Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 81

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King of the Night – 12 

The doctor had also said that Bai Xun needed more rest. Feng Chi suppressed the pain and panic in his heart, fed her a bowl of porridge, and coaxed her to sleep. 

He then asked someone to pick up the doctor and tell him something was wrong with Bai Xun.   

After careful examination, the doctor could only shake his head in the end. “According to what you said, her brain has been hit before and what happened this time caused a serious blow to her. It’s also possible that the brain is functioning as its own protective mechanism, forgetting bad things or causing memory disorder. As for whether she can recover, I can’t say…”   

Feng Chi frowned, “Will that affect her body?” 

“Don’t worry about this. I’ve checked and everything works fine.” 

Feng Chi breathed a sigh of relief and whispered, “That’s good …” 

Thinking of Bai Xun’s hatred for him, he couldn’t help but feel sad— if he didn’t restore her memories, she would stay with him. 

Feng Chi sat by the bed, staring at the person who was deeply asleep on the bed.   

…… Even if she regarded him as Qin Feng, it didn’t matter if he could obtain her gentle smile.   


When Bai Xun woke up again, Feng Chi took a group of people to her who held a wedding dress in their hands, he stood on one side and smiled.   

She blinked, she had some doubts and hesitated before she said, “A’Feng, what’s this for?”   

Feng Chi’s smile faded. Every time he heard this name, his heart felt a stabbing pain.   

After a while, he reached out and held Bai Xun’s hand. He said with a smile in his voice, “Didn’t I say yesterday, that the wedding is coming soon. So of course, the bride must try on wedding dresses to find one she likes.”   

“How beautiful!” Bai Xun’s eyes were overjoyed. She directly jumped out of bed excitedly and took the wedding dress from the hands of the subordinate and stroked it twice against her body.   

Feng Chi looked at the bright smile on her face and was a little stunned. 

It seemed that she had never revealed such a good smile when she was with him. 

Bai Xun tilted her head and suddenly approached him, then stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.   

“Thank you. I like it very much.” 

The soft voice filled with joy and shyness made Feng Chi return to his senses— her joy and her affection weren’t for him.   

Feng Chi’s heart dripped with blood and ached. But he still maintained a smile on his face, “Go and see if it fits.” 

Bai Xun nodded obediently and went to change clothes with enthusiasm.   

While Feng Chi was waiting in the room, Feng Yi suddenly hurried in. 

He reported in a low voice, “Brother Chi, Pei Jiao said there’s something for you.” 

Feng Chi’s eyes changed suddenly. What matter was it that Pei Jiao was looking for him? 

There was no news of Pei Yan. These days, it was enough for him to recover and he still had people in his hand, but Pei Jiao’s position wasn’t stable.   

When Bai Xun came out, she saw Feng Chi frowning. She tilted her head, “What’s the matter? Did something happen?”   

“Nothing. There’s a problem at work. I need to take care of it.” Feng Chi saw her come out and smiled. “If you have any questions or need something just tell them. I’ll come back and have dinner with you.” 

Bai Xun pushed his arm. “Then you can go quickly.” 

Looking at Feng Chi’s back while he departed, his affection was already at 90%. Moreover, going out in a hurry, the problem must be related to Pei Yan.   

Pei Yan’s blackening value was still at 100%. Fortunately, his favorability wasn’t gone!   

Crying and sighing, she must hurry to stimulate Feng Chi to brush his affection to max value, otherwise Pei Yan may take her away and she didn’t know if she would ever meet Feng Chi in her lifetime… 


At night, Feng Chi returned home and rubbed his forehead wearily. Pei Jiao killed several of his confidants. He was so nervous and afraid now that Pei Yan would find him.   

If this continues, I’m afraid it won’t be long … 

“A’Feng! You’re back!” 

Ignoring that harsh name, Bai Xun’s brisk voice sounded like a clear stream, which made Feng Chi smile unconsciously. 

He leaned over and hugged her. “What did you do today?” 

Bai Xun glanced at him triumphantly and took him to the dinner table. “Come, I’ve made these all personally…”   

Looking at her appearance that was seeking praise, Feng Chi smiled secretly. He guessed that she had made it personally because the other people in the house didn’t make seafood.   

Feng Chi didn’t speak, Bai Xun looked at the table full of fresh shrimp and sea cucumbers again, then hesitated, “A’Feng, what’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” 

Bai Xun still remembered that when she made shrimp porridge last time, the other party’s eyes were cold, and she casually said that like she had remembered incorrectly.   

But now…… 

Feng Chi looked at her expectant eyes and his heart was moved slightly. 

After a while, he bent his lips. “I’m just so touched. As long as you make it, I’ll like it.” 

“That’s good.” Bai Xun smiled brightly. 

Feng Chi’s affection climbed a little bit. Bai Xun just made him realize that he would touch seafood for her, since she didn’t want him to die from allergies, she only let him have a taste.   

But he kept eating the small portion of food expressionlessly and she could only serve him more.   

Bai Xun secretly sighed. He could only eat as fast as possible and return to his room. Feng Chi would also ask to see the doctor as soon as possible.   

After sending Bai Xun back to her room, Feng Chi belatedly resisted the discomfort. He pulled his collar hard, then unbuttoned his shirt and his neck was red.   

His brain was dizzy, and his face was starting to swell with redness. He couldn’t help but scratch with his hands due to the intolerable itchiness. He stumbled to the study to find allergy medicine to take and felt slightly better.   

But after a while, the itchiness worsened, and even the redness increased. 

Feng Chi had never encountered seafood since he accidentally tried it and found he was allergic to it, so he hadn’t expected the allergic reaction to be so fierce this time.   

He staggered up the stairs to the hallway and called for Feng Yi. 

Feng Yi was startled when he saw his appearance, “Brother Chi! What happened to you?” 

“Be quiet.” Feng Chi glanced upstairs at the person who was still asleep and said impatiently. “It’s a small allergic reaction. Take me to the hospital and don’t make too much noise.”   

This is small? 

Feng Yi knew that Feng Chi was allergic to seafood, but they strictly controlled everything around him. It was impossible for outsiders to have a chance to sneak it in, unless it was…   

Feng Yi sighed secretly and could only rush Feng Chi to the hospital as soon as possible. 

The doctor said it was fortunate he arrived on time, otherwise he would have died.   

Feng Chi said nothing and prepared to go back once the allergic reaction was under control.   

“Brother Chi, you look terrible. Why don’t you stay in the hospital for two days?” Feng Yi was a little worried. “Besides, why didn’t you tell Miss Bai that you’re allergic to seafood…”   

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Feng Chi’s face was pale. He closed his eyes and said, “It’s rare for her to cook for me…if she regains her memories, I’m afraid I won’t have this opportunity again…”   

“How come? Didn’t Miss Bai agree to the marriage?” 

Feng Chi didn’t speak, he had an inexplicable panic, and always felt that … something would happen … 

“Arrange a few more people to protect her.” 


Author’s Notes:

Although its said that it looks like the male lead is miserable, Bai Xun Xun is so cheerful about that. I think that if she didn’t know anything, it would have been a lot of abuse~

Okay, I also lost it to distress~ [covers face]

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