Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 88

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Custom Clearance – 01 

After capturing the target, Bai Xun had never been more relaxed, and even kindly sent a message to Pei Yan’s younger brother, asking him to come to this place to pick him up. 

Pei Yan was still the male lead, he couldn’t really die. At that time, the game would collapse, and she would have to start over again which wasn’t worth it.   

Bai Xun thought and squatted down— she simply bandaged Pei Yan’s wound. She couldn’t wait until the younger brother arrived, by then he would die from blood loss.   

She couldn’t stay there stupidly for another 24 hours. Bai Xun glanced at the big suitcase at the side. It seemed that she hadn’t been completely unrestrained with money in this world?   

When she thought about ten million, she felt happy… 

Bai Xun rushed to pick up the suitcase and drove away. 

On the other side, there was a bulge on the quiet bed in the ward, and there was no movement for half a day. 

The group of people usually had to work, they basically took turns to take care of Bai Xun. At this time, they happened to be together. 

“Why not go in?” Qin Xiao looked at the people waiting at the door and was a little impatient. 

Su Shi shook his head. “Just now, the nurse said that Xiao Xun wanted to rest and not to be disturbed.” 

Qin Feng paused and frowned, “How long?” 

Several people looked at each other and suddenly felt panic in their hearts. They raised their hands and pushed open the door to take a closer look. There was no one on the bed and the hospital clothing was stuffed beneath the quilt.   

“What about Xiao Xun?” Lu Zhi Yuan grabbed Feng Chi’s collar impatiently. “Aren’t your people outside watching?” 

Feng Chi narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “No one can come and take Xiao Xun away under my eyes!” 

Lu Zhi Yao reached for the neatly folded hospital clothes, and said softly, “Is it possible that she left?” 

Huang Yanran inspected the room and found no signs of a struggle. “Xiao Xun’s mobile phone is gone. Try to call her.” 

Everyone’s heart was inexplicably nervous. Several people stared at Su Shi as he dialed his phone. 

Di —— 

The phone connected, Bai Xun was fine! 

The few people’s hearts were relieved, then quickly asked themselves, so why did she leave? 

“Xiao Xun? Are you okay?” Su Shi asked carefully. 

Bai Xun was still driving when she received Su Shi’s call. 

Among them, she would only answer Su Shi’s phone call. 

Bai Xun only felt comfortable right now. Anyway, she would leave in 24 hours. Why did she need to compromise and be in front of them?   

“I’m going. You don’t need to look for me.” 

Qin Xiao was the first who couldn’t hold back his voice, and was anxious, “What do you mean? Don’t look for you? Where are you going, Xiao Xun? What happened?” 

Qin Feng was much calmer, he naturally heard the indifference in Bai Xun’s words, and said warmly: “Xiao Xun, your foot hasn’t healed yet. Don’t run around. If there is anything that is unsatisfactory, you can tell us so we can change it, can you come back first?”   

Huang Yanran was also anxious on the side. “Xiao Xun, I know you’ve been angry with me. If you don’t want to see me, I promise you I won’t show up in the hospital again.” ….Not to see Xiao Xun was possible, right … 

Bai Xun chuckled when she heard the group of people’s worried words, “Are you all in the hospital? Now, you all are united, why do you think I’ll come back?” 

“I can’t have children anymore. I’ll be lame for the rest of my life. Do I just come back and let you all continue to treat me like a fool?” 

Her gentle rhetorical questions were said with a sneer, hitting people’s heart with pain.   

“Xiao Xun …” The group of people’s distressed voices trembled with heartache, and they had a bad premonition from the bottom of their hearts. 

Now, Bai Xun felt very comfortable, there was no need to go back and be sullen. Now that she had finished the game’s mission, of course, she had the right to live as she pleased!   

She tilted her head and glanced at the cellphone on one side. Then she imagined that group of people on the other side and smiled slightly. She maliciously said softly, “Lu Zhi Yuan, I never loved you. I originally wanted to take your father’s money and leave, but unfortunately you were useless.”   

“Xiao Xun, what are you talking about?” 

Lu Zhi Yuan’s expression changed, but Bai Xun ignored him and continued: “Lu Zhi Yao, I have known for a long time that you just wanted to use me to deal with Lu Zhi Yuan, but why does it matter? I don’t care, because each person takes what they need.” 

Lu Zhi Yao’s cold face was slightly stiff, he tightened his fingers and his eyes darkened.   

“And Yanran. I always knew what you did behind the scenes, but I have to thank you for helping me get rid of that stupid person, Lu Zhi Yuan.” Bai Xun’s smiling voice shocked Huang Yanran’s heart and soul, her lips trembled, “Xiao Xun, don’t joke…”   

Bai Xun sighed, “Don’t interrupt me. I’m not joking, why don’t you listen to me first?” 

She sighed helplessly, the remaining people had already speculated what she would say, but their faces were still ugly after hearing her words.   

“Qin Xiao, the first time I met you at the bar was deliberate. I had ulterior motives when I gave you that birthday present.” 

“And Qin Feng, did you think I was really moved by you and liked you? I already knew that you had an ex-wife who looked like me.” 

“As for Feng Chi, you were right about me, I am a scheming woman.” 

“Su Shi …” Bai Xun paused, “I’m sorry, you are really nice that I got close to you and used you …” 

Bai Xun said in one breath and was finished speaking, she felt great bliss once she imagined everyone over there with a look of despair! Anyway, their affection wouldn’t decline after it was at 100%, she just had to wait for the game’s processing time, so she was confident and at ease because she was about to escape the game!   

“Xiao Xun … I don’t believe you’re that kind of person …” Su Shi’s gentle voice trembled, but at this time, he slowly analyzed: “You’ve been emphasizing that you intentionally approached us, and everyone was deceived and used by you, so what’s your ultimate goal? What did you get? What’s the benefits of doing this?”   

Bai Xun was silent … if she plainly told the truth, nobody would believe it! 

Qin Feng’s voice was a little hoarse, “Xiao Xun, did you suddenly say this to take revenge on us?” 

… Yes! Who would believe a person who became infertile, has a lame leg and sustained body injuries, would leave and take nothing?   

Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell them that this was a game, otherwise this world would collapse.   

Bai Xun’s eyes turned and fell on the big suitcase, then said very naturally: “Think about it more, of course, it’s for the money. Every single one of you have power and money. If I pick a person willingly, I’ll gain a lot of money. But every time, someone causes trouble, it caused me to be like this. Now, I have taken 10 million yuan1that is 1.4million in USD from Pei Yan. I will go wherever I want. As for you all, I’ll get as far away as I can so we will never meet again!”   

She hung up the phone after saying that and breathed a sigh of relief! As for the last stretch, she would definitely make them feel bad. Let them worry about it. Anyway, she has 24… oh no, 23.5 hours left!   

Bai Xun was happy— 10 million! 

But before she could figure out how to spend it, the game panel appeared— 

[There was a problem with processing. The blackening values of all the capture targets must be completely eliminated. Please eliminate all the blackening values as soon as possible before you can successfully pass through customs.]   

Bai Xun: … vomiting blood … Did she just kill herself? 

MMP!2shorthand with English words instead of Chinese characters, mother fucker As expected, the villain killed themselves by saying too much! Crazily thwarted by a wall!!! 


On the other side, after she hung up, several people’s faces were solemn.   

“Do you believe what she said?” Su Shi felt a little upset. 

Feng Chi was the happiest one on the side. He threw his coat over his shoulders, and his smile was cold, and interest piqued, “No matter if what she said is true, but if she dares to run from home, I’ll just take her back. What’s more…”   

He glanced at Lu Zhi Yuan and Qin Feng with a smile, “Is it really bad? In this way, she doesn’t love anyone at all, then we can only depend on our own skills.” 

His words made Qin Feng and Lu Zhi Yuan have ugly faces. 

“I don’t believe a word that Xiao Xun said without seeing her.” Qin Feng stood up, straightened his tie. His lips had a polite curve and strongly said, “I’ll find her and confirm personally.”   

Feng Chi and Qin Feng left one after another, and Lu Zhi Yuan was still a little dazed. He didn’t believe that Xiao Xun had never loved him. Those simple days of youth … were they all false? 

Lu Zhi Yao didn’t like his current appearance much and coldly said: “Are you stupid? If it was really for money, how many chances did she have to become the young Lu madam?” 

Lu Zhi Yuan’s body was stiff, right … She said that she was using him this entire time, which was really funny. Later, he was willing to give her the entire Lu family as a dowry, but she hadn’t wanted it.   

The two brothers of the Lu family also left, leaving only Su Shi, Qin Xiao and Huang Yanran in the room. 

The biggest blow was for Qin Xiao— if the first person who gave him a birthday gift and warmth for the first time was deliberate … 

He covered his pale cheeks with both hands and was uncomfortably speechless. 

Su Shi sighed helplessly on the side, “Don’t think about it. She didn’t know who you were at that time, how could she think of using you to approach Qin Feng?” 

Qin Xiao then slowly returned to his senses and frowned, “Yes … but why did she say those words?” 

Huang Yanran smiled bitterly, “That’s the problem. We all know what kind of person Xiao Xun is. However, she left alone and brought nothing. She only said these words to each of us, like she wanted us to hate her… ” 

“Hate her?” 

Qin Xiao glanced at Su Shi, and suddenly they panicked. 

“No, we have to find her quickly.” 


Bai Xun didn’t know that no one believed her when she attempted to tell them the truth that she was a scheming bitch! 

She was crying and holding the big suitcase at this time. She just got 10 million yuan, but now, the ten million yuan couldn’t be spent! She was tormented!   

She had to dry her tears and think of a way to reduce the blackening value. She was really a miserable woman!   

Bai Xun looked at the blackening value of the eight capture targets and felt lucky. The average blackening values hadn’t exceeded 30%.   

What the hell! Were these people stupid? 

If someone treated her the same way, she wouldn’t be able to breathe!   

Bai Xun reflected on her own storyline carefully. Although it was very pleasant to say, she calmed down and found that there were many things that didn’t make sense about what she said when they contacted her.   

After all, no one could imagine that her ultimate goal was to attack them.3A lot of romance games calls this act on the “attacking” end to purposely get a target’s affection to max out… 

Otherwise, from their point of view, who panicked? Ah, after so many things, in the end, she became so miserable and obtained nothing?   

Bai Xun was relieved, it’s not too bad! At least right now these people should be looking for her to clearly ask her! 

Bai Xun knocked on the steering wheel. After thinking for a moment, she got an idea. Her lips were slightly hooked, and she drove towards the city. Anyway, she would settle down and wait for them to come.   

Author’s Notes:

This lord was updating another work, worrying that the releases for this won’t be touched for a long time, so I’ll try to finish this week! Bai Xun Xun rushes towards a better life!

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