Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 82

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King of the Night – 13 

Bai Xun woke up the next day and found that Feng Chi was pale and looked very weak. 

She was worried and reached out to touch his forehead. “A’Feng, are you sick? You look bad …” 

Feng Chi raised his hand to hold her hand and smiled gently, “It’s okay. I was just thinking that the wedding was coming soon and probably was so excited that I couldn’t sleep well.” 

He was allergic and she thought he would be hospitalized. She hadn’t expected him to be back … he was worried about her. 

Bai Xun sighed secretly, and a sweet and shy smile appeared on her face, “Don’t get too tired.” 

Feng Chi thought it was enough to see her smile, he thought about it and said tentatively, “Xiao Xun, only people who are close to us should attend our wedding, what do you think?”   

Feng Chi was a little worried. Of course, he wanted to give Bai Xun a perfect wedding, but Qin Feng’s previous experience was still fresh in his mind. The men outside were still looking for her, he didn’t want to lose her again.   

Bai Xun blinked and narrowed her eyes, “It doesn’t matter, in fact, it’s fine as long as you participate.” 

“Xiao Xun …” Feng Chi was moved. Although the thought of her saying that person’s name from her mouth made him uncomfortable, but, what did it matter? She would be his bride. 

Bai Xun thought that she probably knew why Feng Chi didn’t plan to have a big wedding. As soon as the invitations were sent out, the Lu brothers and sister Huang in City A and the Qin father and son in City B and Su Shi, oh, and Pei Yan who looked to covet her…   

This was more exciting than the last wedding! 

Feng Chi stayed with her because the wedding was near, but when the day came, he was suddenly called away by Feng Yi, whose face wasn’t good. Bai Xun thought about it— something had happened, Pei Jiao had died.   

Pei Yan returned to the Xingrong Gang. The people he would deal with next would be Feng Chi and her. 

Maybe she was ahead of Feng Chi?1Meaning, Pei Yan wants to deal with her first before Feng Chi 

Bai Xun thought about it this way, and was mentally prepared, so she wasn’t too scared once she was taken by others.   

Feng Chi’s affection had risen to 95%, and it was a matter of minutes before the affection maxed out.   

Now, the only one left to face was Pei Yan. 

When Bai Xun woke up again, she felt that she was lying on the cold ground, her hands and feet were tied, her eyes were covered, and mouth gagged. 

There were several pairs of eyes that stared at her, the gazes were severe and caused her back to be chilled.   

Bai Xun secretly sighed. Pei Yan, who was 100% blackened, she really felt like beating up in her heart. 

But she was able to wake up like this, instead of being directly killed by Pei Yan, and she had less anger in her heart.   

She moved her body, and a familiar deep smoky voice sounded, “Awake?” 

Bai Xun was startled, she fumbled against the floor with her elbow to sit up. Her voice was flustered, “Did you tie me? Who are you? What do you want?”   

Her series of questions showed her genuine panic and Pei Yan hissed lightly and footsteps sounded. He approached softly and lifted his hand to remove the black cloth that covered her eyes.   

“It’s only been a few days since you’ve heard from me?” His calm voice was quiet and cold. 

“What?” Bai Xun’s expression was pure and innocent, but when she looked at his dark eyes, his shoulders shook unconsciously and the coldness and fierceness he endured almost overflowed.   

“Playing dumb with me?” The hoarse voice didn’t move at all, and the strong pressure from standing in front of her made people be afraid and their hearts trembled.   

“What are you trying to do?” Bai Xun was afraid and angry. She struggled angrily, but the rope tied to her dug deeper and deeper which made her hiss. Finally, she had to give up. She looked at the silent man in front of her and said tentatively, “Are you looking for A’Feng to get money? Say, how much do you want?”   

“Do I need his money?” Pei Yan thought when she called A’Feng, then didn’t doubt it, instead he was so irritated and angry that he reached out to pinch her chin and lift it up. Her white tender skin turned red quickly.   

“Who the hell are you? Let go of me!” Bai Xun’s watery eyes were full of pain, but she clenched her teeth and held back her tears.   

“Why? Now you pretend you don’t know me? What about when you tipped me off?” He asked in a cold, deep voice that was filled with anger. 

He thought that after capturing her, she might be afraid and beg for forgiveness, but that would make him angrier, but now, what did she mean? Pretending to not know him? …   

Bai Xun shook her head, angry and flustered, “You lunatic! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” 

The way she tried to calm down with difficulty seemed ridiculous to Pei Yan now, “Do you think by pretending to look like this, anyone would still believe you?” 

Bai Xun bit her lower lip. She was so emotional and looked innocent and wronged. “Who is so anxious to deceive you? Crazy!”   

Pei Yan’s eyes were cold. He suddenly stood up and asked the people behind him lightly: “What should we do to the person who tipped me off?” 

Shouldn’t the boss be very clear on this? … He always regarded himself as a subordinate in the background, he suppressed his doubts. The subordinate knew his place and respectfully said, “According to the rules, it’s too cut off their tongue and break their legs.”   

Bai Xun’s face changed. She shuddered and wanted to shrink back when she heard this, but her bound legs and feet caused her to be a fish awaiting slaughter on the cutting board.   

“Wait, wait, I don’t understand. I’m not your people at all. Besides, I don’t know you… So, I don’t know what tipped off you’re talking about…” Bai Xun’s voice trembled.   

“Yeah, you’re not one of us …” Pei Yan squatted down— looking at the person who was scared from the bottom of her eyes, as if he was thinking, he finally calmly said: “Then it should only be your pair of legs, that’s not too much, right?”   

No, wasn’t it … wasn’t it too much? 

Although Bai Xun had long been mentally prepared, she was still shocked, and her heart trembled when she saw the man approaching her with an iron rod.   

She looked at Pei Yan, her wet eyes were panicked, but unfortunately the other side’s back was towards the light and she couldn’t see his face clearly.   

The sound of the iron rod being dragged on the ground, that stabbing sound and the man getting closer caused Bai Xun to swallow her saliva unconsciously and she was greatly afraid.   

Big brother, I urge you to think clearly before you use this stick!!! 


There was silence in the huge office and the main in the suit looked at the information in his hand seriously.   

His black hair was also mixed with a few silvery whites, but this didn’t affect his beauty, but his tired appearance made him look a little more vicissitude. 

For several months, Bai Xun’s body wasn’t found since the car accident, and Qin Feng determined that she wasn’t dead.   

But how could she disappear when she was seriously injured? 

Someone must have taken her. 

The surrounding monitoring system was broken, so he could only find all the vehicle information that appeared nearby on that day, then investigate them one by one.   

This was a huge project, but he wouldn’t give up.   

Suddenly, Qin Feng moved, and saw a familiar person— Feng Chi. 

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