Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 85

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King of the Night – 16 

When Feng Chi saw Qin Feng, his mood was very complicated. 

As long as he recalled that this was the person Bai Xun had been thinking about even after she had lost her memories, he felt suffocated in his heart.   

However, maybe now they could cooperate to rescue Bai Xun as soon as possible. 

“Xiao Xun was taken away by Pei Yan.” Feng Chi’s hoarse voice was tired. 

Qin Feng’s pupils shrank, “What did you say? Pei Yan from Xingrong gang? Why is Xiao Xun there with him?” 

For a fierce person like Pei Yan, if Bai Xun offended him and fell into his hand, he couldn’t imagine what would happen to her 

Qin Feng was too excited. For a while, he didn’t care about the gentle image he usually maintained. He grabbed Feng Chi’s lapel and interrogated him.   

Speaking of this, Feng Chi felt a pain from the bottom of his heart … 

“… It’s my fault …” Feng Chi said weakly. “Pei Yan has a lot of people. I don’t know where Xiao Xun is locked up at. It’s impossible to break in …” 

“The most important thing now is to rescue Xiao Xun first.” 

The two discussed it all night, until the next morning, their eyes were bloodshot.   

At that moment, Feng Yi had someone come back to report to him— “Brother Chi! Something happened!” 


On the other side, Pei Yan looked at the information in his hand, which recorded Bai Xun’s life in this period of time.   

He knew from the doctor that she hadn’t had a good time recently. Feng Chi even locked her up with the dog in order to punish her. The mental impact was too great and caused memory confusion, so she didn’t recognize him?   

Pei Yan’s hand trembled, and the information fell to the ground. He strode to Bai Xun’s room. 

He had misjudged her! 

The blackening value gradually dissipated, and his heart was dripping with blood at every step. 

He thought that yesterday he should have noticed the mark on her hand, it should be the dog bite wound … 

The favorability value rose to 70%. 

He thought of the confused and innocent appearance the day she was captured. She didn’t need to pretend, she had really lost her memory … 

The favorability value rose to 80%. 

Pei Yan, who had already arrived at the door, turned pale and didn’t dare open the door at all. 

She had always been really good towards him, but what about him? What had he done? 

At the thought of Bai Xun’s feet, his heart felt too painful that he couldn’t breathe. 

He was afraid to see her hateful eyes, but … 

No matter what, he would find the best doctor to cure her, even if she wanted his leg, he wouldn’t resist. 

Pei Yan trembled, and his hands pushed open the door, but the situation his eyes took in shattered his desire.   

The bright red blood stained the white sheets. Bai Xun was trapped in the blanket motionlessly and blood still trickled from her wrist. 

“Xiao Xun!” 

Pei Yan was so scared that he rushed in and squeezed her wrist to stop the blood flow and ran to the hospital holding her.   

Bai Xun knew that Pei Yan must have discovered the truth when she noticed the blackening value was gone and the affection had risen rapidly. This was the time for her to counterattack!   

To leave Pei Yan’s place first, she directly cut her wrist with a piece of glass ornament on the side. This pain wasn’t worth mentioning compared to her broken foot.   

Feeling the coldness from the blood loss, she heard Pei Yan’s footsteps and fainted at ease. 


At the entrance of the hospital, a luxury car rushed over and stopped there. Qin Feng followed Feng Chi anxiously and rushed into the gate. 

Feng Yi, who had already inquired, was waiting for them at the door. 

“What happened?” 

Feng Yi was impatiently pacing and gripping the corner of his clothes when Feng Chi asked coldly.   

Feng Yi’s voice was a little dry, “Just got the news, Miss Bai cut her wrist and tried to commit suicide. Now she’s recovering …” 

Feng Chi and the two strode together, and then their eyes were red, speeding up. 

Outside the emergency room, Pei Yan’s lonely figure stood at the door. He clenched his lips, his face was pale, his eyes were tightly fixed on the closed door as if he would be drained of all his strength in the next instant. 

“Pei Yan!” 

An angry roar rang out and Feng Chi’s fist made him stagger two steps. 

“What the hell did you do to Xiao Xun? You forced her to commit suicide?” Feng Chi gritted his teeth and his voice was mingled with mercilessness as he relentlessly beat him.   

Pei Yan’s little brothers hurriedly rushed forward to stop Feng Chi. 

Pei Yan was still in the same spot. His face was terrible and pale. 

What had he done to Bai Xun? Could he regret it? … 

“Get out of the way.” A hoarse voice sounded, and Pei Yan waved back his people and under his calm eyes there was pain. “It was me who hurt her. If you want to avenge her, just come directly…”   

“Boss!” The little brothers were stunned and stepped back hesitantly. 

Feng Chi sneered, and directly kicked Pei Yan’s abdomen. Pei Yan bent down because of the pain from his abdomen. Soon, a powerful fist smashed him quickly.   

Pei Yan didn’t resist and let his fists rain heavily upon him. 

Feng Yi’s people stopped the hospital staff who wanted to stop this. This kind of situation, if they didn’t vent, it was very likely they would collapse.   

Qin Feng, who came a little later, glanced coldly at the person getting beaten. Now the most important thing was Bai Xun’s injury. He had to confirm it with the hospital. Her admission to the hospital was timely and there was no major danger to her life, just a blood transfusion … … 

He stared closely at the emergency room, a little flustered and uneasy. From Feng Chi, he knew that Bai Xun had lost her memories, that is to say, he still had a chance … 

On the other side, Feng Chi was almost done venting his anger. He slowly stopped and panted heavily. His fists were stained with blood. Looking at Pei Yan, he coldly said: “You better pray that Xiao Xun is okay, otherwise either the fish dies or the net splits.1life and death struggle I will make sure the whole Xingrong gang won’t prosper!”   

However, after listening to this sentence, Pei Yan still laid on the ground without any reaction. He seemed to feel no pain. There was no expression on his face full of wounds, only the pain from the bottom of his eyes were clear.   

Just then, the emergency room door opened. 

Qin Feng and Feng Chi immediately surrounded him, “Doctor, how is she?” 

“Her admission was just in time. Fortunately, she’s okay. The blood has been transfused. She just needs to rest.” 

After the two heard, they breathed a sigh of relief and saw the doctor looking at them suspiciously. “It’s just that her foot injury is too serious. It’s not like she fell, it was like it was intentionally done. How did you take care of the patient? Don’t let her make any big movements in this period of time. Take good care of her, or she will really be lame in the future…”   

Foot injury? Intentional? 

The two men were shocked. They were almost speechless because of this. They even felt their hearts stopped beating for two seconds and only a rumbling sound was heard in their ears.   

She was beloved by them, they didn’t dare touch the person who was hurt, but her legs were broken by someone….   

How painful was that? 

As a girl, she was already weak. How helpless was she at that time? 

Qin Feng slowly looked at Pei Yan, who just propped up his body and coughed up a mouthful of blood.   

“You did it?” Qin Feng’s icy face seemed to have not changed, only the black misty eyes indicated that his anger was rising wildly.   

Feng Chi also reacted, and he suddenly rushed to beat people like crazy. 

“Pei Yan! How dare you, you motherfucker!” 

Qin Feng’s eyes were dark. He raised his hand and took off his suit jacket and threw it aside. He loosened his tie. Then took up one of the chairs on the side and walked forward.   

“You dare do this to her, the person who moved my heart, how dare you treat her like this?” The angry words mingled with the dull sound of the chair hitting his body made a muffled sound. 


Originally, the hesitant little brothers obeyed the order, but now, Pei Yan would be killed if they didn’t step forward. When they tried to pull Pei Yan away from those two, he was already unconscious. They didn’t dare stay there anymore and directly left with him.   

And the two men who were almost crazy were stopped by Feng Yi. He anxiously said, “Brother Chi, calm down. Now Miss Bai is still in the ward. The most important thing is to cure her leg injury and calm her mood…”   

Feng Chi gasped for breath and his red eyes slowly recovered. 

“Yes, I have to see Xiao Xun …” 

Qin Feng paused for a while. He slowly walked to the side, picked up his suit jacket, put on his tie and tidied his hair. He restored his well-dressed appearance and went straight to the ward to visit Bai Xun. 

Bai Xun hadn’t woken up yet, but her wrists and ankles were wrapped in snow-white gauze which pained their hearts.   

Qin Feng and Feng Chi, these two big men, their noses were sour and for the first time, wanted to cry.   


When Bai Xun woke up after a comfortable sleep, Feng Chi’s affection was maxed while Pei Yan was at 95%.   

She almost burst into tears with excitement! She could see victory beckoning to her! 

Bai Xun was now lying in the ward. The soft quilt was comfortable, but her hands and feet were indisposed.   

There was no one in the room, but the messy traces on the sofa suggested that someone was watching over her last night. 

Who was it? 

It should be Pei Yan who brought her to the hospital, but Feng Chi would surely rush over if he knew she had an accident. 

The hospital was nowhere near Pei Yan’s place. Feng Chi would have a much easier time rescuing her, not to mention that Pei Yan was guilty now that he knew the truth. 

She cut her wrists to counterattack Pei Yan and he would be afraid that her mind would collapse.   

Therefore, it should be Feng Chi who stayed in the hospital to watch her. 

Maybe Pei Yan was beaten up by the angry Feng Chi?   

Bai Xun felt regretful that she hadn’t seen the scene and the door was gently pushed open. 

“Xiao Xun, are you awake?” Feng Chi looked at the person in bed with surprise. 

He quickly stepped in and put the bone porridge soup on the table. He reached out to help tuck in the corner of the blanket and said with concern: “How do you feel? Do you feel any discomfort?”   

Bai Xun glanced at him slowly, then her eyes saw Qin Feng. 

Except for his face that was a little tired from staying up all night, he was dressed in a suit, had neat black hair. But when he moved his lips, it seemed somewhat cramped as if he didn’t know how to approach her.   

Feng Chi wasn’t surprised to see Qin Feng, but she was. 

So, Uncle Qin, you’ve finished your strategy and the drama is over. But why aren’t you fighting?   

Bai Xun kept staring at them and didn’t speak, which made them both a little flustered.   

Feng Chi suddenly had a bad premonition from the bottom of his heart. He clenched his fist and tried to relax and soothe his face. “Xiao Xun, don’t worry. You’re all right now. Just take good care of your injuries. I’ll help you take revenge on Pei Yan.”   

Bai Xun glanced at him. She looked pale and her eyes were very clean, but it wasn’t the same innocence from before, but the same as after experiencing hardships in life.   


The word was light and floated, but it made Feng Chi’s heart thump, and he reluctantly smiled, “Xiao Xun, you are tired, I…”   

“Feng Chi, haven’t you played enough?” Bai Xun’s faint look and cold tone had no emotional fluctuations.   

Feng Chi’s heart went cold. He opened his mouth, a little dry. After a while, he said: “…Xiao Xun, have you recovered your memory?”   

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