Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 89

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Custom Clearance – 02 

Several people just managed to appear in harmony on the surface because of Bai Xun and took care of her together. Now that Bai Xun had left, of course, they would separate and look for her.   

City C wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small. Compared with the others, most of Feng Chi’s forces were there, so he had an advantage.   

But in order to find Bai Xun, blindly searching was a waste of time.   

For several days, there was still no news. Feng Chi thought of what Bai Xun had said. According to this, the only person who had last seen her was Pei Yan. 


In the silent hospital corridor, leather shoes tapped on the ground and made noise. 

Feng Chi walked up to Pei Yan’s ward. 

During this period, the Xingrong gang had almost disintegrated, which was different from the past. But Pei Yan hadn’t cared. He seemed to have lost his fighting spirit.   

“It’s really rare to see such a sorry gang leader Pei…” Feng Chi folded his arms against his chest and raised his lips at the door. 

Pei Yan was covered with bandages. He leaned halfway on the bed and watched him quietly. When he saw that it was Feng Chi, he slowly withdrew his gaze and his calm dark eyes resembled a pool of stagnant water without waves.   

He was sent to the hospital with torn flesh and a bloody deep wound on his abdomen, his physical fitness wasn’t as strong as usual, but he was still able to avoid his life-threatening situation because of the rescue.   

The doctor said that, fortunately, the wound was bandaged in time, otherwise excessive blood loss would cause his death. 

Who else at that place would have bandaged him besides Bai Xun?   

So, Pei Yan didn’t understand. 

If she really hated him to the point of killing him, why save him? 

Pei Yan didn’t respond at all. Feng Chi narrowed his eyes impatiently and said directly: “I don’t have time to waste on you. Do you know where Xiao Xun is?” 

“She’s gone?” Pei Yan finally responded, but after he slightly paused, he unconsciously replied with eagerness, “How can I know where she is?” 

Feng Chi stepped forward to grab his shirt and gritted his teeth: “She’s gone now, but she must still be in City C. You were the last person to see Xiao Xun …” 

Even though Pei Yan was weak, his whole body still emitted a heavy atmosphere. He lifted his eyes and said hoarsely, “I was comatose and was taken to the hospital. It’s ridiculous to ask me.” 

Feng Chi was shocked. He suddenly thought of something, straightened up and smiled slightly, “Do you know what Xiao Xun said before leaving? She said, she has been deceiving us this entire time and she just wants money.” 

Pei Yan tightened his fingers and said subconsciously: “She did take the ten million and drove away with my car … but how could it be …” 

Was it really just for money? 

What was she thinking? 

Feng Chi blinked, “Believe it or not, when I find her, I’ll find out the truth.” 

He turned around and left. It wouldn’t be easy to find people, but since she was driving in Pei Yan’s car, wouldn’t it be easy to find a car? 

Feng Chi left the hospital and he called his men and asked them to check where Pei Yan’s car appeared. 

In the ward, Pei Yan looked out the window— maybe, he should ask her again, why had she saved him? … 


On the other side, Bai Xun couldn’t move the 10 million yuan and she didn’t have money. So, she had to sell the car at a low price and rent a small shabby house in the slums.   

It was a simple one-bedroom apartment that only had a dining set and a wooden bed. There was no central air unit in the room, and it was cold in the winter.   

At night, Bai Xun slept in the blanket on the bed, and was cold until midnight. 

She sighed and comforted herself, anyway, it would take a few days. With their ability, wasn’t it easy to find her in this city? 

Bai Xun wrapped herself in the thin quilt tightly, and thought she needed to go out and buy a thicker quilt tomorrow.   

Sure enough, when she got up early the next morning, she felt a little dizzy and had a low fever. 

She put on a mask and wrapped a scarf around herself with. Then went out to buy some medicine and returned.   

Later, she opened her door and saw Feng Chi. Bai Xun was very indifferent— this was Feng Chi’s territory, it was natural that he found her first.   

But on the surface, she took two steps back, “Feng Chi?” 

When Bai Xun’s face changed, she wanted to close the door. 

But the other party took a step forward, raised his hand and pressed on the door plank. Of course, it was impossible to close it with her strength.   

“What? So nervous after seeing me?” Feng Chi raised his beautiful peach eyes with a cold smile. 

With a little force, he pushed open the door and forcibly squeezed into the house. 

Bai Xun staggered a few steps, held the table and chair to balance herself, panted for a while, then said in a cold voice. “What are you doing here? This is my house, please leave.” 

Feng Chi had already checked the room, and he didn’t know how to describe his mood at this time. 

Based on the location of the car, he had found this place, but was taken aback. Afterall, this place was equivalent to a slum. When he saw that there wasn’t even a decent piece of furniture in the house, he was even more distressed.   

“In order to hide from us, you would rather live in such a shabby place?” Feng Chi snorted softly, “Why? What’s the money for then?” 

“It’s none of your business … cough … cough …” Before Bai Xun could finish her cold words, she suddenly coughed with a pale face.   

Feng Chi frowned. “Why are you coughing like this? Are you sick?” 

He reached out to touch her forehead, and Bai Xun waved it away. She looked at him coldly. “Wasn’t what I said that day clear enough?” 

Recalling those words from that day, Feng Chi’s heart was suffocated, but he still had a smile on his face. “Of course, it was clear enough. Since you don’t love anyone, as long as you have money, what does it matter who you are with?”   

“The point is, I don’t want to be with you.” 

Bai Xun’s cold words were like ice blades. Every single word pricked and hurt Feng Chi’s heart. 

The smile on his face gradually dissipated, and the expressionless look on his face was chilly. He directly reached and held Bai Xun’s wrist, “Do you think you can choose for yourself?” 

“What? Do you want to imprison me again?” 

Bai Xun’s dark eyes were cold, and her relatively unyielding words made Feng Chi freeze. He thought of seeing her lying in the pool of blood, he had felt so anxious and didn’t want to ever experience that again…   

“You …” Feng Chi’s voice was hoarse, almost speechless. 

Before he came, he was really angry. He even wanted to ask if what she said was true?   

But after seeing her, he already understood, what did it matter if the words were false or true? He wanted her to stay with him … 

But what if she fought desperately to death? 

Feng Chi’s voice was dry. “Don’t you say you only want money? Why reject me? It’s not reasonable …” 

“Even if I want money, I don’t want to stay with you, isn’t it obvious?” Bai Xun lowered her eyes and said coldly, “If you don’t leave, I’ll call the police.” 

Don’t want to be with him, even for money? 

The bottom of his heart seemed to be pierced with a sharp blade, and the pain was chilly. 

“Okay, I’ll go … But I will wait for you, don’t think about running …” Feng Chi bent his lips, but couldn’t smile. 

It turned out that after falling in love with a person, he didn’t even dare to force the other to stay by his side 


After driving away Feng Chi, Bai Xun was relieved. 

She was still dizzy, wrapped in a scarf, and went out to buy medicine and came back just to bump into the Lu brothers waiting at her door.   

The two handsome men in suits looked the same when they saw her, grave and stern.   

“Xiao Xun …” 

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