Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 83

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King of the Night – 14 

The night sky was dark. There was occasionally barking in the house hidden in the night, which made the quiet atmosphere even more silent.   

However, a sudden scream sounded. Even though it was vague, it was still abrupt in the silent night. 

But when people pricked their ears to listen, it disappeared. 

“Pa”, the sound of the iron bar being thrown to the ground. 

Bai Xun’s face was pale and sweaty. One of her ankles was protruding in a twisted and strange way and her body was convulsing. 

Seriously, she hadn’t expected it to be so painful. 

Bai Xun couldn’t speak at all, and only when she saw the big man in front of her was cold and terrible, did she gradually lose consciousness. She felt like passing out was also kind of a good thing.   

Pei Yan’s face was expressionless, looking at Bai Xun who was unconscious, but her body was instinctively convulsing because of the pain. 

He crouched slowly down, his index finger skimmed across her pale white cheek, it was wet, and it was unknown whether it was from sweat or tears.   

He didn’t move for a long time, just watching her quietly. 

After a long while, he reached out to untie the rope and held Bai Xun 

“Call the doctor.” 

Leaving this sentence quietly, Pei Yan walked to his room with the person in his arms.   

He left behind people and they looked at each other in dismay.   

If Bai Xun was still awake, she would have seen Pei Yan’s blackening value slowly decrease at this time.   

Pei Yan put the person on the bed, maybe he had accidentally touched her feet, but the comatose person overflowed with pain, and the body also unconsciously spasmed as a result.   

He paused, tightening his lips to be more careful. 

He didn’t dare to touch the twisted swollen ankle.   

If one word was used to describe Pei Yan’s state of mind, it would probably be conflicted. 

He had never been so uncertain. 

The backstabbing person would directly be killed, but this person was Bai Xun…he didn’t want her to die, but he couldn’t let her go.   

Or cut her tongue and break her legs in accordance with the rules, but when he actually started, he had panicked and forcibly decided on half the punishment … 

In any case, this was a punishment. 

It was only when he watched her fall to the ground in painful convulsions, had he thought he would feel more comfortable, but instead his heart was more suffocated.   

Without begging for mercy or giving an explanation, she really had gotten beaten by the stick.   

Pei Yan sat in the dark, his whole body was indifferent, but his eyes struggled with complexity. 

She was punished like this now … 

When the old doctor came over and looked at Bai Xun’s situation, he wasn’t surprised.  

But in the past, it was mostly used against strong men. This time, it was a soft weak little girl and he couldn’t help but secretly feel some compassion in his heart. 

“How is she?” Pei Yan didn’t approach, just asked calmly. 

The doctor glanced at the terrible Pei Yan who had cold eyes, shook his head and sighed, “It’s timely that she saw a doctor, the girl’s feet can be still saved, but her body isn’t good, and she will have some permanent pain even when the leg gets better, such as joint pain on rainy days, and a limp while walking…”   

Every time the doctor said a word, Pei Yan’s face became colder. 

In the end, the temperature of the entire room seemed to drop by a few degrees. 

The little brother shivered on one side, trying to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible. 

What was going on with this big brother, his appearance looked like he was going to kill people? But wasn’t this leg the one he ordered to be broken? 

It was because of his own decision that it was impossible to vent. 

Just then, someone hurried in and said, “Boss, Feng Chi said he wants to see you.” 

“Just in time.” Pei Yan stood up, paused, and stared at the bed. His eyes focused on the feet that were wrapped like banana wrapped rice cake. He lightly said, “Find someone to take care of her.” 

After speaking, he strode out with the others.   


On the other side, Feng Chi had originally arrived with Feng Yi to the place at night but hadn’t seen Pei Yan at all. He had a bad premonition in his heart. 

Sure enough, as soon as he returned to the Feng house, he found that Bai Xun was missing. 

Those who could enter the Feng house and take people away, he couldn’t think of anyone besides Pei Yan.   

Feng Chi had almost gone mad. Bai Xun fell into Pei Yan’s hands, and her life could be in danger at any second. 

He rushed over with others. Pei Yan regained control of the Xingrong gang and internal cleaning was carried out. Now, he just felt the bloody aura of the other person at the place.   

Feng Chi hadn’t seen anyone, so he didn’t dare act rashly— Bai Xun was still in his hands.   

“I haven’t come to you yet, but you came to me.” 

The hoarse voice sounded lightly, Pei Yan came out, his deep face was expressionless, and his whole body was even more fierce. 

Feng Chi’s face was cold and terrible. He clenched his fist. The pain kept him sane and calm. “I think you know the purpose of my arrival. Say, what are your conditions to let my people go, is it money, goods, or my life?”   

What he said was an understatement. Feng Yi’s face changed slightly, and he whispered, “Brother Chi, you have to think clearly, don’t be fooled…”   

Pei Yan’s eyes were even heavier. He didn’t smile, but his words revealed light mockery, “I can obtain all the things you mentioned, including your life, so why should I bargain with you?”   

Since he said that, it meant that Bai Xun was alive … Feng Chi breathed a little sigh of relief, returned with a fierce momentum, his lips were slightly hooked, and sneered. “Don’t talk too much, otherwise, I promise you won’t get anything. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.”   

He raised his hand gently, and the people behind him had already taken out their guns and pointed it at the person opposite of them in a neat and uniform manner.   

Pei Yan paused. He had just reclaimed his rights and wasn’t ready to fight with Feng Chi now. 

He narrowed his eyes and lightly said, “Do you even care about her life or death?” 

Was he threatening him with Bai Xun? 

Bai Xun had no memories now and was incapable of refuting him.1Basically since she has no memories, she will only accept him. What a sick bastard. 

Feng Chi’s pupil narrowed, his heart was agitated, and he gritted his teeth: “What did you do to her? I’m warning you that you better not touch her, or you’ll regret it…”   

Pei Yan frowned. “What do you mean?” 


There was a fierce battle, and Bai Xun, who had just woken up, regretted it! 

Why had she passed out for such a short time? 

Ah ah ah ah, my foot, it hurts so much! !! !! It really broke! 

Wuwu … Pei Yan, right, this stick’s strike she must return! !! !! 

Author’s Notes:

Pei Yan is dead, he will be tortured since he tortured her!

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