Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 9

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School Grass’ Special Pet – 09

No family…

In the game, Gao Yuan is the next heir to the Lu family in city A.  But when he was fifteen, his father brought back an illegitimate child two years older than him. His mother could not accept it. She became depressed and finally jumped to death.

From that day on, he moved out and changed his name to his mother’s surname. However, the position of heir was preserved due to his legitimate lineage.

Gao Yuan closed his mouth and did not speak, and the atmosphere suddenly fell silent.

Bai Xun’s expression was apologetic, and she muttered. “Did I say something wrong?”

Her long, lashes fluttered uneasily, her head lowered, casting shallow shadows on her flawless white cheeks.

Bai Xun bit her lower lip, reached out and held up her sleeve. “I’m sorry, I…”

She paused, as if she didn’t want to mention the previous issue that touched the other’s sadness, and then she tried to be relaxed. “You have me in the future.”

Gao Yuan heard her words and looked up at her, and his dark eyes were shining.

The red heart above his head rose to 50%. Sure enough, breaking the other’s stubborn loneliness and providing companionship to the one that lacks love, was the key towards affection.

However, she lamented that the first time she met Su Shi who is so gentle, she obtained 50% affection. For Gao Yuan, she acts coquettish and cares deeply for so many days, before it rose to 50%.

Gao Yuan looked at her, Bai Xun was somewhat inexplicable, but her innocent eyes were clear, revealing naivety.

He suddenly laughed, and his deep low voice was hoarse. “That’s what you said.”

“Of course, you still have me in the future!” Bai Xun nodded, then revealed a sweet smile, pointing a finger to the nest, black eyes staring at their cat, “and cotton pants.”

Gao Yuan was originally smiling, and then Bai Xun laughed. He stopped his movement and stood up and said. “Okay, it should not hurt tomorrow.”

Bai Xun moved her feet in surprise. “Really! It doesn’t hurt very much. You are amazing!”

“Go back and have an early rest, see you tomorrow.” Gao Yuan smugly touched her head.

Bai Xun nodded and returned to her room.

She pondered over the affection scale. Currently, in addition to a lot of contact with Gao Yuan and Su Shi, and occasional contact with Qin Xiao, the favorability was steadily rising. The adolescent boy favorability was stabilized at 30% has potential to grow. Bai Xun is not ready to hook up with him yet. She has other plans for Qin Xiao and Qin Feng. So, when she goes to the club to work, she deliberately avoids Qin Xiao.

With so many previous attempts and strategies, she knows exactly how to earn these people’s favor.

Su Shi’s good feelings quickly rises initially, but will be bottlenecked in the later stage, he needs to be stimulated. As long as Gao Yuan shakes his heart, her method will work.

What is important is that after getting the good feelings of the two, is not letting them blacken to their full value, or they will be consume by madness and create a bad end.


The next day, Bai Xun took a beautifully packaged little cake to the appointed place to find Su Shi.

On the tree-lined path, the sun shone through the mottled leaves and scatters shadows. The man in white and black pants is tall and slender. His beautiful face has a shallow smile. Even the soft brown hair seems to be gentle.

“Sorry, Mr. Su Shi, have you waited for long?”

Bai Xun had her hair styled in a bun today. Maybe she was in a hurry to rush over. She gasped and her cheeks were red. Her bright eyes were apologetic. She seemed to glow in the sun, and the light-colored mole on her face seemed to be alive.

Like a pure and freshwater lotus, when she looks with apologetic eyes, no man could be angry in their heart. Not to mention, it’s such a trivial matter.

“I just arrived.” He gently spoke softly, and his voice was like a spring breeze. “Is there anything Xiao Xun wants from me?”

“Yeah!” Bai Xun nodded, and the “bun” on her head shook twice. She smiled and handed out the gift in her hand. “Su Shi, teacher, thank you very much yesterday. This is my favorite cake, it’s a gift for you.”

Su Shi lowered his eyes and looked down at the girl in front of him. There were a lot of girls who gave him gifts, which made him very distressed. He never accepts them, because the other party’s gift was often mixed with pink envelopes, so he can only gently refuse.

But the pure eyes in front of him made him unable to say no. What’s more, this is just a thank-you gift.

Su Shi smiled and reached for the small box. “Okay, then I will accept it.”

Watching Su Shi’s good feelings rise to 60%, Bai Xun smiles more brilliantly.

This scene was very beautiful, if you ignore the occasional passing girl’s eyes filled with anger.

Gao Yuan happened to pass by and accidentally witnessed this scene and did not look very good. When Su Shi left, Gao Yuan strode forward, grabbed Bai Xun’s wrist and pull her over and clamp down on her. “What are you doing here? Didn’t you invite me to eat tiramisu today?”

“Cough… A Yuan? You let go…” Bai Xun was tightened and held by the other party. Her height is 1.88 meters and almost her whole person was enshrouded within his arms.

Gao Yuan’s stinky face1Stinky face – he had an ugly expression of his face. Another flowery Chinese term. loosened a bit, but he did not let go of her wrist.

Bai Xun looked at him full of grievances. She smiled and soothed him by saying, “Of course, I won’t break my promise, I promised, for you.”

She said, taking out another cake from her small backpack. This one was more casual than Su Shi’s beautifully packaged one.

Sure enough, Gao Yuan’s face was even more stinky, and he grumbled and complained, “Why don’t I get a bow and those colorful things, but Su Shi gets them?”

“Huh?” What the hell? Why is he so childish…? Bai Xun was unable to laugh or cry. She searched her bag and took out another box and gave it to him. “I give you another box, so now you have two boxes. Su Shi’s is not as good.”

“That’s about the same.” Gao Yuan just reluctantly accepted it, and his face looked better.


In the afternoon, Bai Xun received a notice from the Art Club. There was a “club fraternity” this weekend. Everyone must wear formal clothes and attend.

With Bai Xun’s current family situation, the attire is really a problem.

Gao Yuan called out to her twice and saw that she didn’t respond. He could not help but come over and say, “What are you thinking of? So, distracted.”

Bai Xun looked at him and an idea popped in her head. It was lofty, but it might be possible. But if it’s Lu Zhi Yuan, it is not a problem to obtain several sets of high-level dresses.

She was laying on her desk and said with some annoyance, “This weekend’s club event, all of the club members must attend in formal wear, but I have no clothes…”

“That’s all?” Gao Yuan raised his brows.

“What do you mean? You don’t know how expensive those dresses are to rent for a day.” Bai Xun responded.

Looking at her sullen angry cheeks from a higher vantage point, he couldn’t help but raise his hand and poke it. He was in a good mood. “You don’t have to worry, leave it to me.”

“Huh?” Bai Xun looked at him suspiciously, but in her heart,  she believed in what he said. Since his identity is the heir to the Lu family, it would not be difficult to obtain a dress.

Gao Yuan waited until the night of the event to give her a gift box.

“What is this?” Bai Xing was confused, but she was stunned the moment she opened the box.

“How beautiful……”

It was a white dress.

“A Yuan, how did you get it?” Bai Xun’s hand touched the full textured fabric, and the look on her face was entangled with amazement.  “The rent is very expensive. If it is dirty or damaged, I can’t afford to pay for it. Forget it, I will wear my prepared dress…”

Gao Yuan’s face was smiling, and the clothes were stuffed into her arms. He held her shoulder and pushed the person into the room. “It’s not rented. This dress belongs to you. Hurry up and change into it quickly, or you’ll be late.”

“What? Where did you get the money to buy this kind of clothes? You can’t be…” Bai Xun’s eyes rounded and stared as if she wanted to say something.

Gao Yuan saw that she clearly understood, it was written on her face. She guessed that the other party thought that the clothes wasn’t an issue, and she could not help but feel helpless.

“You can rest assure that this dress is not a problem, and it wasn’t very expensive either. It was a friend of mine who bought it for his girlfriend. But they broke up and he didn’t need it. He just gave it to me.” Gao Yuan responded reassuringly.

Bai Xun was relieved. “Well, I’ll wear it tonight. You can be sure that I’ll take care not to get it dirty.”

“Little idiot…” Finally, when the other party went to go change, Gao Yuan smiled, if it was for someone else, how could the size be so appropriate?

When Bai Xun changed her clothes and came out, with only a glance, Gao Yuan was stunned at the spot.

The white semi-long dress skirt with shallow light patterns, the lotus leaf on the upper body adds an elegant atmosphere. The design of the waistband outlines Bai Xun’s slender waist and the translucent gauze shawl, which makes the snow-white shoulder and the collarbone covered but full of vitality and temptation…every move arouses people’s hearts.

“How is it?” Bai Xun unconfidently pull her skirt.

Gao Yuan returned from his thoughts and coughed twice. “Well, this dress is good, wear it tonight… cough, it’s okay…”

He’s very calm, if you ignore his reddish ears.

Bai Xun laughed twice and pulled him away. “Then let’s go, Mr. Su said that he would also attend tonight’s party.”

Gao Yuan joyful eyes turned cold when she pulled his hand.

  1. Stinky face – he had an ugly expression of his face. Another flowery Chinese term.

TL Note: Just wanted to make sure the readers know. So, we are introduced so far with 5 capture targets. One of the readers clarify that Gao Yuan and Lu Zhi Yao are half brothers – brothers of another mother. Then we have father-son pair Qin Feng (father) and Qin Xiao (son). Then the 5th capture target that we are introduced to since chapter 1 – gentle Su Shi. Sorry for the misunderstanding. And yes this story is a true reverse harem and HE (?) Depends on your perceptive of HE.

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    Alina Moktan

    nope, Lu Zhi Yao is illegitimate son or
    his step brother. Second Arcs Brother Wall is about him.
    Qin Feng (father) and Qin Hao (son), third arcs is about about them.

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      I find it so weird to share a woman with your father/son/brother~ XD

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      Thanks for correcting me, I’ll change my notes on the bottom.

      I only spot read the last chapter of arc1 and the last five chapters of the series to see if this was HE.

      Now that you clarified it makes alot of sense, thanks for posting the comment! 🙂

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    I find it so weird that she has not only one but TWO pairs of father-son harem members XD

    I feel complicated about this~

    Like, isn’t that weird? Awkward? Uncomfortable?

    Btw, will all the capture targets be part of her reverse harem by the end or only some of them?

    P.D.: I really like Su Shi~

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      One of the readers corrected me who read more of the novel than I did. I actually did not read in advance besides the last chapter of arc1 and the last 3-4 chapters of the series so I didn’t know the specifics correctly.

      Gao Yuan and Lu Zhi Yao are half siblings. Brothers from another mother.

      Then we have the father son pair. I’ll update my notes to reflect this.

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        Yes, I saw it after I had posted my comment Haha~

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        Talk about complicated family relationships LOL~

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          Yeah it’s complicated. I’m really excited to see how the stories develop and how she hooks all these yanderes and somehow survive and let them accept the fact they gotta share.

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            Yeah, that’s what I want to know the most too.

            Like, damn girl, you got some mad skills to achieve that~

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            Hey man….she died 999 times….haha I think she picked up some things. The last moments of her 999th attempt is where the story starts from. I wondered how she died the other 998 times.

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            I’m seriously impressed. The real golden finger is her strong mind that allows her to somehow stay sane and bright through all that.

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    Alina Moktan

    My favorite arcs is father and son, its one of hilarious arc. The way they get jealousy and dislike each other. They are not close, father hate his son’s mother cause she scheming, drug him and She is die by give birth. Son was raise by his grandpa, not father.
    how son trying to destroyed father and Mc relationship.

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