Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 93

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Custom Clearance – 06 

Feng Chi seemed to be drained of his strength and slumped down on the ground paralyzed against the wall. 

Even so, he would rather have Bai Xun hate him. He would rather the other party actually escape with the money… 

Instead, they hurt her like this, but she still thought of them. 

When the doctor left, Qin Feng’s clenched fists creaked. He looked at Feng Chi and Pei Yan, “So, what the hell is going on? Why did Xiao Xun get rabies?” 

When he was with Xiao Xun, she didn’t exhibit any discomfort. So, it was only possible that something happened later when she was with Feng Chi and Pei Yan. 

Bai Xun was bitten. Pei Yan knew about this matter and overwhelmed by the endless anger and pain, it caused him to grab Feng Chi’s collar and lift him up.  

“It was you, right?” 

“It’s your fault! You locked her up with the dog in order to punish her!” 

Pei Yan punched Feng Chi several times, then he collided against the wall and slumped to the ground. 

Feng Chi coughed up some blood, but he still said nothing. 

“It was you?” 

“Son of a bitch!” 

When the others heard the news, they vented their pain and anger on Feng Chi because of the unbearable pain.1does this mean our gentle scholarly Su Shi also beat on him? Hahahah before they all beat on Pei Yan for breaking her legs, now its scummy Feng Chi’s turn! 

Feng Chi was like a puppet whose soul was taken away and let the others beat and abuse him. 

Just when he was about to die from the beating, they were stopped by a doctor who came over.  

Everyone breathed heavily, then slowly calmed down … what’s the use of venting their anger on Feng Chi? 

Pei Yan leaned against the wall, his cold eyes slightly bitter, and murmured: “It’s us who should die… why…” 

“The patient is awake. Would you like to see her?” The nurse’s voice woke everyone. 

And Xiao Xun… no matter what, save her… 

Several people refused to wear protective clothing. If they went in with them on, it would look as if they were regarding Bai Xun as a monster and she would be very sad.  

The ward was dimly lit, and it was filled with intensive care equipment. 

Bai Xun was lying on the bed in a blue and white striped hospital gown. She looked pale and weak. The men’s eyes turned red instantly.  

“Xiao Xun…” Su Shi was among them and had a more peaceful relationship with Bai Xun. In order to not overstimulate her, the others were too afraid to approach. 

“You guys… all know?” 

Her fluttering voice seemed to have no strength and she no longer pretended to be indifferent with them, but there was no emotional fluctuation in her voice.  

The men were silent and didn’t know how to speak. 

Bai Xun even smiled softly, “Now that you know. Let it go, don’t worry about me and leave me alone…” 

Qin Xiao was the most overwhelmed, “How can I ignore you?” 

Although the others didn’t speak, they obviously had the same thought. 

Bai Xun said faintly, “What’s the use of taking care of me? Can my illness be cured? There will only be a few more sad people that will witness my departure…” 

Qin Feng closed his eyes and his heartstrings tightened. “So, Xiao Xun, do you finally admit it? The reason why you did all this, was so that you wanted us to misunderstand you, to hate you and to leave you?” 

That’s what you think, she didn’t say anything! 

Bai Xun’s eyes were slightly wet. She didn’t answer, but instead she turned away and mumbled, “Go away, I don’t want to see you.” 

Even now, she was still driving everyone away. 

The people’s eyes who already knew the truth were slightly sour. 

“You don’t want us to feel sorry about your illness, do you?” Qin Feng said and walked slowly to the bedside and sat down. Looking into her eyes, he couldn’t bear the pain and said with deep affection, “But you’re wrong Xiao Xun. If you don’t let us stay beside you until the end, it will be the most uncomfortable and painful thing for us…”  

Bai Xun was silent for a long time. At this time, her eyes were slightly red, and she spoke softly with difficulty. “The last onset of rabies will be difficult to watch… it will be ugly, and I don’t want to be seen…”  

As soon as she said this, the men only feel their throats constrict with sourness and they couldn’t say a word. As if they were choking and could hardly breathe. 

Su Shi slightly trembled and squeezed out a smile, then said softly, “No, no… Xiao Xun is the best looking… We can get you a cure, there must be a way.” 

Bai Xun looked at him for a long while, then finally nodded and twitched her lips slightly. 

This smile with clear understanding brought the others comfort. She knew that the treatment won’t work, but still didn’t want to upset them, so she agreed.   

The nurse reminded, “You can’t stay too long. The patient needs to rest quietly.” 

The men nodded. 

Su Shi gently tucked Bai Xun in bed, “Xiao Xun, you have a good rest. We will be outside.” 

Bai Xun didn’t see Feng Chi. It was guessed that when he discovered her illness, he had been taught a painful lesson by the others. Now, he couldn’t see people, wasn’t this the same as death?  

She personally developed this disease. She just wanted Feng Chi to wear the king of pots.2Usually having a black pot over you is the blame, so the king of pots is the biggest blame, aka her death 

She suddenly asked, “Where is Feng Chi?” 

The men that were about to leave were taken aback.   

Bai Xun seemed to be anxious and coughed twice. “Don’t blame him, he didn’t mean… cough…” 

Su Shi quickly pacified her: “Xiao Xun, don’t worry. He’s fine.” 

“That’s good.” 

She seemed a little relieved then closed her tired eyes. The others quietly retreated.  

Standing in the corridor and looking through the small glass window at the door was Bai Xun who appeared to be asleep. He walked away a little further, so as to not disturb her.   

Su Shi looked at the others. “Don’t you have other business matters to attend to? Go back. Let me take care of this.”  

Qin Xiao frowned. “I’ll stay too.” 

“In this situation, how can I still be in the mood to go back and take care of the company?” Lu Zhi Yuan was a little irritated. 

Lu Zhi Yao just hung up the phone. He didn’t answer the question of going back and just replied: “I have contacted the best doctor in country M, and he should be here by the evening.” 

Qin Feng and Pei Yan didn’t speak, but obviously everyone wasn’t going to leave. 

Everyone was silent for a while. 

They even thought this day was absurd, ridiculous and terrible. 

Suddenly it occurred to them that even though the love of their life had an incurable disease and they were each other’s love rival, they could still stand here discussing countermeasures without fighting… 

At this moment, the nurse’s anxious voice sounded suddenly— “No, the patient is sick!” 


They were so nervous that they rushed to the ward but were stopped by the doctors who arrived. 

“You can’t go in!” 

Doctors in protective clothing were busy inside, and they can only see some of what’s happening through the small glass window of the isolation ward. 

The ward was soundproofed, but you can still hear the screams of pain and exhaustion.  

Bai Xun was struggling like crazy. She was held down on to the bed by the nurse. She wanted to bite people on her side, but she could only bite on the nurse’s special gloves. Her mouth was bleeding, but she didn’t feel any pain…   

Su Shi couldn’t bear to look any longer. He only felt the pain from his heartstrings being pulled. The other’s eyes were red with their fists clenched tightly. This was more painful than having a knife cutting into them.  

It wasn’t known how much time has passed, but it was finally quiet inside. Bai Xun had fallen asleep and her face was pale and terrible. The thick perspiration made her black hair wet and stuck on to her face.   

Su Shi mumbled, “She can’t go on like this, we have to find a way…” 

Lu Zhi Yao said silently, “Change hospitals and going abroad…” 

“She may not be able to endure it.” Qin Feng shook his head weakly. 

He smelled smoke, and after seeing Pei Yan, he said lightly: “Don’t smoke here.” 

Pei Yan, who had just unconsciously lit his cigarette, pressed the cigarette butt on to his hand and closed his eyes in dismay.  

“Anyway, Xiao Xun must be watched 24/7. We cannot be the first to collapse. Let’s work in pairs and take turns to keep watch…”  

At this time, the doctor slowly came over with a file, “There are some things you’re required to sign.” 

Qin Feng took the file and looked at it, “What is this?” 

“This is a consent form. After this onset, the patient will have difficulty breathing. If this happens again, it will be more serious. A tracheotomy may be required, a tube will be inserted into her windpipe to help her breathe.” 

“This last episode was caused by her drinking water; her body suddenly went through extreme shock and caused her throat muscles to spasm. In the future, she won’t be able to eat at all. In order to maintain her life, we may need to cut into her esophagus” 

Qin Feng’s hand trembled along with the pen, then he said aloud with difficulty, “If it goes on like this, how long will she live for?”  

“She won’t last long. As soon as she gets sick, it may…” 

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