Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 87

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King of the Night – 18 

Pei Yan suppressed his anger. Bai Xun’s leg injury wasn’t completely healed yet… How had Feng Chi taken care of her?!! 


Pei Yan said coldly, “Don’t touch her, I’ll be right there.” 

After he finished speaking, he sped up and the car was like an arrow and drove towards the address the man provided.   

When he arrived, he saw it was a remote abandoned factory in the suburbs. Pei Yan stopped the car and approached slowly, carrying the suitcase. 

At the door, two tall men with masks were pointing guns at him. 

“Hands up.” 

Pei Yan had not seen Bai Xun yet, daring not to act lightly, he dropped the box and raised his hands. 

One man took the suitcase, the other searched him, and quickly located and confiscated Pei Yan’s gun and dagger, then pointed the gun at him. “Go in.”   

Pei Yan’s face was expressionless and he slowly walked in. 

It was a spacious, abandoned warehouse with only a small window on top to cast some light. 

Pei Yan adapted to the dark environment and saw Bai Xun, whose hands were tied to the opposite chair. Her long hair was messy, her body was dusty, and she had some red blood traces. She looked like she had many bruises…   

Pei Yan’s pupils shrank, his hands creaked, and his fierce eyes stared at Bai Xun’s side. There was a man who was pointing a gun at her. He coldly said, “I have brought the money, you should let her go.”   

“Let her go?” The leader seemed to have heard something funny and hissed: “I want your money, but I want your life too!” 

It seemed that the other party was indeed targeting him, and Pei Yan was relieved. 

“What do you want? Have we met before?” Pei Yan secretly observed the surroundings and confirmed that only the person beside Bai Xun and the two men behind him were there.   

“Big gang leader Pei forgot many things. How could he remember that he killed our brother many years ago?” The man seemed to be agitated from a painful sore spot and roared: “Kneel down now!” 

Pei Yan narrowed his eyes and didn’t move. 

The man gave a meaningful look, and the two behind Pei Yan stepped forward, kicking the back of one of his legs. 

After being kicked, Pei Yan staggered, and his legs trembled slightly. But his body was still standing straight, and his smooth muscle lines were bulging, obviously suppressing anger. 

“Sect leader Pei’s bones are really hard. Why, do you want to taste the loss of a loved one now?” The man sneered. He pointed the trigger to Bai Xun’s forehead. He snapped, “Are you going to kneel or not?”   

Pei Yan’s throat rolled. His entire body’s muscles tightened to the bones and seemed to creak. He moved his legs slowly, stepped back, and his long legs slightly bent to kneel.   

When he knelt, two wooden sticks behind him smashed him. The strength from an adult man instantly broke the skin on his back.   

The bloody smell permeated the air. Pei Yan gritted his teeth without a sound. In such a large environment, there was only the dull sound of the sticks hitting flesh, Bai Xun’s sobbing and the man’s unpleasant laughter.   

He seemed very happy. “Where is the insufferably arrogant gang leader Pei from before now?” 

“Wu … wuwu …” Bai Xun’s mouth was blocked and she couldn’t speak, but she was struggling. 

The man was obviously impatient and was about to slap her. Pei Yan’s cold voice sounded terrifyingly scary. 

“If you dare move against her again, I promise you won’t see the sun tomorrow.” 

Even at a disadvantage, even if he was beaten to the point of spitting out blood, his eyes were still aloof.   

The man left Bai Xun and strode over. He raised his foot to his face and kicked Pei Yan to the ground. 

“Don’t you see the current situation? How dare you talk to me like this?” 

His face hit the ground, blood ran down his forehead and was stained with dust. But Pei Yan raised the corners of his mouth and the smile on his lips was like Shura from hell.1Shura is a Japanese way to call the Buddhism demigod of war, Asura.   

His hoarse voice was barely audible. “You’re finally here.” 

The next second, the man who was beaten and lying on the ground powerlessly, had already moved behind the man. He held his neck with his hands like iron clamps, after a moment, there was a crack and the neck hung down limply.   

The two men on the opposite side were stunned. They were going to draw their guns after tossing the sticks, but at such a short distance, they were slower than Pei Yan.   

Before the guns were drawn, the dagger cut their necks and blood spewed out.   

It only took a few seconds for everything to settle, and Pei Yan stumbled to the ground. 

He coughed a few times, then coughed up some blood. His whole body covered in black clothing was stuck to his body from his torn flesh and blood. The previous fractures and injuries were probably more serious.   

He didn’t have time to rest and braced himself to walk towards Bai Xun. He put down the dagger and untied the rope for her. 

He smiled slightly and soothed her, “It’s all right, Xiao Xun …” 

In the next moment, there was a sharp stabbing pain from his abdomen. 

Bai Xun held the dagger and stabbed him mercilessly. Blood gushed on to her hands, which was hot.   

This was…… 

Pei Yan looked at her with wide eyes.   

Bai Xun had tears in her eyes, but she still smiled and softly asked, “Does it hurt?” 

Pain, of course, the pain is deep in my heart … 

This kind of pain hurts 100,000 or millions of times more than the dagger stabbed into him.   

Pei Yan had lost too much blood and his eyes were in a trance. He said his last words with difficulty, “So … will you … forgive me …” 

“Thank you for saving me, but forgive you? … never …” 

Bai Xun said coldly and withdrew her hand. Without her support, Pei Yan fell to the ground. 

Pei Yan smiled bitterly and closed his eyes slowly. Even so, he didn’t blame her … it was he who caused his own suffering. 

I only hope that in the next life, I can stop doing wrong … 

Pei Yan’s favorability is 100%. 

When Bai Xun saw that Pei Yan’s red heart was full, her excited hands were shaking! !! 

She had succeeded! 

Finally, in order to attack Pei Yan with the last blow, she used the NPC controller to find a few small gangsters and had herself kidnapped. Pei Yan hadn’t even cared about his own life for her. 

This knife was equivalent to the stick Pei Yan used.2This bitch hold a grudge from when she was beaten into a handicap! 

It’s just … eh? Why hadn’t she returned yet? 

Bai Xun pinched her face and touched the game menu panel in a panic. 

[The player’s game results are being calculated. The system is expected to run for 24 hours. Please be patient.] 

Bai Xun blinked, then blinked … 

That was it …  it scared her!3Like she was stuck in the game regardless of clearing the game’s conditions 

Author’s Notes:

Open the arc for customs clearance, this novel will soon be done!

If she knows that she can’t go back immediately, she might go crazy.

TL Note: I got complaints, this arc 4 IMO is the worse arc compared to the first 3. This arc was so rushed, the fade out to black is crazy (like how the hell did she get kidnapped by Pei Yan first time and kidnapped by this random ass dude with all her capture targets watching her). Like there was more planning and details in the first 3 arc. Can tell the author was trying to wrap this novel up. Okay that’s the end of my rant. Trying to quickly finished my first “long” novel so I can finish up <<My Husband With Scholar Syndrome>> with MadPanda.

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    I agree with you 😭 The arc feels very rushed. I thought there would be more, considering Pei Yan is the hardest character to win over

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    I know!! Feng Chi and Pei Yan fell in love with her WAY too quickly. It’s such a shame bc this arc had so much potential. 😭😭The previous arcs were so good too 😤

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    Wow.she clear the game! 🎉 Lol cannot wait see what happen next. Thank you for the chapter.

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    Hey, I loved this arc… it may have been a little abrupt but I got the gist of it. And watching BXX finally orchestrate her revenge against Pei Yan directly was *amazing.* Loved her moxie in that last scene… and hoping she can finally leave soon!

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    Mmmmm… I guess I wanna name my favorites now…

    Lu Zhi Yao was good
    He sinned just once and repented
    Likable personality and aura
    The most calm and rational one, I like him

    Though his appearance in the novel was short, Pei Yan
    I really like his lonely-wolf type ’cause once he’s winned over, he’ll go to the end
    And I really like him giving up his life for her to forgive him, unlike other targets that no matter circumstances still thought they’d have a chance

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    I didn’t really feel like it was rushed, feng ching and pei yan had the most ‘i’m so sad and lonely, no one have ever been kind to me’ childhood hence they got attached to her easily, besides, it’s just a game

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