Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 90

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Custom Clearance – 03 

After seeing Bai Xun, Lu Zhi Yao and Lu Zhi Yuan called out to her, but didn’t know what to say … question her? But what was the use? 

Bai Xun looked more relaxed than them. She ignored them and took out the key to open the door and went in. 

She drove away Feng Chi, who was more difficult than them, how could she be taken away by them, not to mention, they were just two paper tigers. The blackening value was also lost, so they wouldn’t dare to use force.   

Lu Zhi Yao and Lu Zhi Yuan saw that Bai Xun hadn’t closed the door and hadn’t talked to them. They frowned slightly, and hesitantly raised their feet to follow her in. 

Lu Zhi Yuan glanced at the room, this shabby house was too simple, and he opened his mouth unconsciously out of concern. “Xiao Xun, this room will be cold at night without central heating, and the surrounding environment isn’t very good or safe. Can I help you live elsewhere?” 

Bai Xun put things away and glanced at him. She hadn’t expected that Lu Zhi Yuan’s first sentence wasn’t a question, but to help her change homes. 

Her eyes were clear, her long eyelashes twitched, and her voice was cold, “Didn’t you understand what I said? I clearly said it last time, why did you come to see me?” 

Lu Zhi Yuan’s body was stiff, and he slowly said, a little astringent, “I just want to see you.” 

Bai Xun nodded and said slightly: “Okay, now that you have seen, you can leave.” 

For a while, Lu Zhi Yuan didn’t know what expression he made. It was the first time he saw such a cold and indifferent Bai Xun. 

After a while, he smiled bitterly: “Xiao Xun, do you hate me so much? Do you … truthfully mean all those things you said that day?” 

“Which part?” Bai Xun lowered her eyes, her cold voice downplayed it, “I just want your money, or that I never liked you?” 

Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart was suffocated, he now understood Feng Chi’s meaning. It didn’t matter whether those words were true or not … because instead of those words, it hurt more that she didn’t care.   

Bai Xun looked up at him, expressionless, “I thought I was clear on the phone, but since you all are coming over one after the other, I’ll say it again. I don’t like you at all, whether when we were together or later when I took the money and left…I just felt that the Lu family’s young master should be very valuable.” 

Lu Zhi Yuan clenched his fists and was a little stimulated, “You’re lying, you didn’t even know that I was from the Lu family at first.” 

Bai Xun’s eyelashes flickered, then she smiled faintly, “So what? I didn’t need to know that you were from the Lu family, but I could guess that you were a rich young master.” 

“Is that so? …” Lu Zhi Yuan’s heart was cold, and his voice was hoarse. 

And Lu Zhi Yao, who had been standing on the side wordlessly, suddenly said, “Well, you can go back with me and become the madam of the Lu family. The whole Lu family is yours.” 

His dark eyes looked at Bai Xun, and his cold voice was very serious. 

Bai Xun’s eyes flickered, and she turned her back to no longer look at him and said coldly: “Although I don’t care about you deceiving and using me, but it doesn’t mean I forgive you.” 

“Also, I have money now. Why do I have to spend the rest of my life with someone I hate?”1bitch 1.4 million USD isn’t even that much, and you live in a shack in the slums and slowly dying loool. Also, this sentence is so spicy! 

Bai Xun’s sentence was straight to the point and stabbed Lu Zhi Yao’s heart. The original deception was his sore spot. Even if he offered the Lu family, they would never be a possibility.   

He pressed his lips tightly, “Since you have money now, why do you still live in such a place?” 

Bai Xun lowered her eyelashes, covering the emotions from the bottom of her eyes. “I’m just staying here temporarily. I’m going abroad, and I’ll leave when I obtain a visa.” 

Seeing that the two men held onto their lost expression in vain, Bai Xun raised her lips. “It should be clear now that I said it plainly. So, please leave and don’t come to me again.” 

She went straight to the door and opened it, then looked at the two. 

What else could they do? 

The other person was driving them out, how could they continue to stay?   

When the two walked out, Bai Xun immediately closed the door with a “pa”.   

Inside the room, she closed her eyes for a long time while holding the door panel, she breathed for a while. Then she slowly walked to the table, took the medicine out of the bag and consumed it. 

However, it didn’t seem to have any effect after Bai Xun took the medicine. She still had a terrible headache and was nauseous. 

She washed her face with cold water, looked at the pale face in the mirror, and slightly hooked her lips. 


When Bai Xun washed her face, there was a knock on the door.   

She raised her eyebrows, probably knew who it could be, but she didn’t know which one it was from the remaining people. 

Bai Xun opened the door and looked at the tall, straight Qin Feng with neat hair outside the door. Two people followed behind him carrying a cardboard box. 

“What are you doing?” Bai Xun said lightly. 

Unlike several other people, Qin Feng’s expression was ordinary, with a small smile, “Xiao Xun, I didn’t want to disturb you, but now, the weather is cold and the room doesn’t have central heating, so I asked someone to send a unit over.”2The mature capture target that knows how to “coax” his prey….haha unlike the others! 

He directed the people behind him to put the central heating in the house. 

Bai Xun watched him coldly the entire time. Thanks to Qin Feng’s determination, he sighed, “Xiao Xun, I won’t disturb you often, nor will force you to do anything. I just want 

you to be better to yourself and make the living environment better, so that I can be rest assured … ” 

Bai Xun sneered and said coldly, “Do you think I would still be touched? Don’t immerse yourself in dedication, or go to Mrs. Leng’s memorial tablet.” 

Her words made Qin Feng freeze on the spot. His thin lips trembled and he was speechless for a long time. 

He felt very sullen and uncomfortable, then explained, “I don’t have that idea … you are different from her …” 

However, when a dizzy spell came over her, Bai Xun raised her hand and covered her forehead. She interrupted Qin Feng impatiently, “I don’t want to listen, please leave …” 

Qin Feng frowned when he saw her white lips. “Xiao Xun, why is your face so ugly?”3This made me LOL, the way the Chinese say it and how it’s worded in english! Hahah 

He said and reached out to touch her forehead. Bai Xun was so dizzy that she didn’t avoid it. 

His hand was slightly hot. 

“Are you feverish?” Qin Feng’s face changed, and he reached out for her. “Xiao Xun, let’s go to the hospital.” 

Bai Xun waved her hand hard and gasped: “No need to trouble Mr. Qin, please leave immediately.” 

Qin Feng tightened his fingers, his throat was dry, and his gentle eyes seemed to be stained with bitterness. “Xiao Xun, I’ll leave, but I can’t watch you have a fever and not care for your body …” 

As he spoke, his expression became firm and he reached out to pick up the weak Bai Xun and was about to take her to the hospital. 

“… I won’t go! … You let go of me! What are you doing?” Bai Xun was struggling wildly, but she had no strength, so it didn’t affect Qin Feng’s actions. 


“She told you to let go, didn’t you hear her?” 

Author’s Notes:

Hee hee, he guessed what Bai Xun Xun wants to do~

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