Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 84

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King of the Night – 15 

Facing Pei Yan’s doubts, Feng Chi clenched his fists. Should he say it? 

Bai Xun was now in his hands. She didn’t have any memories from that time. She couldn’t even explain.   

If Pei Yan still thought that Bai Xun had deceived and betrayed him, wouldn’t that mean Bai Xun was being tortured by his means? Feng Chi didn’t dare to even think about it. 

He closed his eyes, and then opened them again with a hoarse voice, “… she’s innocent. She didn’t want to hurt you.” 

Pei Yan’s heart tightened. Those words made him feel a little inexplicably flustered, but his face was still expressionless, “What? You really will say anything to save her.”   

His appearance made Feng Chi gnash his teeth hatefully, “I planned to capture you since the beginning, but she was deceived by me. She was going to tell you to leave when she heard my conversation…”   

What? Impossible…… 

The panic in Pei Yan’s heart grew, if what he said was true? Then how will he face Bai Xun who was hurt by him?   

His slightly trembling voice was hidden under the huskiness with a coldness, “Do you think I would believe you if you said those words?” 

Seeing that he wasn’t moved, Feng Chi was anxious, “Didn’t you notice something wrong? She even has a memory dissociation caused by a heavy blow. Does she still know you? Even the hospital records aren’t false?”   

Pei Yan’s face was a little pale, but his expression was so emotionless that he couldn’t see what he was thinking. 

He didn’t speak for a long time, and Feng Chi’s beautiful peach blossom eyes burst into anger. He disabled the safety bolt on his gun and directly pointed it at Pei Yan. “Believe it or not, give her back to me!”   

Pei Yan raised his eyes, glanced around, and said indifferently: “You better not mess around. I’ll investigate this matter. Then, when the time comes, we will settle the account.”   

After he finished speaking, he turned and left. Feng Chi didn’t dare to depart first and waited until he didn’t see him.   

Sure enough, Feng Chi and his party were stopped, but they didn’t dare to force entry, instead they could only kick the table angrily. 


Pei Yan walked quickly to Bai Xun’s room. He was now full of panic and had questions that needed to be answered. But halfway through, he stopped again. 

Didn’t she lose her memory? What answer can he get even if he asks her? 

It should be the same innocence as yesterday … 

Pei Yan closed his eyes and said to the people behind him: “Go and check Bai Xun’s history. I want to know everything clearly.” 

His husky hoarse voice trembled for the first time. 

If, what Feng Chi said was true … He really blamed her … 

But what should he do? 

Pei Yan walked to Bai Xun’s room step by step. 

In the room, Bai Xun laid on the bed. The pain caused her face to be pale and her weak legs made her look dull. 

Just now, she had found that Pei Yan’s blackening value was declining. He should have discovered the truth of the matter but wasn’t quite sure yet.   

He would definitely come see her. Of course, she couldn’t show her pain that was enough to roll on the floor, she must be unyielding! 

The door was pushed open, and the sound of leather boots hitting the floor sounded slowly. 

Bai Xun didn’t move. Only when the tall man was standing by the bed did she move her dark eyes.   

His figure was straight, but his back was a bit stiff, and she couldn’t see his face. 

“You’re awake.” 

The hoarse voice sounded with no emotion. 

Bai Xun’s eyes fell on Pei Yan. She trembled unconsciously as if she was thinking about the things that happened before she passed out, but the endless hatred rose above her watery misty eyes and suppressed her fear.   

“My legs … what deep hatred do you have with me?” 

Her slightly choked voice was dry and hoarse, and her cold hatred was undisguised. 

Pei Yan felt a stabbing pain at the bottom of his heart. 

“You really don’t remember me?” He said softly, although asked in a question, it was more like a statement. 

At this time, she doesn’t need to act with him anymore, so she really doesn’t remember. 

“Oh … remember what you did? Was it pleasant for you to break my leg and torture me?” Bai Xun’s eyes were red, with tears in the corners of her eyes, but her look of condemnation was very painful for him.   

Pei Yan’s five fingers tightened in an instant. He originally thought that he was merciful by not killing her.   

But her contemptuous look made him uncomfortable. His hoarse voice was almost speechless, and he spoke after a short while, “I’ll find out. You stay here and recover.”   

“What do you mean? Are you giving me a sweet date after striking me with the stick?” Bai Xun was a little emotional. She struggled to sit up but pulled the bandaged wound. The pain made her forehead sweat and her face became more pale, “Or do you want me to stay here and recover so you can torture me again?” 

“Don’t move!” 

Pei Yan panicked. He was somewhat worried and wanted to reach out to help her, but Bai Xun opened her mouth and sneered angrily, “Go away! I don’t need your false kindness right now!”   

Pei Yan didn’t speak and had a cold face. He slowly retreated to a safe distance. 

Bai Xun sneered twice, panted slightly to relieve the pain and turned back to look at him.   

After a while, he confirmed that Bai Xun was fine. But she didn’t want him to approach him, so he turned around and walked out of the door.   

The little girl who looked after Bai Xun also arrived. She saw that he wasn’t an ordinary person and he pointed to the room. “Take good care of her.”   

When the person left, Bai Xun exhaled. Although she had just moved, she was very careful to not touch the wound, but it was still painful!   

But according to her setting as an innocent girl with a memory disorder and with her legs suddenly broken, she must be full of fear and hate!   

What a pity, fortunately, this body was a game prop. If she was really lame in the future, it would be useless to cut Pei Yan into pieces!   

Fortunately, Pei Yan’s blackening value was getting less and less. It must be that he had gradually believed Feng Chi’s words. When he really knows the truth, would he be full of regret and repent, then his affection could grow? 

When that happened, it would be her chance. 


Feng Chi didn’t see anyone, so he broke out in fear from the thought the other party would hurt Bai Xun. At this time, Feng Yi told him that someone had come to him. 

Hearing this name, Feng Chi could only make people watch Xingrong gang first, and tell him whenever there was trouble. 

When he arrived home, he saw Qin Feng waiting for him in the living room. 

The man’s silver-white suit didn’t have a speck of dust, and his hair was neatly combed, as if he dressed up specially to meet someone. 

But, now, who did he want to meet? 

His handsome face was as cold as ice, and there was no gentleness from when he was in front of Bai Xun. 

“Where is Xiao Xun?” 


And in the Leng family’s home in City B, Qin Xiao and Su Shi also found something wrong. They and the Lu brothers were all aiming at Qin Feng, but he hadn’t cared about losing his industries in succession. He hadn’t even appeared in the Qin family home for more than three days now.   

What was going on? 

The two looked at each other, and suddenly their expression changed, and they both had an answer in their hearts. 

Unless, that person was found. 

Author’s Notes:

…… If the other 6 people found out that Bai Xun Xun’s leg is broken, it’s estimated that Pei Yan will be directly killed.

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