Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 86

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King of the Night – 17 

Feng Chi helplessly and anxiously looked at Bai Xun’s eyes. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Or will you continue this play?”   

Bai Xun even slightly hooked her lips, with a sneer, “What fiancée, what Xingrong gang… Haven’t you played me like a toy drum? Or do you think it’s interesting to see this broken leg?” 

She remembered everything … 

Feng Chi’s face was pale, he couldn’t say anything. What he had worried about the most was what had happened.   

Bai Xun then turned to Qin Feng and looked at him. She looked complex and indifferent. “And you, what are you doing here?”   

Qin Feng tightened his fingers and suppressed the pain of his aching heart, then revealed a gentle smile, “Xiao Xun, don’t worry. I won’t think about controlling you again. Do what you want to do. I just worry about you and you were in a car accident, so I looked for you…”   

“Also, I have the best doctor from country M coming. Your legs will be the same as before …” 

He was worthy of being a more mature person, knowing how to pacify her and quell some of her anger.   

Bai Xun didn’t say a word, only after a while, she said. “Get out. I don’t want to see you.”   

The two people’s hearts froze up and were in pain.   

He didn’t dare to make Bai Xun emotionally excited anymore, so he could only stay outside. 

The expert invited by Qin Feng soon arrived, and Bai Xun’s leg injury recovered quickly. 

However, her ward wasn’t quiet because people came in succession.   

Su Shi and Qin Xiao were the first to arrive. 

They checked for several days before they discovered that Qin Feng was staying at the hospital this entire time. With his cold-hearted temperament, who else in the world would cause him to stay in the hospital?   

Until they saw Bai Xun who looked better, but the gauze on her hands and feet were still dazzling. 

“… Xiao Xun, how could this happen?” Su Shi’s lips trembled. He wanted to carefully touch but was worried about hurting her. 

For Su Shi, Bai Xun secretly sighed. He hadn’t done anything wrong. 

But, she didn’t want to mention it. She simply said, “It’s nothing, it’s all gone.”   

“Xiao Xun …” A slightly dry voice sounded with some uneasiness. 

During this time, Qin Xiao, who had taken over the Leng family’s affairs, matured a lot, but when he saw Bai Xun, he was still distressed and regretful. 

He misunderstood her this entire time and indirectly harmed her. It was difficult for her to have children … 

Qin Xiao had always been bold and wanton. He seldom looked so uneasy. He carefully looked at her and his wet eyes made him look like a big dog.   

Bai Xun only glanced at him, then ignored him. She could be relieved of her past experience, but that didn’t mean she would forgive those who had harmed her.   

Qin Xiao’s eyes quickly dimmed. 

But just finding her, he still has a chance. 

Within two days, the Lu family brothers and Huang Yanran also came over. The Qin family hadn’t moved for so long, so they found out where Qin Feng went. 

When they saw Bai Xun, Lu Zhi Yao and Lu Zhi Yuan both remembered her previous appearance at the wedding. At this time, they were afraid to stimulate her and didn’t dare to go forward.   

But when Huang Yanran saw her, her eyes were red, and tears fell. 

“Xiao Xun, who did this to you? I’ll help you …” Kill him … 

Before she finished speaking, Bai Xun frowned slightly. 

“Enough, get out.” 

What she said more was more hurtful than anything else, it was because she didn’t care.   

She didn’t want to see them. After having experienced so much, didn’t she hate them? 

Bai Xun impatiently rang the bell and asked the nurse to drive everyone out. 

Several people were in despair. In the end, they could only vent their emotions on those who hurt her.   

Waiting for everyone to get out, Bai Xun breathed a sigh of relief— what if those bunch of men and woman who adore me gather? 

I’m afraid I would accidentally overturn the boat and waiting for her would be a little black house!!!1Imprisonment most likely 

She was both physically and mentally wounded now. These people all had the attitude of atonement, so they didn’t dare fight for anything. She could only show that her heart is dead and that she didn’t care.   

If she shows who she likes a little, then the only apparent balance would be immediately broken!2Meaning all of them will blacken at once!! LOL   

She could only work hard for Pei Yan, who was temporarily acting as a punching bag for the rest.   


Bai Xun’s time in the hospital could be said to be the most relaxing time for her since she had entered the game world.   

Because she had already finished these men’s strategies, she wasn’t worried about losing favorability.   

But as long as she maintained the indifferent attitude, didn’t pay much attention to them, looked at the sun every day and nourished her foot injury, these people’s brains would automatically be filled with a sad person who had gone through the vicissitudes of life. So they took turns to carefully accompany her every day and worry about her.   

After three months, the foot was almost recovered. Bai Xun felt that she was being fattened.   

She moved her hands and feet. Although she had slight pain after standing for a long time, it didn’t affect her walking. Just in time for the last blow.   

Compared with Bai Xun, Pei Yan was much more miserable. The last time he was beaten in the hospital, he had suffered multiple injuries and fractures. When he was recovering, he had to deal with the pressure of the Lu, Qin and Huang families alongside Feng Chi. However, he didn’t have any thoughts on confrontation, which led to the laxity of the Xingrong gang. 

He wanted to see Bai Xun, but the person was tightly guarded by Feng Chi. On the other hand, he was timid. 

He harmed her like this, what would he even say once he saw her again? 

Until one day, Pei Yan received an email with a picture attached of Bai Xun who was full of scars! 

There was an address on it, and a paragraph, “If you want to save her, come alone with 10 million. If anyone else is alarmed, she will die.” 

Pei Yan was shocked and clenched his fists. 

How did Bai Xun get caught by others? Was this person after him? 

Regardless of whether this was a scam, if he didn’t go, what if there was a 1% chance it was true?   

Pei Yan didn’t care about his injuries that weren’t fully healed. He directly opened the quilt and got out of bed, then started to change into his clothes.   

“Boss? What are you going to do? Your injury isn’t healed yet …” 

The little brother on the side was a little puzzled. Pei Yan didn’t say, instead he equipped his gun and dagger before ordering: “I’m going out. Immediately prepare 10 million for me, go!”   

His command was cold and there were no fluctuations in his voice, the little brother immediately nodded.   

When he drove to his destination, he received a strange call. The other party temporarily changed the address. He hadn’t expected them to be so cautious. 

Pei Yan turned the car around and rushed to the new address. His voice was cold and hoarse. “I have the money ready, but how do I confirm that the person is really in your hands?” 

A sneer came from the other side, “You don’t believe it? Then you can listen to her voice first…hey, don’t pretend to be dead. Your man wants you to say something!” 

Obviously speaking to Bai Xun in the background, there was a sound of tables and chairs falling to the ground, mixed with sobs. 

“… Let me go, let me go …” 

It was her! … 

Pei Yan’s hand on the steering wheel tightened for a moment, and the voice of grievance on the other side of the phone made him feel suffocated.   

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