in the room, he sat quietly beside the bed. 

Thinking of what the doctor said that it wasn’t completely guaranteed that there would be no problems later, he couldn’t help but hate himself more.   

Feng Chi stroked Bai Xun’s long hair beside the pillow and smiled bitterly, “You should hate me when you wake up. You won’t ever want to stay with me anymore…”   

After a long pause, his astringent voice begged, “Xiao Xun … as long as you’re fine, you can do whatever you want.” 

In fact, Bai Xun, who wasn’t asleep, listened to the doctor and his words. At this time, the pain had subsided. She had never heard Feng Chi’s begging voice… she felt a little guilty.   

Speaking of which, Feng Chi was a little pitiful. He was an orphan. He grew up in the mob and seized opportunities to gain his current position.   

It was just that he always lived in the underworld. Whenever there was a person who was really good towards him, he would always doubt that person. 

However, he appreciated bad and honest people, and liked to use them after confirming the truth. Pei Yan was naturally suspicious and would rather kill the person by mistake than let them go.   

But now that she had reached the final stage, she didn’t want to restart again, so … at all costs. 


The next day, Bai Xun slowly opened her eyes, and Feng Chi, who was always by her side, immediately noticed the movement. 

“Xiao Xun, are you awake?” He was nervous and hesitant. 

“Wu …” Bai Xun shook her faint head and slowly got up. 

Feng Chi immediately helped her to lean halfway against the bed. 

“… En? What’s wrong with me?” Bai Xun didn’t feel right. She looked at her right hand then looked at Feng Chi’s eyes with a stunned expression.   

Feng Chi breathed deeply. Her eyes were as clear as the blue sky, they were clean and trustworthy— there was no indifference and disgust like that day.   

His heart was beating wildly, and he began carefully, “Xiao Xun, don’t you remember what happened yesterday?” 

Bai Xun was stunned for a moment, and suddenly blushed, “What, ya, of course I remember … Didn’t you, you just told me that the wedding is set in a week? Why, do you want to renege?”   

Although her tone was somewhat angry, the smile on the corner of her lips couldn’t be concealed.   


Renege? How was this possible! He didn’t get it! 

But … what’s going on with Bai Xun? 

Maybe it was because Feng Chi didn’t speak for a long time, but Bai Xun was a little worried. She blinked and said uneasily, “You … don’t want to … No, it doesn’t matter … I know, I shouldn’t take it seriously …” 

She smiled reluctantly, and her soft voice tried to suppress her cry. 

Feng Chi felt a pain in his heart and reached out to hug her. “Why don’t I want to? I just … worry that you’re not willing …” 

After receiving the answer, Bai Xun’s eyes brightened, “How could that be? You are so good to me, I like you …” 

She said the latter with a shy voice that was pitiful, however Feng Chi had still heard it.   

No matter what the reason, this quarter of an hour, he only felt a warm heat flow across his heart, and his heart had never felt this sense of overflowing happiness before.   

It was just that the moment Bai Xun gently called out the name in the next moment made him fall into an icy cave.   

She called him, “A’Feng …”1Qin 

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